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Lexi & Kelsey- Female Elkhounds

It is a real pleasure for us to have our first female Lexi, go to such a great home. Lynn has been updating us and keeping us posted on how she is doing and has sent down some terrific photo's of the young girl, with her new mentor and companion, Kelsey, an older Mature Elkhound Female that Lynn has had for many years. The two of them Lexi young female elkhoundare getting along great.

Here is what Lynn has to say so far: Update January 12th, 2009 - 1st day at the new home: "Travelling – she was excellent. She didn’t get sick at all, and there were no accidents in her box, when we stopped and I got everyone out of the truck that was when she did her business. She would whine a bit when we started moving again, but, I noticed that if Kelsey settled down right away then she would too.

New Home – she really has not whined as much as I had expected. For the most part, as long as Kelsey is in the house with her, everything is ok. Kelsey was a little put off at first, but, this morning they did a little wrestling after breakfast. There won’t be any problem with Lexi being put down all the time, as for the most part she walks on, under and around Kelsey, jumps on her and licks her face and Kelsey is very patient with her. She had a little bit of a problem with our stairs (there are 3 up to our deck), however, once Kelsey gets in front, Lexi has it figured out getting up and down. "

"When she gets up from a nap, I will start putting my coat on right away and out the door we go. We take a little walk around our yard, which both dogs are getting used to, and they both do their business on the way around. I noticed Saturday night and Sunday morning, when I put Lexi’s food out she seemed to take a while to eat it. She would eat some and then go off for awhile and then come back. However, Sunday night you would have thought I was starving her, she was right in her bowl and it was cleaned right out in no time. I have Kelsey’s bowls and Lexi’s separated, so that when they eat neither of them is in the other’s face, however, they both drink out of each others water dishes, I just keep my jug of water handy and fill them both up.

I am so happy with her, I don’t think I could have asked for more. I will be sending pictures of Lexi, and the two of them together."
Lynn Bowes

Update as of January 15th 2009 - "Things are going really well. I don’t even need to put Lexi in a the kennel during the day. She is just in the house with Kelsey and the cat and everyone is getting along. The cat has even stopped hissing at her constantly. They were nose to nose this morning with no issue, I think the cat has accepted that Lexi is here to stay."

Update as of January 30th 2009

"Hi Merv,
Life is a lot different in our household, for one thing, it used to be a lot quieter in the morning, but, everyone has adjusted very well. The cat and Lexi are getting along pretty well. Lexi sometimes will follow her around, then she will jump up onto something so she can just look down at Lexi, which annoys her. We have taken to going for a walk each night when I get home from work, and, both dogs look quite forward to it. It also helps to calm her down some in the evening. When I walk outside with the leashes, they both know what “Are we going for a walk” means, and it is quite an effort to get the leases hooked on and the lines untangled. We have been leaving her collar on, and, it didn’t take her long to get used to it, although, I have to keep checking it, as it seems to be getting tighter J We have been weighing her occasionally, it looks like she’s up to about 15 lbs now, our vet appointment is scheduled for February 13th. I plan on taking both of them with me, so that it’s easier in the truck with Lexi.

And, I think she is taking after her father. I have been putting my boots up on our rack when I come home, Lawrence, on the other hand, has an older pair of runners that he will just slip on to walk out to our garage and he has left them on the floor. The other day when we came home, there was only one shoe there, when we found the other one we found that there isn’t any plastic left at the ends of the laces J We also have to watch what is left on the floor, it seems that Lexi figures anything left on the floor is within her domain and is ok to play with and chew.

It will be interesting to see her colouring when she gets older. When you are looking down at her, you can really see the silver.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. You can see how she likes to get in the cats face. And, I hope the little video comes out ok, even if Kelsey is much larger, that little one really knows how to get underneath and around her, she has quickness on her side. The first time Kelsey decide to wrestle with her, she kind of jumped back a bit, that’s a lot of weight to jump with a little dog. But, as soon as she realized that Kelsey was going to play with her, she was right in there.

Lexi is quite a jewel, and the couple of people that have seen her think that she’s quite the unit. We are so glad that she is apart of our family now.

Lynn Bowes

Lynn has sent quite a few photo's and I'll get a gallery up right shortly as well so we can see all the photos Lynn has been so kind to send.

Mid June 2009 Lexi Update - Lynn sent a great update a while back and I was unable to get the new photo's up right away, Lexi and Kelsey have a new ride, they are spoiled. Cruising around in that new Ranger, all good stuff.

Lawrence has found a new system for traveling around Northern Alberta with his two Elkhounds, Kelsey and Lexi, I need to find out what he is doing as I would like one of these new Ranger outfits as well. Here is a great photo of the Lake with the dogs enjoying the new ride.

Lexi is really coming along fine, around the second week of May she weighed 33lbs and was 18" long from the neck to butt, and 17" tall from her neck/shoulder to the ground. We really like the pictures and being able to see her as she develops.