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Coho - Norwegian Elkhound Male!

Erinn and Nate sent me this great update on the young male, Coho.

I want to thank Nate and Erinn for providing Coho such a terrific lifestyle and great home.

Coho is a son of Kai and Hachi, a tremendous young Norwegian Elkhound male!

Coho's Background

Coho's Mom Kai

Coho's Mom Kai

Kai is a tremendous female Norwegian Elkhound. She is a daughter of the famous Tora and Bram. The pups from Kai have been stunning rascals. Coho is perfect example.

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Coho's Grandma Tora

Coho's Grandma Tora

The minute you take a look at Tora, you'll know exactly where Coho gets that solid stout build from. Tora put that big power into Kai and she passes it on down to her pups.

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Coho's Grandpa Bram

Coho's Grandpa Bram

If you had any doubts about those good looks that Coho has, that stunning Silver and Black Coat, look no further than his Grandpa Bram. That great nature he has also from Bram.

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Coho's Great Grandpa Takoda

Coho's Great Grandpa

When it comes to a working background the list of Sires in Coho's lineage is made of one incredible Male after another. You'll find few dogs that will equal his great grandpa Takoda though.

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Nate, Erinn and Coho.

4th Generation Kamia Kennels Norwegian Elkhound Male.

Erinn and Coho"Hi Merv,

Thanks for the Birthday wishes for Coho. We figured the best way to celebrate his first birthday would be to take him back country snowboarding at Mount Baker. Coho is an awesome hiker and snow dog, everyone can tell he is in his element in the snow. We have also been trying out skijoring and he has been great, we sometimes have to keep him focused though. Coho gives nothing but smiles on the trail and he gets smiles in return. We couldn't be happier with him!!

Attached are some photos from his birthday!

Nate and Erinn"

Erinn, Nate and Coho.

I got this great update earlier from Nate and Erinn.

Nate and Coho"Hey Merv,

Great to hear from you. We have been meaning to send an update for a while.

Coho is doing awesome. He really is a great dog. What you say about these dogs having good instincts sure is true. He has been a great hiking dog from day 1.

He will always stay nearby and never roam or lag too far before checking in. Something we never trained, he just does. We are still working on a few commands but he keeps getting better the more we practice.

On leash is still a bit of a work in progress but for the most part he keeps a nice loose lead. Still gets a bit distracted from other dogs here and there but will listen up quickly when commanded.

I have taken him up snowboarding with me a few times and he just loves it. Will follow right behind me. I attached a video of him following me in June up at cypress mountain. I have never seen a dog so happy than when he is in the snow. Ive attached a few other photos of him on some hikes and even paddle boarding. He also just went for his first swim ever the other day. I wasnt sure if he would ever like water but he went in and swam all by himself.

The amount of compliments we have got about him is endless. People every day asking what kind of dog he is. Im sure we have sent you some business by now.

Overall we just love him to bits and couldnt be happier with him. Thanks again. We will keep in touch for sure.

Nate and Erinn"

Coho heading to his new home.

Big fun time, Coho is ready to go.

Coho with Erinn and NateErinn and Nate are all smiles getting this young rascal, no doubt. What a great young couple and they are going to give Coho a terrific home.

We really appreciate the opportunity to work with Nate and Erinn and help them get a really good companion for all the outdoor lifestyle activities they have.

The Norwegian Elkhounds like Coho have been providing companionship for young couples for centuries and they make the very best outdoor family dog.

We have been very fortunate to have such great lineages in our Elkhounds and Kai is our pride and joy for sure. She produces the very best you could ever wish for in a companion Elkhound.

A great big Thank you to Erinn and Nate for the confidence in our program and our dogs of course, and most importantly, for the great life that young Coho has in front of him.

Coho's Dad HachiCoho's Dad Hachi

This big black faced rascal that is the father to Coho is a tremendous old world big boy.

This is also the father to our foundation female we have here, Kalia, one of Kai's best pals.

Our plan is to use Hachi one more time with Kai, potentially her litter after this last one with Leif. Hachi is the perfect match for Kai, he brings those ancient old genetics that match so well with her background.

We are excited about watching young Coho develop and from the first year we can see he is quickly developing into a stunning big Norwegian Elkhound male. We are very proud of him.