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MÂNE - Kamia Kennels Stud Male Elkhound

MÂNE was born here at our kennel. He is a son of Takoda and Tekla. I am most certain he is the very best Elkhound male currently in North America, and he would rival any world wide.

He has a tremendous lineage of working Norwegian and Swedish Elkhounds in his background. As he comes from his famous grandfather Bram, he brings all that old world Norwegian Elkhound hunting skill. His grandmother of course as you all will know is Kamp, one of the very best Norwegian Elkhound lineage lines you could wish for. Kamp was the big old lines so the size of MÂNE is just over the breed standard.

His mother Tekla as you're aware from this site and my videos I consider to be the very best Norwegian Elkhound female. She is a pure working lineage female with impeccable behaviour, tons and tons of instinctive skill and all wrapped up in the perfect confirmation package.

Takoda is the father of MÂNE and with that comes all the incredible personable nature to the handler, the full instinctive skill in the mountains and the extreme loyalty and protection traits. There are no better lines of Elkhounds in North America than the background of MÂNE.

His first litter is on the ground as I am putting this update to his page together. 6 truly outstanding pups with Kalia. What a stunning group of super young Elkhounds.

MÂNE has his own video page featuring some of his great videos - be sure to check it out!

 MANE Video Slider


A very storied lineage

Mane's Ancient AncestorsAs you well know the background genetics of MANE read like a who's who in Elkhound history. All of you are aware our lines are the old dark boys, MANE he carries that with pride, no doubt. Way back in his genetics of course lies one part of the reason that stance he has, that dark pattern, the overall balance is so great, it's this big fella. This big old boy was Champion Skrub AV Glittre 6687. He was whelped on Jan 25, 1923, 94 years before MANE was born. Take a good look at this big fella, one of the most famous Glittre sires ever. Not much doubt great lineages just carry on. Generation after Generation.



Mane's Ancient AncestorsGjende N JCH N S UCH - another of great Norwegian Champions that line his background is none other than this big fella. This is a Norwegian Hunting Champion who also is one of the very early big boys to go and earn his Norwegian Show Championship. An incredible feat no doubt in a country of the very best Norwegian Elkhounds.

As you can see, that stunning head, great tail, total balance of Gjende continues on today in MANE. Gjende earned his championships in that late 70's time frame. This is a full hunting lineage big boy, MANE still today carries that tradition forward as he has all instincts intact.


Mane's Ancient AncestorsGjende's sire is a major reason why MANE has such incredible stance, rise to the neck, focused attention when in the field. It's because of this old Rock Star, Varg himself. What an oustanding Elkhound. Truly magnificent. Born in the 60's these photos are incredibly hard to come by of these old dogs out in the field.

Take a close look at these bad boys, they are alive and well in young MANE. In fact, I can see these old boys already shining through in those pups of MANE and Kalia, go figure!



Mane's Ancient AncestorsNow as would be fitting a true ancient lineage Norwegian Elkhound like MANE it would be easy to see where he gets his incredible showy style and of course his personable nature and easy going behaviour.

This is Champion Merkel of the Hollow, photographed shortly after winning a championship at Crufts in 1934 ( 83 years before MANE was born). A long history of champions like this makes for some incredible things to come yet from this young rascal.

All these old boys of course are just the beginning of the great sires and dams that line up young MANE's background.

Also it would be impossible to have an Elkhound like MANE without the work, the dedication, the devotion of these early breeders who spent their lives dedicated to preserving the ancient Elkhound lineages, traits and dogs. Hats off to those early men and women who allowed us all to have such great Elkhounds today!

Mane's Ancient AncestorsI speak of old Rex a fair bit in my video's and stories. Amazing big dark boys like this, the thick old rascals they carry a special place I believe as they have such strong genetics.

You can go many decades forward from Rex to MANE and stand these two side by side in a photo and know instantly the genetic connections.

Take a very good look at the color pattern of Rex, the deep dark coat that carries down. These traits carry forward extremely strong. Today's fancy show lineages they can't get that dark genetic trait, it only comes through on ancient lineage strains like MANE.

Mane's Ancient AncestorsIn our videos and our stories I reference this rascal a great deal. I am incredibly proud that this spectacular male is fueling a great deal of the character and inherited traits of MANE.

This is Mini-G, one of a very select few Norwegian Elkhound hunting Champions to go on to win a hunting championship in 3 Nordic countries, thus becoming a Nordic Champion. An incredible feat, not to mention the absolute dedication to the breed that Norwegian breeders,  Mildred and Even Stene had. Wow, incredible devotion and caring, plus some serious ability to work with an Elkhound. There is so much this dog had achieved it would take a full page to speak to him alone.

Mane's Ancient AncestorsNow much closer to the surface of MANE is another of the incredible Norwegian Elkhounds that Even Stene raised. This is of course RM Kjekk. I can see this incredible champion in a great deal of our dogs of course, I am sure you can see Kai staring back at you from this photo, and Tuva, the two aunts of MANE.

RM Kjekk again is one of a handful of Norwegian Elkhound males to achieve the famous Nordic Championship in hunting. He also became, as did Mini-G a champion in Norwegian Show.

Little doubt why MANE is so magnificent.

Mane's Ancient Ancestors Now there is no way you could speak to the great background of MANE without touching on some of the incredible females that line up his pedigree. I always speak of Varja with a great deal of respect and admiration as she is one of the early Norwegian Hunting champions who went on to become a Show Champion.

Again one look at this incredible female and you know where MANE's mother Tekla gets a great deal of her good looks. Is this neat or what? Seeing all these incredible working / show champions and knowing the effort, the work the time spent with these great dogs those old breeders did. My goodness I am grateful to them for preserving these genetics. Wow.

Mane's Ancient AncestorsAnother of the magnificent side in history of the background of MANE is the ties he has to the amazing dogs of Ravenstone. The Ravenstone breeding program owned by the late Margaret and Ted Harper accomplished so much for the Elkhound breed it's impossible to cover.

The level of dedication these two had was something of legend. Over 50 years they raised Norwegian Elkhounds and worked tirelessly to bring in the best genetics they could to enhance and preserve the genetic program they created.

I believe, I could be mistaken, but I do believe they still hold the record for the most champions at Crufts in history. When you look at the Ravenstone females, like Hattie On the left: Pictured winning Best In Show All Breeds at Three Counties Championship Show, it's literally like looking at Tekla, MANE's mother.
(until October 2009),
Winner of 44 CC’s.
Ch Ravenstone Hattie
Born 1980
Owned by the Late Mr & Mrs Fred Parker.

IMane's Ancient Ancestorsf you have ever seen the great "Families" of Norwegian Elkhounds of Ravenstone you know instinctively where that "Genetic Family Instinctive Trait" comes from with a deep resounding strength. I have to the left a photo of MANE's Grandmother Kamp, her two daughters, Tuva the aunt to MANE, and of course Tekla, the mother to MANE.

There are few breeders left today who follow the "Family Genetic Style" and we are very proud to have one of the remaining links to a tremendous program of breeding Norwegian Elkhounds such as the Ravenstone program. I'll come back to more of the famous dam's in this incredible young male in a minute.

Mane's Ancient Ancestors Before we move to far from the ancient old dogs it would be fitting to speak to the old Norrland heritage of this great group of ancestors, and MANE's link to a world of hunting dogs that goes back easily thousands of years.

I spoke early about the dedication of the breeders in preserving the old dogs and in remote regions of Scandinavia old hunters and breeders kept genetics alive by neccessity more than anything else as they used these dogs to survive. These dogs were bred on traits that worked, not looked, but worked.

Mane's Ancient AncestorsThese old images archived in museums go a long way in sharing with us today why MANE is such a Rock Star. Not anything we are doing at all but entirely what the old breeders and hunters did, use the dogs. Watch the traits, study the behaviour, breed those with the instincts intact.

The heritage of MANE of course leads directly like a laser to these old boys, he is loaded with instinctive ability, loaded with that skill and natural instinct.

MANE is Old World Elkhound thru and thru.

Mane's Ancient AncestorsI speak about features in the old dogs that shine through into the young dogs like MANE such as stance and color, his overall style and conformation but he comes by his great head quite easily as well.

The famous old boy  from the Holmes Kennel, International Champion Piek II au Glittre has been known for decades for having that great head follow through, generation after generation.

Little doubt it will still be discussed for many generations yet as MANE has no kidding, a famous head.

Mane's Ancient AncestorsNow if we were to move forward a bit in the incredible group of dogs in the background of MANE, coming into North American Champions that line his background no one would be surprised to find in such an incredible male such as MANE a direct link back to this big rascal.

This is Nimbus, bred and raised by Pat Trotter. Nimbus as all Norwegian Elkhound fanciers know won the Group at Westminster Twice. Incredible really. To win once is absolutely amazing, to do it twice, my goodness.

All of you know how much respect I have for Pat Trotter and the contributions she has made to the Norwegian Elkhounds. I can't say enough great things about what she has done so that all of us can continue to enjoy and preserve great genetics like those coming forward from Nimbus, through MANE, out into that set of little rascal pups playing in the kennel right now as I write this.

Mane's Ancient Ancestors Again, to mention a great lineage of Elkhounds, especially when discussing North American Norwegian Elkhounds and to miss this great fella who contributes to MANE's unbelievable heritage would be folly.

As you may already know, the mother of Nimbus is Vin-Melca's Marlinda and her father is none other than Vin-Melca's Vagabond.

Vagabond is most likely the most famous Norwegian Elkhound in North America, not only was he quite frankly an absolutely stunning Elkhound male, but he was shown and presented by Pat Trotter over the life of his show career and achieved incredible things.

He is the only Norwegian Elkhound to win Best In Show All Groups which he won in 1970 at Westminster. He as well as his grandson Nimbus won Best in Group twice. This was such a feat! Wow. It would take a full page to detail the acheivements of this great Norwegian Elkhound.

There are a ton more great Champions and working Elkhounds that proliferate the background of MANE, and working dogs with full instincts intact combined with all the skill and dedication of just a few of those dogs illustrated above indicate what is to come from this young fella.

Mane's Ancient AncestorsCloser to the surface of course resides this magnificent sire, this is Bram.

Bram has been a huge part of our breeding program for a long time now. This is the father of Tekla.

Bram is the first generation of this lineage to be born in Canada and brings with him all that incredible hunting and working skill. He as well though brings with him decades of Norwegian Hunting Champions and Show Champions.

Bram has sired 42 pups for us and each and every one of them has been outstanding.

This my friends is a masterpiece Norwegian Elkhound.

Mane's Ancient AncestorsWe knew we were going to be having a set of pups like no other set when we were getting ready to mate this beauty with Bram.

This is Kamp, she is of the old powerhouse Norway lineages that bring that big power to MANE.

She walked around day in and day out at 64 pounds of muscle, tough as nails. This was a working Elkhound female let me tell you. I hiked with Kamp as a very young pup and for years, any conditions, she had no quit in her.

She is shown here with me on a winter hike, it's cold out, snowing, tons of snow already, she just loved it. Kamp and I went everywhere off leash. She was a full GQ female, but loved the remote regions like no other.

This was a powerhouse female. Her genetic make-up combined so well with Bram it's incredible. Unfortunately we never got to have another litter with her and Bram, but those genetics they live on in her grandson MANE.

Mane's Ancient AncestorsThat combination of Bram and Kamp as you can see was simply outstanding.

Every feature of a perfect Elkhound shines through loud and clear with their daughter Tekla.

She rivals any of the ancient ancestors she has, even though it's about as jam packed with Champions as any Elkhound in history. Doesn't matter to her, she thrives on competition.

She is not here to rest on the laurels of her ancestors, no she is here to show them that what they passed on lives well yet.

In a small remote section of BC, up on the side of a snowy mountain, Tekla carries on a genetic story through her son MANE that took centuries to start.

This my friends, this is an Elkhound!

Mane's Ancient AncestorsIt takes no guesswork to know that the background of MANE is so incredible due to the absolute strength and make-up of his famous father, Takoda.

As everyone knows I believe Takoda to be the very best Elkhound still walking in North America.

His ancient roots bring forward to MANE all that old skill that has resided in these dogs since the beginning of the breed.

There were very few full genetic Elkhounds to come to Canada. They came a long time past. They were true Viking Elkhounds.

Takoda I believe to be the last remaining of the phenomenal Viking lineage that came. His son now will continue that heritage and carry the blood of those old warrior Elkhounds forward. Eric the Red would be very proud. MANE currently is one of only a handful of sires that remain with all Elkhound blood. All others are siblings of his.

All the old breeders that contributed to maintaining this great breed over centuries would be very proud to see the history of young MANE carrying forward through his pups.

MANE Elkhound Stud Male

MANE and I January 17th, 2017, such a stunning young fella

MANE extreme mountian hiking male early on

MÂNE - showing incredible off leash skills right from a pup, here he is on a high elevation mountain hike in March of 2017

MÂNE and his sister Luna

MÂNE developing into a stunning big fella. He is shown here with his full sibling sister, Luna.

MÂNE and Jaegar Elkhound Stud Males

MÂNE to the right of his brother Jaegar, they are security detail for the kennel. Two amazing big fellas.

MÂNE and Kalia - first litter coming

In this image MÂNE and Kalia are shown. They have just begun and incredible lineage of great little Elkhounds. Kalia went on to have 6 healthy beautiful pups.

MÂNE's brother Dajr, and neice Syn

The male on the left is a half brother to MÂNE, his name is Dajr. That is a half sister to Dajr beside him named Syn. She is a niece to MÂNE, as she is a daughter of his brother Jaegar.

MÂNE has a ton of incredible siblings and these two need little introduction. They are shown here up in the Yukon years back with Shelly and Brett. This is the stunning sisters Nika and Kari. Those little daughters he has in the kennel, they are going to be just like his sisters, magnificent.

MÂNE's Brother Jaegar, and Phoenix 

This is a very cool image as you get to see unique genetic set here. Of course Jaegar is the brother to MÂNE, no mistake there. Whats neat about this image is the young female pup is Phoenix. She is a daughter from Jaegar and Kamp. Kamp of course the grandmother to MÂNE.
Jaegar and Kamp

This is Jaegar and Kamp at much younger time. Stunning pair. We knew immediately we would get a litter from these two. They had 3 incredible litters together. Total genetic powerhouses.
Rigel Norwegian Elkhound Male Son of Kamp
This is one of the incredible males from that pairing of Jaegar and Kamp. Rigel is a stunning Norwegian Elkhound Male. He is a half brother to Tekla, and brings a lot of that stunning build of Kamp through and has all the instincts from both those big working Elkhounds running full throttle.
Ranger Son of Kamp and Jaegar
Another of the big boys from that Jaegar / Kamp genetic is Ranger. Ranger is a full brother to Rigel above. Again, another stunning Norwegian Elkhound Male with full instincts intact.
It's little wonder that the genetics from Jaegar's Dad Takoda match up with Kamps daughter Tekla when you see these rascals.
Kobe son of Bram and Tora
It didn't matter if we went the other direction first with the genetic pairing. The results were equally as stunning. We show you here the phenomenal son of Bram and MANE's sister Tora, Kobe. Kobe has 16 brothers equally as good as he is. As is clearly evident this genetic set is truly impressive.
Teeka - Daughter of Bram and Tora
As you can see, it didn't matter the gender with this genetic combination of Bram and Tora either. Teeka is a stunning female from them.
Saga - Daughter of Jaegar and Kamp
Again, daughter of Jaegar and Kamp same tremendous result. This is Saga from the first litter of those two. Saga is as you now know, a half sister to Tekla.

Silver Nova - Future potential Mate for MANE

Planning litters begins years in advance as you may have guessed. Here stands our potential shining young star - Silver Nova. She is going to be mated to MANE at some point in the future. We studied a great deal of breeders, genetic lineages and wanted a standout female to match up to him. She is that female. She is shown here with Jaegar, she is up in Kamloops with Ashten this winter on the Desna training and GQ training. Jaegar is full GQ male so excels in any environment, urban or remote. No better trainer for her than him. He as you guessed is a great potential match for her as well.
MANE off leash master

There are few Elkhounds born these days that come out with instinctive off leash skills rivaling any dog,anywhere, anytime in history. MANE was one of those. Old breeders call dogs like him, One in a thousand. These days its one in many thousands, as those traits are getting bred out at light speed.
MANE Off leash Luna and Tora

MANE is one of the few, if not only one of three Elkhound sires in North America today that will spend, and does spend his entire life working off leash. I doubt there is another Elkhound sire outside his dad and brother that can make that claim. He is shown here with his Sisters Luna and Tora on a hike mountain summit, Feb 2018.
MANE and Tora

From the minute he stepped out of the kennel that very first time as a little tiny rascal, his big sister Tora has had a bond with him. Raising siblings is amazing, to witness the bonds that related Elkhounds have is truly incredible. These two my friends, these two are Serious Elkhounds!