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Koda- Male Elkhound

It has been quite a nice time lately, we have been getting images of all the young dogs and are so thrilled with them all, Carrie and Chris have just sent us some more photo's of Koda, he is truly a great young male. Carrie is absolutely correct when she said they have been getting tons of compliments on how handsome this young fella is, no doubt!

Koda appears in the first image at about 8 1/2 weeks, in the others around 11 weeks.

Koda's Photo Gallery Album 6

Chris sent this recently: Update January 23rd, 2009 - "Yes Koda is doing very well; he adjusted quite quickly to his new surroundings. He is growing very quickly, his vet visit that first Saturday we had him he had gained a full kg from Monday. He has almost doubled in size since you saw him last. He really enjoys being at work with me, where he has a lot of room to roam and a fair amount of interaction with people.

New Photos From Carrie – Carrie and Chris have a truly beautiful young male, he is turning out to be such a sharp you guy, they are doing an excellent job with him as it's easy to see how happy and full of life he is.

"When you see a young dog so full of life it's really a pleasure, he is just ready to jump and run and pounce on the next thing that moves.

Koda was a nice young pup from the beginning, he is very much like his brothers, very proud, they stand up, tail up, head up, very alert. His face is very much the same as Mia's was, however he has the full silver coat like Takoda, a well marked dog with a great look about him.

Elkhounds are nice dogs to raise, they like the cooler climates, snow is preferred, and they are truly athletic dogs, so if you like outdoor activities this is a great breed of dog.

We really appreciate having the opportunity to show you these fine young dogs and the owners are gracious to send the photo's so we can all share in the experience as they grow.

March 16th, we received a few new photos of Koda, he is growing very well, filling out nicely. Koda has a really nice set of markings, young Elkhounds change colors quite a bitKoda Male Elkhound while they are maturing and it's neat to see the changes as they go through. They will continue to change as late as a year or more, then they are pretty well set, although Mia, Koda's mother is still getting more silver each month and she is over 2 years.

Carrie and Chris are getting Koda very well trained, he is such an alert dog, looks right at you. He is developing some very nice markings and he has the sought after Elkhound black line from the edge of his eyes back. Koda is a perfect example of what the old country breeders were wanting, the best of both types. Koda is going to be taller and longer than Mia, he will be heavier, yet not get quite as tall as Takoda, or as long. He will be a very solid well muscled male. He has a very nice black muzzle and his coat is starting to develop into his true colors.

You couldn't find a fault with this young guy, his feet are precise and well planted, his chest is nice and thick, straight even topline, nice tail. Ears pointed and straight, eye's nicely set, dark brown with a keen expression, he is a brave dog, was the toughest male, even though not the largest of the litter. When Koda had a toy nobody was taking that from him. Koda's head is nice and broad at the ears, with a good wedge shape to it. He has a good muzzle broad at the base and it tapers evenly. It will be interesting to watch over the months as Koda develops. Chris and Carrie have been so kind to drop us a note regularly and send in these photo's.

We look forward to seeing some more of him soon.