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Tesla - Norwegian Elkhound Male!

Julia has kept us updated over the years on this big fella, Tesla.

Eric and Julia have a terrific family, they love that big fella Tesla and it shows. He could not have a better home.

Tesla is a son of Takoda and Mia, an outstanding mature Elkhound male!

Tesla's heritage and a few siblings

Tesla's Mom Mai

Tesla's Mom Mia

Mia was one of the most outstanding female Elkhounds we'll ever have the chance to see. What an incredible lineage she leaves behind. Tesla is a testament to her quality.

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Tesla's Dad Takoda

Tesla's Dad Takoda

The incredible combination of genetics between Mia and Takoda produced Elkhounds we will forever strive to equal. Tesla is a statement to that genetic excellence.

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Tesla's Brother Jaegar and Sister Tora

Siblings Jaegar & Tora

Two of Tesla's full siblings, Jaegar was born the same litter, Tora a couple litter prior. This genetic combination has powered our breeding program. Little Tesla's all around us still.

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Tesla's half brother and sister, MANE and Luna

Siblings MANE & Luna

When it comes to continuing a great genetic lineage Tesla's siblings MANE and Luna are going to keep that bloodline alive for a long time yet. More great Elkhounds coming.

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Tesla, Son of Mia and Takoda.

Tesla, Norwegian Elkhound MaleKamia Kennels Norwegian Elkhound Male.

Julia has been awesome at keeping me posted on Tesla. He is a full brother to Jaegar, same litter. Younger brother of course to Tora as well. Tesla brings out all the great qualities of Mia and Takoda, that personable nature to the handler yet that unique ability to work with the entire family. This particular lineage has that unique quality and Julia speaks to it a lot.

Tesla is an incredibly handsome Elkhound male, stunning color pattern, great features, what a tremendous fella. A huge thank you to Eric and Julia, and the whole family for the great home they give Tesla.

We hope to hear more on the life and times of ole Tesla, such a great Elkhound.

Tesla, Norwegian Elkhound Male.

I got this great update a while back from Julia, she is shown with Tesla, first day in his new home.

Julia and Tesla A Norwegian Elkhound Male"Hi Merv,

Thank you so much for writing! The pups are adorable

We’re really pleased with Tesla; he shows his quality so many times. He is patient with kids and takes far more kid abuse than I would in his position. He’s had toy cars run into and over him, had a baby twisting and tugging his ear, had my daughters soccer jersey put on (only once, and now I know how come there are so many rips in it), had a Halloween bag tucked into his tail and probably more outrages that I don’t know about. It’s not all fun and games for urban elkhounds!

He’s never nipped a kid (even when he would have been justified), never started a fight (but never backed down either) and is probably the only dog to be called inside with “doggie storytime” as our son, who struggles with reading, reads aloud to Tesla every night. Truly a very supportive and forgiving audience! The dog loves this so much he has refused evening walks in favour of this quiet time. While he’s a “family” dog, there is no doubt that Tesla and our son have a special bond. I think that dog has done more to bolster his self-esteem, build confidence, love and empathy than anything else we’ve tried. Truly an amazing dog!

Tesla, the all you can be family Elkhound.

I really appreciate these updates Julia!

Tesla, Son of Takoda and MiaTesla has had his paws full around here with the ‘coons. A bunch decided to move into the kid’s treehouse for the winter. I’m sure you can imagine how noisy it was! Finally got ‘em moved out…Tes and I have developed into hunting partners ourselves (in a very minor way). At night he’s been busy treeing the rats and mice that head for the bird feeder at night and I whack ‘em out of the bushes (with my “rat bat”). He catches them and gives them the coup de grace. Then, funny thing is, he never eats them. Instead, he lines them up on the grass, side by side, neatly arranged with the heads all at one end. Our best tally so far is 3 in one night. He makes sure I come see them all lined up. A very interesting dog…

He’s still a trickster with a huge fondness for stealing boots and popping soccer balls (though not balloons – he had one pop beside him and gives them a wide berth now). He still has his favourite den in the back garden under a dense cypress tree. He loves to lurk in there until you forget he’s there.

Thanks again for writing Merv and for all your newsletters. We love to read them!

Julia, Eric, Matthew and Katherine