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The Road To A Litter

Litter Planning Begins Many Years Beforehand

Takoda and Kamp - Litter Planned Summer 2016 - Unfortunately This litter will not go ahead this round, instead we had to use Jaegar Check Here for full details and updated Road To A Litter Takes A Turn.

Takoda and Kamp Winter 2011
Kamp got along with Takoda from Day One

One of the most important aspects, and especially one of the most rewarding things about raising good Elkhounds, is planning the litters. I would like to take the time to walk down the road to a litter with you. It's a process that we don't take lightly here at Kamia Kennels. Our litters are planned a fair ways in advance. Yes, the exact date is not entirely planned out, but we know, or hope to have a litter from certain pairs at some point if all things look good while we are waiting.

Some times, even after planning and waiting, something might prevent the litter, might delay it, or cause you to rethink the strategy altogether, so without any more of what if, here we go.

We were going to have a long awaited litter from Takoda and Kamp in Summer 2015. I first began planning this litter Fall of 2011. We were unable to get this particular hook-up in the summer of 2015. We are going to give them another chance for the summer of 2016. Kamp should cycle some time near April/May range of 2016. Please contact us about this litter soon.

 When young Kamp arrived we were very excited, we introduced her to Takoda and they were pals inside a few minutes. He is very good with young dogs, and it made her time easy to get adjusted. She was a tough rascal though, we didn't have to worry much at all.

What was immediately apparent was the bond these two shared. She was basically modeling Takoda early on, she followed his lead, went where he went, staying in contact with him from early on. She could play and be herself around him and I think this was a really cool aspect for her. She was coming into a new place, lot's of pressure with the females around, and to have some time with Takoda, with no pressure, it was excellent.

We knew this bond that was forming, it was going to be a good steady friendship for many years. Some dogs get along, others don't. Some tolerate each other, some find companionship. This pair were alike in many ways, thought the same, hand similar styles, motions, reactions. Sure, the bond with Kamp was not as tight as the bond Takoda has with say Tora, but just the same, it's a close bond. We knew this was a great thing. We were pleased.

Kamp and Jay - She Grows Fast

Jay had Kamp from early on with him. She stayed with him, went everywhere, she was not around us that often. Of course she would return for holidays and every time he could come home from school, but for the most part, she was in Kamloops. She grew quickly into a stunning female. She was always on the go with him, he is a mountain biker, so she basically grew up at the bike ranch. She knows every inch of those trails, top to bottom. She developed into a strong powerful female. She has her own opinions also, living most of her time with no other Elkhounds around, and then just back home visiting.

A Stunning Young GQ Female Elkhound

Each time we saw her of course, we were so impressed. She was quickly developing into a stunning young female Elkhound. She had tremendous reach and her stride was smooth and straight. She had a really pleasant way about her, she was tough, but very kind at the same time. She did not take guff from the others but was fine to fit in. She was not in anyway wanting to make any trouble, she is a very good Elkhound in respect of the pack. These are key traits a breeder needs to look for. You have to be able to raise dogs that can function in a group, in a pack setting. Kamp was able to hold her own and not get run over by the others, yet not create havoc.

She has a beautiful style to her, she stands very attentive, always alert. A massive big bark, you would be surprised to know it was a female barking, she could easily be mistaken to be a male if you just hear her. Deep, a good loud bark, not sharp, not yappy. Awesome bark really.

Kamp has the dark mask, a real Norway style to her, only large Norway. She is the grey / black color, much lighter than Takoda, but much darker mask. He coat is awesome. Her coat is a nice tightness, not too long, not to loose, her coat is excellent. I myself prefer the Silver / Black, but it's just a preference. Takoda and her will have Silver/Black pups, they will be stunning dogs. Most likely some of the best looking dogs we have ever seen.

She is what I refer to as a GQ dog. She is urban trained so can cruise the city lights and sounds and smells with ease. Travel in all sorts of manner, walk in buildings, down streets, visit large groups, many dogs, etc. Very versatile in that regard. Yet in two seconds flat she is a mountain ranging protection dog. Makes the switch to work in a second. Work ethic to no end as well. Very intelligent and mentally stable. This is a very versatile female. She would be the widest range of trained skill set we have in social, travel, versatility of all my females.

Most of my females are not GQ Females.

A big Strong Female Developing

So by the time she came home for the summer just over a year old she was a big stout girl. She was able to be herself again at home, she fit in right away, she caused no issues, but never let anyone push her around. She was definitely in good condition, had tons of stamina. We had a chance to see her play with Bram on this particular weekend. I knew immediately that the pair of them were very much in tune with each other. Kamp and Bram are both Norway dogs. They each have Norway style, movement, pace, the same play posture and it's quite a bit different than Swedish dogs.

The Norway dogs are up a lot, not as much ground and pound, very light and airy, fast and easy moving. So we watched these two play, it was pretty apparent that we would have a potential litter with Bram. There was little doubt in my mind on that. The other thing that I should mention is that Bram is a full outcross to Kamp. And Bram and Kamp are both full outcross dogs to Takoda and Mia. So it gave us a huge opportunity if things worked out down the road to have a brand new outcross set of females for Jaegar. As Jaegar would be needing some new females two or three years from this image, we thought we would truly investigate the Bram and Kamp pairing.

You all know how successful that turned out, but I'll get to that.

Kamp and Jaegar - Two Awesome Elkhounds

As you all know if you have visited the site, Jaegar was a young 11 month old male when Kamp arrived. He was also a GQ male developing at University in Guelph with Ashten. Everytime that Kamp was home with Jay, most of the times Jaegar was home with Ashten. We quickly began to see that not only was Kamp well suited to Takoda, and Bram, but she was as equally well suited to Jaegar. As Jaegar is a son of Takoda the pairing made perfect sense.

Jaegar is truly a stunning big male. Dark black, large and heavy. He is a very nice fella, social, but is rugged as they come to other dogs. Kamp, she is able to meet and greet others so tones that area down a bit. However when it comes to playing with Jaegar, she is the roughest toughest competitor he has ever faced. Him and her have some of the best and hardest play I have seen. She really can work him. He can take it as well. She can play as mean and rough and he just loves it. They are really something to watch together.

They eventually came out here when school finished and we had the new kennel and I felt I would pair Jaegar up with Kamp. I wanted to have a litter with these two amazing Elkhounds first. I knew Takoda was sound, there was time. The pups from these two were some of our very best pups. Saga, Storm and Nahanni. Three absolutely awesome females.

Kamp and her pals for life: GAEDA, Tora and Mia

In every aspect of a breeding operation the key is the females. You can't do any good for the breed, pass on the great heritage, extend the life of a great ancient set of genetics without the females. The females have to get along, and have to work together. A female that does not fit in, or will not fit in will simply cause grief, hardship, battles and tension. Sure she can have her own space, hold her own ground, but she needs to have some flex.

Kamp was great that way. She was in no way going to be pushed around or bossed by our females but at the same time, she was able to find her spot in amongst them. In every pack, no matter how cohesive they appear, no matter how well they get along, there is one thing that will cement a group of dogs together better than anything in the world. No amount of training will ever do what one basic natural instinctive thing will do.

That's battle a predator together. Once a group of females have fought beside each other and helped each other, got in there and tooth and nail fought it out alongside each other against a foe, there is nothing, and I mean nothing that would separate the bond that creates. These four have stood and battled till they were all headed for surgery against a combatant from hell. So let me say this, these girls are pals for life.

If one of these girls today gives an alert bark in a blink of an eye she has all three standing beside her.

An Elkhound Family

I have always thought that the group of these five, Jaegar, Kamp, Nahanni, Saga and Storm formed an incredible Elkhound family. It was such a neat thing to see all the young females following Kamp and Jaegar around. Both these two were at the height of awareness. Kamp would hair up before I opened the door to the kennel just in case some other dog happened to be standing there when she was coming out with her girls. She was a super mom. Those were the best looked after pups EVER.

Jeagar he is not as skilled at being around pups as Takoda. That takes some time. This is coming to him, he was awesome but I refer to his nature as a little gruff to pups. They don't catch onto things from him as much as a pup would from Takoda. But still, as far as a family of Elkhounds go, I think so far this is the best I have seen, and perhaps will see for some time.

Storm - Daughter of Kamp and Jaegar

The daughters of that first litter from Kamp and Jeagar are stunning. I have a photo of Storm pictured to the left and she is an absolute beauty. She is an amazing example of what an Elkhound female should be. This is an alert and very sharp female. She brings all that awareness of both Kamp and Jaegar forward. She has the big power rear from Jaegar and the clean even top line of Kamp. Her front shoulders are evenly balanced with the rear, she has a very solid square stance, perfect style really. You could not find a fault with Storm in a hundred years of looking. Check that tail curl! Jaw power, tons of stamina, deep chest. Tremendous muzzle, she is feminine yet not dainty, a really balanced female. An old world female.

The combination of Jeagar and Kamp is an awesome pairing.

Tekla and Tuva - Twin Daughters of Kamp and Bram

I can honestly say that I have never seen two pups so close, so identical, I still have a very difficult time telling who is who. If they are moving and a few feet away, I can't. These are such beautiful females, so kind, so gentle, yet very strong and powerful. Such great nature. Personable, wanting to work, attentive, everything you could ask for in a female Elkhound. Absolutely perfect in every way, not a better female could you find than either of these two. They are two of the finest Norwegian Elkhounds in the world No Doubt! These are descendants out of the Famous Mini-G - quite possibly the very best and most honoured and recognized Norwegian Elkhound in the World.

We don't show dogs, we have and continue to breed working dogs, however on both sides of our pups are many champions, both in field and show trials and exhibitions. These two would command respect anywhere in the world and would dominate if we were to show and or trial them at work. Either way, these are both Champion females.

Takoda, Patient While He Helps Train The Pups

When it comes to cranking out some pups, Kamp is truly amazing.

Takoda, all through this time has always been a pal to Kamp. Always one to assist and help out. He brings a tremendous amount of relief to the females as they can leave the pups with him with zero worry. He can look after pups for them and they have the utmost confidence that he is on watch. Here in this image he has his daughter Tora giving him a hand while he watches out for Kamp and Bram's young rascals while Kamp gets a few minutes to chew on a bone and relax.

The females all know that Takoda prowls the premises day in and day out while there are young pups about, and he is a freak about keeping anything and everything out. They know, they can relax if he is watching pups, nothing is going to bother them. He has the best training skills of all my dogs. Pups raised around him have a much wider skill set way earlier. All instincts are also "Woke Up" I call it around him. A lot of breeders don't have a reliable male that is Dominant enough to be in charge, yet confident enough to relax. So for 99% of all breeders they don't have the males around the pups. Without the male interaction the pups are no where near as stable, no where near as developed in the pack orientation and social rank. They don't get the other side of the equation. To have a male like Takoda is truly one of our key aspects in pup development.

Takoda takes Storm, Nahanni and Saga Out Hiking

What's funny is that Takoda is the one for the most part taking all the pups out for hikes, bush work, etc. The mothers are resting, not far away, always watching, but quite content to let him impart some hiking and recall and bush training skills. Here Takoda has Storm and Nahanni, Saga is right around somewhere as well, these are the girls from Kamp and Jaegar. So for them to cruise around with Grandpa, they think this is pretty cool.

It's almost bizarre really how Takoda and these girls of Kamp got along, they were exactly the same as Kamp was around Takoda. Pups have an uncanny ability to sense the composure, the leadership, the patience, the rank.

Kamp and Takoda, Great Pals

This new place was such a great move for us, the area that we back onto is basically miles and miles of crown land forest. We have trails we can go on forever. Kamp and Takoda have become very good at working in this high country. They are rangy Elkhounds. Fast moving, long stride Elkhounds. The mountain trails suit them. These two can cover ground. They are both my tallest dogs, gender to gender. Longest as well, so for Takoda, Kamp is the perfect companion. She can match him in stride almost. So for him, it's a great deal of fun. Nothing is better than seeing an Elkhound female try to show off and outrun a Male. It's a great big fun time for them, she will tease away, burn back, burn away, all the while enticing him to chase, just so she can show how fast she is. For Takoda this game is never more fun than with Kamp. It gives him some work. He has all he wants to catch her, she can hustle.

Kamp has a much different type of play with Takoda than Jaegar. She has more respect for Takoda, and he doesn't tolerate quite the roughness that Jaegar does, so she is more balanced. Also, she is more focused on work with Takoda. He is always and foremost at work, no matter what is happening he never loses that perspective, and she tunes in to that. Jaegar and Kamp are a pretty solid looking pair when they are coming at you barking, but it's a whole new world for a stranger coming to the gate with Takoda and Kamp coming. A whole new world. Kamp knows Takoda has no plans on letting anyone in, she changes her demeanour to match. She is not in his league when it comes to protection, she has been socially trained, however, she has full instincts, they may not be on the surface but around Takoda, they come out just fine.

Thinking the Same - Takoda and Kamp

It never ceases to amaze me that we can be out on a hike, I can have multiple dogs, they can go where they like, cruise how they wish, range at will and I will look around and here is Kamp and Takoda checking something out. They are very close that way. Tora hangs with Takoda pretty much all the time as well, but Kamp would be there just as much but she is of course polite to Tora. But any chance that Kamp can find to hang with him, she does.

I could have used Jeagar with Kamp all the time, the pups are that good. I wanted two females from Kamp for Jeagar and Takoda, so I used Bram the second time, that was a very positive move.

I have waited a long time to have this pairing work out. We will have a beautiful litter this summer from Kamp and Takoda if all things progress as planned. *Note* Updated as of March 19th, 2016 - I had to use Jaegar with Kamp, Takoda waits again

If it was me looking for an Elkhound and I had the information I have today about these two dogs, I would not look any further, I would be getting one of these pups. I think this combination will yield some of our greatest Elkhounds yet. *Note* Jaegar is a son of Takoda and as good a match as Takoda, we know the quality of the pups these two have from the first litter between Jaegar and Kamp.

Kamp, January 2015

This is a solid healthy prolific female. She has all instinctive traits intact. Very smart, very steady and stable. A big female, 60 plus pounds, tall and long. This is a perfectly balanced female in every aspect. She has proven she can produce outstanding Elkhounds. Her genetic make up is as good a match as we could ever hope for with Takoda. I know this much, there will be calls from some old hunters up near the Jamtland region / Sweden calling us for one of these pups. They would be hard pressed to find one as good over there even.

Kamp, Norwegian Elkhound 2016

Kamp, January 2016

Kamp today is a powerful female. She embodies what the old breeders wanted in a stout working female. I hike with Kamp every day, she is a true powerhouse. Tons of stamina. Nice to be around, a great female. She is very much at ease in the house if invited, or in her kennel, either or. Matters not to her. She loves the trails and working though, she is a true working Elkhound.



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