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Jaegar - Male Elkhound

Jaegar - 6 Week Old

I took this photo of Jaegar when he was six weeks old. I could tell looking at this big fella he was going to be special. No one could look at this photo and mistake the way he carries himself, he is a confident young fella, he has composure, he has a great deal of stability and confidence. He was a steady boy, easy going, yet as the largest pup we have raised if he wanted to keep a bone he kept it.


A good stable reliable dog

Easy going, but completely fearless, no problem to take anywhere, yet they watch what's going on. They are trouble free, no real issues of any kind with Elkhounds, no feet, eyes, ear problems, all those things are pretty much non existent in Elkhounds. You don't have a line of dogs last 4000 years with problems.


A Perfect Companion Dog

Ashten is shown here with Jaegar at about six months of age. Her and Jaegar flew home for the summer and we had a chance to get out hiking. She has him so well mannered, he is a great guy to be around.


A Magnificent Male Elkhound

Jaegar is shown here in November of 2013 at our new home. This is an oustanding male Elkhound, he is a large and solid 70 plus pounds. You can look for a lifetime to find a male like Jaegar.


Mature Elkhound Male

Jaegar is a proven breeding male by this time with some terrific pups from both Kamp and GAEDA. His pups are strong and have a great instinctive drive. They have the personable nature we love about Jaegar.


Jaegar and Syn

Jaegar stands here in 2016 with his young daughter, Syn, a beautiful dark female. She is an outstanding female pup from GAEDA and Jaegar. These are some of the very best pups we have raised.


Kaieesha - Daughter of Jaegar and Kamp ( Kamp is Tekla's Mother)

Kaieesha - Daughter of Jaegar and Kamp

Rigel - Son of Jaegar and Kamp

Rigel Norwegian Elkhound Male Son of Jaegar

Ruhne Son of Jaegar and Kalia and Bosco, Full brother to Jaegar

Ruhne Son of Jaegar and Bosco, Brother to Jaegar

Riker Son of Jaegar and Kamp

Riker Son of Jaegar and Kamp

Ashten and Bryn with Jaegar and Silver Nova

Ashten and Bryn with Silver Nova and Jaegar

Jaegar with sons Gifford and Rig

Jaegar and Sons Gifford and Rig

Jaegar, Kamp and I

Jaegar with Kamp and Merv

Jaegar, Kalia and I

Jaegar with Kalia and Merv

Storm, Daughter of Jaegar and Kamp

Storm Daughter of Jaegar and Kamp

Jaegar and his dad Takoda

Jaegar and his dad Takoda

Jaegar and a Young Kalia

Jaegar and a young Kalia

Jaegar's Daughter Nahanni with Arwen

Nahanni and Arwen

Jaegar and his famous Mother Mia

Jaegar and his Mother Mia

Jaegar's and GÆDA's Daughter Tuula with Anjana

Anjana with Tuula, Jaegars daughter

Jaegar and GÆDA

GAEDA and Jaegar

Jaegars brother Dajr, and Jaegar's Daughter Syn

Dajr and Jaegars Daughter Syn

Jaegar Elkhound Male Sire

Jaegar and MANE Norwegian Elkhound MalesJaegar is shown here in late March of 2018 with his brother MÅNE. These are two magnificent big boys. Both are our premier sires now, although their Dad still rules and does some breeding, these two boys handle a big bunch of it. If you have seen two better males out working than these two brothers your one lucky fella cause I sure haven't. As far as I am concerned, these are the two best in North America today, and both these bad boys can rival any world wide.

Jaegar and his brother MANE Norwegian Elkhound Sires At Kamia Kennels

IJaegar and MANE Norwegian Elkhound Malest's a rare day, and I mean a very rare day you see two big brothers who are schooled enough to run intact side by side. And speaking of rare, when's the last time you saw, read about, heard of, two big boys like this cruising the big timber side by side, and their dad is still able to hike and hunt alongside them and make both of them work to keep up. Some seriously good genetics walking in the mountains here let me say. You get a pup out of one of these boys, you have a pup!

Jaegar is a full GQ male, meaning he is fully schooled in urban work, so he can fly in planes, ride in cabs, go into shops, and University areas, and of course, tree a black bear on the trail in the same afternoon. Fully versatile big fella. So he handles a lot of the GQ training that other pups get, namely Silver Nova, as she is getting schooled in urban work right now. Jaegar has been training her. She is shown below February 2018 with Jaegar on a hike above the city with Ashten.

Jaegar Silver Nova - GQ Training in KamloopsJaegar and Silver Nova - Some GQ and Mountain Work Training

But for right now he is here at the kennel to be ready to mate with Tekla. Tekla and Jaegar are slated to have a litter this year. We expect Tekla to cycle this spring. This will be a truly outstanding litter as they two are amazing Elkhounds.  Last breeding season Pretty Boy Leif was getting all the action, Jaegar was none to happy with him, but this time round the coin toss goes to Jaegar. So Pretty Boy Leif will be put out! Too Funny.

Jaegar Norwegian Elkhound MaleJaegar is shown here on July 30th 2017. It's breeding season here right now and Jaegar is not happy with Pretty Boy Leif. That is who he is looking at behind me, Leif is in with Tuva right as I am writing this. Leif and Tuva are going to be having a litter in a few months and Jaegar was thinking it was his turn this round to be with Tuva.

Jaegar is in magnificent shape right now, 70 pounds, solid as can be and he is a fast moving big male. He is super aware and watches everything that goes on extremely close. I have been hearing back on the pups from his last litter both with Kalia and with Kamp, truly stunning young pups all of them. You'll see a great video of one of them, Rigel Elkhound Male, working in the Desna program.

Jaegar Elkhound MaleI put up a great article on Jaegar and Leif, two of our top Elkhound Male stud dogs we have here. It covers a lot of the background of both Jaegar from the working Elkhound side, and Leif from the show Elkhound side of the equation.

Jaegar has two litters on the ground here now as I am writing this addition to his page, this is April 9th, 2017. He has 4 awesome pups with Kamp here, two of which we are going to keep in our breeding program. We have decided to keep the two females, Phoenix and Phallen so that we have that Kamp/Jaegar genetic material to carry forward.

We have decided to use Leif most likely with those two females as they will be the perfect match up on that genetic pairing.

Jaegar also has a tremendous group of pups with Kalia, 5 rugged rough and tumble rascals boy, Wow. Some awesome pups they are turning out to be. I am going to be having 4 of those pups here for the Desna training program and will keep you posted on that.

Be sure to click the image on Jaegar at the creek to view the Article Two Elkhounds Meet At A Creek.

Jaegar and two of his sons.

Jaegar and two male Elkhound Pups

"Jaegar and two of his sons, Bane and Havoc" February 2016

Jaegar is here having some fun with his two young sons, Bane and Havoc. You can just tell those two little rascals are just a pair of troublemaking holigans those gaffers.

Jaegar is doing really good around the young pups this time round, he was a bit on the gruff side the first litter or so, but has mellowed and become a really good role model. I utilize him a lot now to socialize and help start the pups on the rank training. I still use Takoda as well, but Jaegar can handle his boys just fine by himself now. Although these two, they are a handful.

These are some awesome males which is the Jaegar and GAEDA litter of six. 3 males, 3 females, outstanding pups. We are truly blessed to have such a great lineage of Elkhounds.


Our Daughter Ashten and her Male, Jaegar.

"Jaegar and Tora, Elkhound Male and Female, Brother and Sister" February 2015

Jaegar and Tora stand here on watch, something caught their attention and these two are some serious guard dogs. The young dogs in the background can rest easy when these two are out and about watching and guarding. These two are full instinct dogs and so all traits like protection and guarding are front and centre. Jaegar is a big fella, he is over 70 lbs all the time now, solid and thick. He is just a few days from 4 years old in this image. Tora is coming Six.

The young male in the background is half brother to Jeagar and Tora, he is Desna, "The Boss". A very dominant powerful young male, a good thing he is headed to Anchorage Alaska as he would be testing Jeagar's patience and skill in short order. He is going to be a splitting image of Tora, not as dark as Jaegar, but he will be larger than Jaegar even, hard to believe, but I will bet on it. Up until Desna and his brothers were born Jeagar was the heaviest pup at 8 weeks raised here at Kamia. Desna surpassed him, no small feat.

Jaegar is pulled all the dark old lineage traits from his ancient Swedish heritage, a stunning big male. He has some really awesome pups and we are planning some litters for him in the next while. One of the young female in the background, Kalia, she will have a litter with Jeagar down the road. It's going to be a very good match up.

"Jaegar and Tora are pictured with Desna, young Elkhound Male, and Kai and Kalia, Elkhound Females"

"Jaegar, Male Elkhound, Kamia Kennels, November 11th, 2013"

Jaegar is pictured here at our new home and kennel in the mountains behind the house. He is a magnificent big male now, over 70 lbs, solid as a rock, extremely agile and powerful. He is a big strong male and one of the fastest dogs we have. He runs security for the kennel and is very territorial, nothing, and I mean nothing crosses his turf. He has a big bark, the Swedish bark, so it's deep and loud, an nice bark. The tracking and hunting instincts are strong in Jaegar, he is a full working male, even though he has spent time in the city, is a full GQ male, he retains all the working instincts and traits.

A working male, ranging and protection are upper most in his mind, this is the perfect hiking dog. There are no breeds that are better for this role than this breed. For thousands of years they have performed this role, bred to watch over the handler, work with the handler and pay attention to the handler. This is a dog bred to work independent, yet not alone, work with you. He is a full hunting dog, has all his heritage in hunting intact. His father is one of the greatest communicators in the breed, and this communication ability has been passed to Jaegar. This trait stays intact in this lineage. A communicator lineage is far superior in the bush and on hikes and trails. They excel in this area.

"Jaegar and his father Takoda, as many of you have read, saved my life, without those two big boys, I would have been lunch for the Wolves that tracked us down - you can read about it here"

"Jaegar, Male Elkhound, Kamia Kennels, December 24th, 2012"

Jaegar is pictured here out for a hike with Ashten, that is Tora standing behind him. Jaegar is a superior ancient lineage male, the more he matures and grows the better he becomes. We are so excited to see the upcoming litters we have planned for him with GAEDA and also of course the litter with Kamp.

"Jaegar is the ancient dark Swedish Lineage - larger than most males, bigger than the standards of course"

"Jaegar, Male Elkhound, Kamia Kennels, July 1st, 2012"

I had the privilege on Canada Day to take both Jaegar and Takoda with me on a nice mountain hike. It was such a great day, both these guys are some terrific dogs to travel this region with. Jaegar is a big boy, he travels side by side with Takoda, and there are few if any breeds of dog that would keep up with Takoda in this region and terrain. Jaegar stays right with him, pushing a bit even. He is a fast moving big fella.

Jaegar recalls immediately, Ashten has him well trained, his instinctive ranging is excellent, as good as Takoda, and that says a bunch, this is a fearless big guy, all his protective instincts are intact and front and center. He has a good way about him, an easy movement, fluid and powerful in the heavy timber, he is balanced and stable. He is at the height he will stay now I believe, he is just below his father at the shoulder, an almost unnoticeable difference unless side by side. He is basically as long as well, as deep in the chest, but he is thicker and wider, he brings that thickness of Mia to Takoda's stature. Jaegar will outweigh Takoda in a bit, right now they are pretty much even.

This is a full old world working Elkhound, every old trait intact - Just a young male but very smart, a highly intelligent boy, extremely good to work with. An Elkhound is good anywhere, but out here, well, you know they are home, you know, this is where they belong, what they were bred for.

"Jaegar shown at left with his father Takoda, breeding males, Kamia Kennels, July 1st, 2012"

We had a great day on Canada Day, we were up high and a summer thundershower came through, clouds below, above, around us, the air was so fresh - the two big fellas they had a fun time, outside of Jaegars brothers and Tora's boys, you would be hard pressed to find two better big guys than these two on this continent, that is for sure.

"Jaegar, Male Elkhound, Kamia Kennels, Our Daughter Ashten's Male"

It wouldn't matter if you knew what an Elkhound was, or even knew anything about them, you couldn't help looking at Jaegar and knowing full well your looking at a magnificent dog. If you did know about Elkhounds and knew the history of these great dogs you would know that a dog like Jaegar is what breeders of top quality animals strive for they're entire life. To have a dog come along that is truly remarkable.

Jaegar is pictured here at 9 months, he is 64lbs, stands at 23 inches to the top of his shoulder and is 23 inches long. He is a thick solid old world Male. His father Takoda, and his mother Mia have combined to produce some truly outstanding dogs, and Jaegar is one of the best.

Ashten, our daughter has Jaegar, she does an incredible job with him. He is completely socialized, as nice a personality as you could find. He travels with her everywhere, he is one of the most well mannered dogs we have seen.

Jaegar, Male Elkhound 9 months - October 2011

The big dark heavy males of the old days are hard to come by. There are few of these lines remaining, and only a very limited few in Canada. Jaegar will continue this line of big ole boys as we will use him in our breeding program once he fully matures and we find him a suitable female of his quality.

Ashten works Jaegar daily, he gets tons of exercise, he is a strong powerful young Male, very even and well balanced. This is an example of a great family dog, or better yet, a companion dog, as the Elkhound is extremely loyal, and this particular line is very much a 1 owner line. They bond very strong to one person, will bond very well with a family, but do tend to bond with 1 person more than all others.

Families have wanted a good stable reliable dog for centuries. Elkhounds are one of the oldest breeds known and have been family dogs for that time. It's dogs like Jaegar that people want. Easy going, but completely fearless, no problem to take anywhere, yet they watch what's going on. They are trouble free, no real issues of any kind with Elkhounds, no feet, eyes, ear problems, all those things are pretty much non existent in Elkhounds. You don't have a line of dogs last 4000 years with problems. Brush out your Elkhound a couple times a year and that's pretty much it for maintenance. Feed great food, they do the very best on raw, like Jaegar gets, and lots of exercise, and kind words and fun and you have a dog that will live in many cases 15 plus years with no issues.

These are good dogs for any environment - Ashten has Jaegar with her while she attends University, Jaegar is what we call an Urban Elkhound, sure he is in the Canadian Wilderness every day, but he also is in the city every day of his life as well. Elkhounds are odourless dogs, so very easy to take out, work them, and bring them right back in. No worries.

The Great Grey Elkhounds Are A Perfect Companion Dog

It's the perfect companion dog for an active individual. These dogs are long in history of hunting and hiking, and for centuries have worked in tough terrain. They are strong, independent dogs, they can easily operate without a handler, they are very intelligent, but work exceptionally well with a loyal handler/owner. You can train an Elkhound pretty easy, they are very intelligent.

Ashten is shown here with Jaegar at about six months of age. Her and Jaegar flew home for the summer and we had a chance to get out hiking. She has him so well mannered, he is a great guy to be around.

The Elkhound is a very personable dog, it likes to spend time with you. Takoda has a quality that he passes to all his pups and it's his great ability to communicate with the handler, to pay attention to the handler, Jaegar has that trait and he watches and works with Ashten, it's so neat to see this interaction.

Don't get me wrong, training an Elkhound to this level takes commitment, steady work, and some skills no doubt about it. Ashten is extremely good with all our dogs, has tons of experience of course, and has used those skills and commitment to raise a very good dog.

If only my dogs were as well mannered as her dog, we would have it made, mine are a bit of a wild man show some days compared to Jaegar.

Jaegar has the tendency to love water. Some Elkhounds like water, some don't. Jaegar is one of those who just loves the water. He is playing in it, laying in it, cooling off in the summer, chasing sticks, and water droplets and splashing around. Ashten says if he can find a pool, a stream, a creek he is making a beeline for it.

Takoda or Mia, no dice, not interested in going in any water, same as Tora, you couldn't get them in if you tried, but Jaegar, he has a blast.


We have been fortunate to always have great pups. Elkhounds grow pretty fast, they will continue to grow till the end of the second year, and then still muscle in after that. Jaegar is shown here only a few months after weaning and he is already shaping up into a terrific young fella. Him and his brother Tesla are very similar, they look very much the same, have the same characteristics, are both very good males. All the males out of Mia and Takoda have been outstanding, they all have the dark silver grey markings with the dark black tipped outer coats.


Ashten is pictured here with Jaegar in the Rocky Mountains west of Nordegg Alberta, about an hour and a half from our home to the East. We had hiked up to the high country so Jaegar could spend some time exploring and working with Takoda on some ranging. We all can spot a good connection between an owner and their dog, some people have a bond with their dog and have a true friend, other people, they just have a dog. These two, they have a a great friendship. Jaegar, even as a young fella I could see he paid attention was always attentive to Ashten, never failed to respond to a command or signal. Always pleased he was to work with her, he really enjoys his time, this is an Elkhound trait, they want to work, they want to please. He has this quality front and center.


I took this photo of Jaegar when he was six weeks old. I could tell looking at this big fella he was going to be special. No one could look at this photo and mistake the way he carries himself, he is a confident young fella, he has composure, he has a great deal of stability and confidence. He was a steady boy, easy going, yet as the largest pup we have raised if he wanted to keep a bone he kept it. Not that any of the other pups left him alone, all our Elkhounds are confident, and make no mistake, they are able to handle themselves, but Jaegar shows the character of a good dog at very early weeks of age.

This is a nine week photo I took of Jaegar. You can't help but know you are looking at a really good young fella. He is alert, he pays attention, he is a dominant young male right from the get go. He stands proud, his features are all proportional almost right from the beginning. He has the big wide muzzle, the strong thick bone structure, the tail carries up straight over, not too tight, with a great black tip.

He has the dark brown eyes with a deep calm gaze, no worries, not scared of anything, easy going. Mia raises stable pups, if there is one thing she is exceptional at, it's that, she imparts that mental stability to her pups, allows them to relax and be calm and watch the surroundings, be intent yet not worried about it.

When your looking to pass the qualities that make Elkhounds great down to the next generation, having a Male like Jaegar makes that role easier. There is a real balance to him, no real extreme in any direction, yet full capacity of all qualities.

One thing is certain, the old Elkhounds that hunted with the old Swedes and Norwegians, that protected the Scandinavian families for centuries, that traveled with the Vikings, all of those old ancestors of Jaegar would look down on him with a great deal of pride and respect. They would know the Elkhound is superbly represented, and all the old heritage of this great breed is alive and well.

This is a video of Jaegar a Male Elkhound playing with Teeka a female Elkhound. Both of these pups were raised by Kamia Kennels and were born only days apart. They are 6 months old in this video. Teeka's owners, John and Denise, take great care and have raised Teeka to be a wonderful female. They came up to visit us this past summer and to let these two have a fun time.

Jaegar is a brother to Tora, who is Teeka's mother. Tora and Bram combined to produce Teeka, a beautiful female.

These two young dogs played completely silent, just having a terrific time. Our thanks to John and Denise for coming up with Teeka.