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Bruin and Kona - Male Elkhounds

Thanks to Russ and Holly for sending us these incredible photos of the two young males growing up fast - Be sure to visit the photo gallery for Bruin and Kona

"Russ and his family have their hands full now with Kona and Bruin"

The Gilmore family welcomes home the two brothers, Kona and Bruin, to McKenzie, northern British Columbia, a perfect spot in the Canadian North for these two big fellas to grow up. Bruin and Kona were a closely matched pair of brothers, Russ and Holly had contacted us early to see if we could keep a fairly close pair of brothers for them. Judging by these photos these two beautiful dogs are hard to tell apart.

Russ and Holly are doing a terrific job raising these two, we appreciate the effort it takes to raise two young males, twice the cost of everything, twice the yard maintenance as two big boys are tough on shrubs and plants when they are young. But there is not a person who looks through this set of photos wouldn't do the same in a second if they could, it's a tremendous thing to see these guys growing up so well, a big congratulations to Russ, Holly and the entire family up there.

Holly, Bruin and Kona, Summer 2009

Walking two young males is a big task, but a fun one, there is littler better in the world than getting a new pup, you just can't beat the enjoyment, however having it double time is even better. Two young boys, and fun guys to be around, always playing and getting into mischief, this is a great time to make some memories with your dogs.

Holly and Russ have set up a real nice place for these young guys to grow up, all kinds of room to roam, and good walking trails right out the back gate. McKenzie is in the northern part of BC, up from Prince George, a good logging town and tons of snow, these guys were an excellent choice for that region, they thrive in that environment.

Two dogs growing up together will for the most part just naturally live healthier, more fulfilled lives than a dog that is on it's own for the larger part of the day. Each dog will keep the other active and provide companionship when your not around. To see young dogs play fight and wrestle around you just know it's great exercise for them and it tones and conditions them more than if we were to just exercise 1 dog. Sure we can all work our dogs and spend as much time as we possibly can, but to see two dogs rolling around, upside down, back and forth, give and take, its just a great thing.

It's pretty good idea that if your going to keep two dogs, try to keep the same breed, and if possible the same size and or gender, and the very best option when keeping two is to have siblings. This is the ultimate natural pattern for dogs, to grow up in a pack of it's own genetic make-up, two brothers like this brings instincts forth from generations past. This is an ancient breed of dog, they have been raised in some fairly remote regions for many centuries, only recently getting raised in so called urban areas, but for the most part, the owners of these dogs are in regions where the dog can instinctively still maintain it's close ties to the natural order of things, and having two young guys like this in a northern location such as they are, there really couldn't be a better place for them.

Two Male Elkhounds - Brothers

There are few places you could go where you would encounter two brothers like this, Russ and Holly are in a very limited group of Elkhound owners. We are so pleased with the placement of all our dogs, and to place two siblings in one new home is truly great. We have another set of females going to some new owners in the next litter, they as well see the true value for the dogs, as well as the enjoyment they will have with two, so we are going to encourage when possible the placement of two brothers or two sisters.

Two Terrific Male Elkhounds

These guys are developing into powerful dogs, they are well matched, stocky Bruin, he was the toughest pup, although quiet and reserved, if one of the others was getting on his case he would put them in order quickly. Kona was a very nice easy going young pup, always around Bruin and vice versa, these two just seemed to be always together. They would do a fair bit of wrestling with the other brother, Bosco a terrific young male as well, however Bosco would go scouting on his own and these two would motor off the other way.

Two Powerful Male Elkhounds

You could look at dogs the world over, go to any kennel, dog show, doesn't matter, you would not find a nicer pair of dogs out there. When it comes to raising dogs from a breeder standpoint you always hope that you have selected the right genetic combination so as to yield a better pup than either of the parents are individually. You try to envision the result, however once you begin to see the impressive dogs that come forth it truly is heart-warming. To see family's like Russ and Holly take such good care and pay close attention to the exercise and feeding of the dogs to allow them to fully develop to the true potential, this is such a good thing. We have met some very nice people through raising our dogs, and all through this site you'll read about dog owners who really care and who know Elkhounds are the greatest.

Kona and Bruin
Born April 2009
Picture October 2009
Owned by Russ and Holly Gilmore

Parents: Mia and Takoda
Sisters 7
Brothers 1
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