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Elkhound Puppies

Elkhound Puppies - Breeding Update February 12, 2020

Karu and Kalia - 4 Ancient Lineage Norwegian Elkhound Pups

Kalia High Mountian HikingWe have the first pups from our new stud dog Karu on the ground. Wow, what an exciting thing to have these rascals here. Kalia has them so fat already and they are growing like mad. Karu is a very, very good Norwegian Elkhound male from Finland and we are so proud of this litter between him and Kalia. They are outstanding pups.

Kalia - High Mountain Hiking

Please contact us about our litters right away.

Swix and Tika - 6 More Ancient Lineage Norwegian Elkhound Pups

Swix and PaulI am so thrilled to annouce the litter of Swix and Tika. Swix is the stunning Norwegian Elkhound Male from Sweden that came this past summer to Canada. Tika is the full tilt big daughter of Tora and Bram. As you know Tika is an oustanding lineage female and mating her to Swix was a dream for us.

This is one of the best set of Norwegian Elkhound pups ever to be born in Canada.

Please contact us about this litter right away.


Tika December 2019"Swix and Paul Summer 2019"

"Tika End of 2019"

This is an incredible pair of Norwegian Elkhounds



Swix and Kai - Summer 2019 "I took this photo when Swix was here summer of 2019 - it Swix and Kai, Kai is the full sister to Tika"

Swix is one of the very best working lineage Norwegian Elkhounds in Sweden. His ancestors, Mom and Dad are legends in bear work in Sweden.




Posso and Ria - Jamthund Pair - Litter Coming Soon


Posso and Ria - Jamthunds, will be having a litter shortly. We are so excited as this is the first one of Aina and Rico's daughters to have a litter, with the new stud Posso, who came from Finland. Ria is a stunning big girl, she is the largest of Aina's daughters here. What an outstanding female. Posso has turned into the amazing male, Wow. We are so impressed.

Check out the video. I will touch on the two of them in there.

Letta - Daughter of Leif and Kai from the second pairing

Letta Daughter of Kai and LeifThis is the stunning daughter of Kai and Pretty Boy Leif. She is coming up to a year in this photo and is a beautiful young Norwegian Elkhound.

We are very proud of her, she will carry on our genetic program and we have found an old world Male Norwegian Elkhound for her to work with. Letta is 4th generation for us, she is a Great Granddaughter of Mia.

I'll place a few photos here to show the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

This is Kai at roughly the same age as Letta.

Kai - Mother of Letta about the same ageAs you are able to see in this image of young Kai, her and Letta could be mistaken for the same female while moving in the bush. That genetic is very strong, draws straight and true as you breed forward.

Using good males allows these females to flourish and produce as they should.



This is Tora, give or take same age as Letta

Tora - Grandmother of Letta roughly same ageTraits in great females have a way of following through, generation after generation. On this particular lineage the results are very predictable, generation after generation.

Bram was selected to mate with Tora as he had a background of tremendous females in his heritage. He allows those background genetics to come flowing through to Kai.

Not only does conformation follow, but instincts in this level of genetic also flow exactly as it has for thousands of years. These four females are all Full Instinct Females.


This is Great Grandma Mia at roughly the same age as Letta.

Great Grandma Mia roughly the same ageLetta and Great Grandma Mia could be mistaken for sisters from the same litter. The genetics of Leif are the same background genetic region of Norway as Mia, so it flows back to the same style and fashion as she had. It's quite profound really to witness the transfer way down to Letta.

Mia was a coastal Norway bloodline. They were a very strong bloodline, meaning traits from them pulled hard through to the next generation. And they carried distinct characteristics through easily as well. The hips, the heads, the rise of the neck, the feet, the set of the tail, these are locked into this genetic. Extremely good follow through on those.

Odin - Son of Kai - Half Brother To Kalia

Odin, Son of Kai, Brother to KaliaBecause Kalia has pups from Karu and Kai is also bred to Karu, I thought it would be very good to showcase this big rascal, Odin! He came to visit me this fall and what a stunning big fella he is! Wow!

Just a magnificent Norwegian Elkhound. This is from the Kai and Hachi litter. There were magnificent boys in that litter, you will see many of those dogs on this site.

So those boys from Kalia, and from Kai, get ready for more big boys like this.


Letta and Raven - High Elevation Hiking - The Best of the Norwegian and Swedish Bloodlines


Letta will be bred this summer to Karu and Raven is now bred to Posso, a litter comes this spring.

Pretty Boy Leif and Jaegar

Pretty Boy Leif Winter 2019Leif is shown here in early March 2019, a full tilt off leash mountain big boy. Gone is the young show dog that came a few January's back. Now stands a fully muscled off leash working Norwegian Elkhound in his Prime. A seriously good Male!

It takes a fair bit of deep genetic reserve to produce stunning pup after stunning pup, even with the magnificent females we have placed him with. We knew going in that the background of this particular Norwegian Elkhound would be perfect. We had hoped that as we progressed with our program that Leif and the Takoda genetics would get a chance to flourish, and OH MAN have they ever.

Jaegar Mountian Hiking Revelstoke BCJaegar is shown here up hiking with Ashten in the mountains near Revelstoke BC. He is a full working Elkhound and is perfect for this style of work. He can scout the region for danger better than any dog alive pretty much and is a solid big fella.

This is the old line that comes down from Takoda and Mia, so two of the best styles of Elkhounds you can find, the northern Swedish lineages and the Coastal Norway blood lines.

The genetics are as old as the countries they come from. Jaegar and Leif are perfect match stud dogs to pair up. You couldn't get more diverse genetics without going back to Norway.

The style of the two dogs are perfect as they will yield true working genetics with "Incredible Conformation and Looks". You can't help but get amazing pups with these two lining up the close background of the breeding set.


Swix - One Sweden's Top Norwegian Elkhound Hunting Lineage Males

Swix - Norwegian Elkhound from SwedenWell I have some Very Exciting news to share. This young male is Swix, he is from one of the very best hunting lineages in Sweden for the Norwegian Elkhounds. He is an incredible young rascal and comes from one of the very best Norwegian Elkhound line's in my Grandfathers homeland. Swix's father is a Nordic Hunting Champion and his mother's side is loaded with Hunting Champions. Can You Believe This?

Swix is going to be coming over for a breeding toward the end of May. Now, I am hoping that I can get two females bred if possible, and if only one is cycling so be it.

Yes, you guessed it, Tekla and Tika. This is going to be so incredible to have this new bloodline and I wanted to utilize either of those two if possible, and if both cycle at the same time, Wow! Now, as you know, it has to match up with the flights, the time he is here, we have a 3 day window with him in Canada. He is flying in and back home.

Now, if neither female are matching up with the heat cycles or for some reason we don't have our times figured, we will try to do a collection on him and utilize that collection with our females. So I am planning everything out as best I can to get this magnificent male to bring the old bloodlines back in to our lines. What an awesome thing this is. My breeder friend Paul Cooper is doing the greatest thing ever for the Canadian Elkhounds. He has stepped way up to assist us in preserving the working lineage in North America.

Swix - Norwegian Elkhound from SwedenNow of course you can never predict that a collection will work. I have also tried collections on different males and was unable to collect. However, on most young males the collection route is usually easier than if they are older.

Getting the timing right for the females is much harder as the time to come to Canada is booked ahead of time, the flights are all arranged, the date to travel back home is set etc. You have to plan something like this for months in advance, hoping that your females will cycle when you think. But I am totally confident that one way or another we are going to be lucky enough to get this magnificent young fella and his background bloodline into the Kamia Working Elkhounds. A Huge Thank You to Paul so far for all the effort, all the work being done ahead of time. Paul has done all sorts of extra things to be certain Swix is all set. Extra vaccinations and vet visits. He has had a full hip evaluation and has had him Certified by the Swedish Kennel Klub with an International Certificate on his hips, Grade A. How awesome is that. I'll be sharing a lot more on the background of this magnificent stud dog as we go along, but wanted to share the information I have and the plans to this point. 

Karu - Our New Norwegian Elkhound Sire Is Born In Finland

Kamu's Father and RiituThis is the father of Kamu on the left in this image, Kamu shown below Riitu is the sire of our pup. Riitu is shown on the left photo two, she is the mother of our pup. I named our pup, Karu, after both of them.

I am so excited these days I can hardly sleep. We have been so fortunate to have Satu working tirelessly in Finland with her breeder colleagues to get us some new working bloodlines. She has worked with some of the very best breeders in Finland and we have a brand new young male pup, he was born on the 5th of March.

Now the bloodline is So Great. We can not believe our good fortune, honestly. So Kamu, he is a Finnish Moose Working Champion and Riitu is a Finnish Moose Working Champion, Finnish Bear Working Champion and Finnish Riitu - Karu's motherBeauty Champion. Can you believe it? You should see the smile on my face, mile wide.

This image to the left is the beautiful Riitu.

What an accomplished Norwegian Elkhound. I can only dream of how much work has gone into this phenomenal Elkhound. The time and effort to breed such great dogs and then put all the time in to get them through the Finnish competitive trials to gain a Championship in Moose, Bear and Show. Unbelievable!

It is such an honor to be able to have these incredible lineages coming over to assist us in our program. I can't describe how great this is.

This is an amazing female. A true working Norwegian Elkhound with flawless conformation and incredible instinctive abilities.

You all know I have said this before, but this time it quite easily means the most.

This my friends, this is an Ancient Lineage Full Instinct Hunting Beauty Queen Norwegian Elkhound!

Kamu - Karu's FatherThis image to the left is Kamu - father of our pup - Karu

Kamu is the all you can be Finnish Moose Working Champion sire of our little rascal, Karu. Wow! Check that big boy out will you. Oh my goodness. Those are a stunning pair of Norwegian Elkhounds. True old world working dogs.

What a fun time there is ahead of us. All our great dogs and bringing home a brand new little full instinct working rascal to carry this lineage forward over here with them. You couldn't make this stuff up any better.

Oh I will be forever thankful to the Fabulous Satu, her incredible colleagues, the whole group of breeders that have worked with us, what an amazing thing.

This is another photo of the incredible Kamu

Kamu - Karu's Father

What a great match for Riitu this handsome male is. Our little guy Karu is going to be the most handsome young fella that has ever left Finland. I do believe he is going to be very special.

You can dream, hope, plan, work away at your plan, but boy, once it starts all coming together it really is something. I have wanted to have new blood come in from the old countries and now, oh we have some alright.

I have to thank all those breeders again, what a great thing they are doing.

And there is the Finnish born sire of sires, Karu. Son of Champions. Kamia's new big boy in that litter.  
Karu - Born March 5th Finland

Now I am sure you have this figured already, but just to expand a bit. The combination of this big fella coming over and Swix coming from Sweden opens up such a world of possibilities for our breeding program of Norwegian Elkhounds it's hard to comprehend.

Can you imagine the daughters this son of Riitu is going to produce. I mean, whoa, a triple champion mama. Who even knew such phenom Elkhounds even existed.

And, think about it, can you imagine the males that this son of Kamu is going to produce also. As luck would have it of course, we just happen to have a bevy of females that even though they may not be triple champions like his mama, but whoa nelly, they are about as close as you can get for this boy to work with.

So, no question, no doubt at all, I have to get a bigger hat!


Varella - Our New Jämthund Female Is Born In Finland

Varella - Born March 5th in FinlandThis news is so fantastic - our new little Jämthund Female is in that litter - her name is Varella

Ark needs a mate of course and we have been working with Satu, who by the way is incredible. She has arranged with her top breeder friends who have Champion Swedish Elkhounds to get a female for us. The little female was born on March 5th in Finland, yes, same day as the little Norwegian Elkhound directly above.

This young female now allows us to continue our Jamthund program with Ark. He has been wanting me to hurry up and get him a female, I told him, patience Ark, Satu has to find you the very best. She has outdone herself. There is nothing like a Master Breeder like her to help me.

Varpu - Jamthund Female Mother of VarellaThis stunning female Swedish Elkhound is Varpu - mother of Varella

This is another astonishing Jamthund, she is a full instinct working Elkhound with impeccable traits. Varpu is a Finnish Moose Working Champion, and she is a Finnish Bear Working Champion. Go Figure Right!

I do believe I have said this before, if you are going to get a new pup, get a good one! I can't get any better than this. What a great thing this is. I am so grateful to the breeders in Finland, what a special thing they are doing. 

Huugo - Jamthund Father of Varella This big fella is none other than Huugo - father of Varella

Now I don't think I could have ever envisioned a better pair of Jamthunds coming together to create the female for Ark. These two are so perfect for that role.

Huugo is also a Double Champion - Finnish Moose Working Champion and Finnish Shape Champion. So that Ark, he is one lucky rascal.

Now this gesture by these breeders is extraordinary, no doubt about it. This is some seriously good genetics that are coming over here to assist us in establishing the Jämthunds.

Ark is a walking genetic masterpiece of Jamthund prowess and combine him now with Varella, can you believe what's coming in a few years. Oh Man!

So my friends, oh yea, these my friends these are Swedish Elkhound Champions! 

Posso - Our New Jämthund Sire is in that litter of 11

Citi Jamthund Female with 11 PupsThis is a spectacular sight! 11 Baby Jämthunds - Oh man, how awesome!

What makes it even more so is the fact that our new Jamthund stud dog, Posso is in there. Yep, you guessed it, I am the luckiest guy ever. So we now have a full tilt big boy for all my girls here. Aila, Svea, Ria and Raven, they are jumping around so excited, they know I am excited about something so they are too. What fun we are having.

Citi Jamthund Female Moose Hunting
Citi - Mother of our little Jamthund Male - Champion Moose Hunting Female

So this extremely fertile female and unbelievable mama has produced an incredible litter of Swedish Elkhounds.

What an astonishing Elkhound to have as the mother to our little Posso. Oh my goodness.

There is no better female to produce the sire for the amazing litters to come with all of Aina's girls than Citi, she is the ultimate.

Posse - Jamthund Moose Hunting ChampionPosse - This is the big daddy sire to that litter - Moose Hunting Champion

After that incredible litter I had to name the new pup after this big rascal. This is two of Finlands best working Jamthunds, and without question two of the most prolific.

Exactly the match up for those girls of Aina and Rico.

The really cool thing is that this young son of Posse that is coming to Canada can work with all Posse - Jamthund Moose Hunting Championof Aina's daughters and Aina herself and yes, you know it, our new import Varella.

The future of the Canadian and North American Jamthunds is very secure now. We have a wide range of combinations to work with thanks to the tireless work of Satu and the Incredible Breeders in Finland.

With Rico, Ark and now young Posso we have a stunning set of big Jamthund Males. And without question with young Varella, Aila, Svea, Ria, Raven and Aina, I do believe that to be one of the finest collection of Jamthund Females you can get.

A HUGE THANK YOU  to all the Finnish Breeders for the dedication to the breed, to the preservation of this magnificent dog and to helping us establish this program here.

We will do a good job with them, they will be hunting, they will be working and hiking and living as good a life as any, anywhere.

Speaking of Jämthunds... we are planning a litter with Aina and Rico late summer

Rico and Xena JamthundsRico and his daughter Xena

We are thrilled with the pups from Rico and Aina. All ten are incredible young Jamthunds. Ark has turned into a stunning big boy, and the pups from the second litter are just as great. Xena is one of the 5 females from the second litter. Russ and Beth have Rico and Xena and they have an awesome life for those two. Beth and Russ have been so great, we are planning a big visit when Satu comes over so she can see Rico and Xena.

We are planning another litter with this big rascal and Aina late this summer and it is with a ton of anticipation as we know they will be incredible Elkhounds. 

Aina - Jamthund Female In Great Shape Aina - Jamthund Female March 2019

Aina is in great shape once again. She is an awesome female and is working with me now to get these girls trained up. We are so fortunate to have Aina and be able to work with Russ and Beth with Rico for her.

We might be able to get a litter down the road with our young stud dog Posso as well out of Aina, that would be some terrific. Rico could work with a daughter from Aina and Posso. 

Ryker - Son of Tora and Bram - 8 Years Young

Ryker - some babysitting duties Years ago Amber contacted us as she and Chris wanted a solid dependable companion Norwegian Elkhound. I was able to get them a stunning big fella from Tora and Bram, his name is Ryker.

He is doing terrific and Amber keeps me in the loop on that rascal. I am so pleased that Ryker is now able to help out with some baby sitting duties while his young new handler is growing up. Soon he'll be helping her walk and looking after her in the yard. Very cool.

Congratulations Amber and Chris by the way! She's Beautiful. Keep us posted.

"Hey Merv! We can’t believe Ryker is going to be 8 - time sure has flown! He’s still an amazing dog, and we constantly say we would get another Elkhound in a heartbeat if we ever want another dog! I dread the day we lose Ryker but he’s still got lots of energy and spunk in him right now.

He is loving this cold snap we are having, and really enjoyed the record snowfall we had here back in October! We moved to a new community a little while ago and Ryker - swimming and cooling offended up running into another Elkhound quite a bit! Not a Kamia elkhound but it was fun to see Ryker play with him and watch their play styles and mannerisms.

Of the few Elkhounds we have run into over the years, Ryker is always the biggest! No one believes that he is a purebred and I always have to explain his lineage. His dark face is getting a bit more grey with age but he still has his beautiful deep brown eyes. Some pictures for you are attached! Oh, and Ryker now has a mini human around that will soon be bossing him around and causing chaos in the house. He loves her, he’s so gentle and careful around her and it will be fun to see him “help” her as she grows. Hope you guys are still doing well in B.C.

Amber, Chris and Ryker"

Osita - Son of Tika and Pretty Boy Leif

Osa at home with Carla, Doug and the boysThis stunning young male is a son of Pretty Boy Leif and Tika, he is a brother to Koda (Davy), Timber and Echo, Tor, Sage and Willow and Koda ( Boutin)

Carla, Doug and the boys have Osita out in Manitoba. He has a world class lifestyle this big fella. This whole family puts a great deal of effort into Osa and doing the best they can for him. It's really great to have pups go to caring families like this.

Young Elkhound males, especially ones like Osa who are full tilt rascals can sometimes be a handful and Carla has had some questions you can bet. I work with her and they are progressing, do an ever better training and handling all the time with Osa. This is a first dog for them, so hats off to them, they are doing very well. Osa as you may recall is a Rock Star and he was an independent fella. I am very proud of this young fella, Wendy and Dale have Tika with them, the mother to Osa. They did a wonderful job raising all 8 of that litter to the 8 week mark, then 6 of those boys came over here.

We will be doing the exact same thing this summer when Tika cycles, we will have her bred to either Swix, or Leif again and they can whelp the litter and bring me any for the Desna. They are exceptional handlers and Tika wanted to be at home.

Osa at home with Carla, Doug and the boysOsita and the boys, they have a Finnish kick sled, how cool is that?

I want to Thank Doug, Carla and the boys for the awesome home you give Osita, please keep me posted.

"Dear Merv & Marlene and family,

It is with GREAT pleasure I write you this letter, sharing our experience with our new pup Osita and Kamia Kennels. It is unfathomable that we have had Osa in our life for only two short months, it feels like he has been part of our lives forever.

THANK YOU so much for providing our family with awesome communication, both personal emails and follow ups as well as through your you tube channel and updates. This journey has been effortless and exciting because of your passion and expertise with your dogs. It is a year ago this month, that we started thinking about getting a family dog. It was while we were on a ski trip and saw some great mountain dogs and companions. The next few months our boys started researching breeds and what kind of dog would suit our family best.

Osa at home with Carla, Doug and the boysThe Norwegian Elkhound is everything a family could want. Osa is the son of Leif, and he has tremendous character and personality. His love for people and companionship is evident. This Christmas we introduced him to many family and friends, and he did so well. Especially with my two-year-old niece, he just loved on her… she would lay on him and gently poke his face and to her delight he would lick her back.

Osa is an indoor dog, he loves to be close to us… wanting to know where we are all the time. He is a protector and great guard dog… barking when he feels necessary. He is doing very well with commands, learning to come back to us when we call him… and walking well on leash as well as playing off leash. He has tremendous bathroom skills, and a great sleep pattern.

Osa at home with Carla, Doug and the boysYour breed definitely stands out! We can see it in Osa’s growth and overall health. Your wisdom of training us to feed him a raw diet has been insightful and very beneficial. Your dogs are quality in temperament, character and strength.

Doug is very excited, he just ordered a sled for Osa to learn to pull. He is such a strong pup.

We want to express our gratitude for your kennel and breeding program. It is exceptional. The boys ask often when we can return to see you and the dogs. Not to mention, they want to know how they can add Leif to our family!

Thank you for taking us for a hike in your backyard mountains and introducing us to your family. We appreciate you preparing Osa for his flight home and having all the stuff we would need to travel like a kennel, harness, blanket, food etc. Such wonderful thought and details.

We feel so blessed to have a treasure like Osa in our family. He brings us delight and definitely has motivated myself personally to be more active!

We wish you continued joy and success in all you do,

Carla & Doug Loeppky
Jaxen, Ryder and Tayten"

Kavik - Son of Kai and Hachi

Kavik - Son of Kai and HachiThis big fella is Kavik - son of Kai and Hachi - Hachi is Kalia's Dad

So this matchup with Kai and Hachi was incredible. The big boys that came out of this pairing were really stunning dogs. Chris always sends me the very best updates on this rascal and I have two from here to get up. I am going to do up a page for Kavik like his other one as she has some awesome stories and photos of this big fella.

For thos of you who don't know Hachi is Kalia's dad. So this is partly where the size comes from on these boys as Hachi is just slightly larger than Jaegar.

Kavik - Son of Kai and HachiKavik is shown here in the dogwood he is 80lbs

This is an exceptional male, he is personable, yet watchful, he has tremendous instincts and the work that Chris has him doing is really something. She has him in scent work now and they are having a blast.

Now I will get her entire update online as soon as I can but I wanted to have this big fella up right away till I get that other page done. I want to Thank Chris for the great life and home this big fella has and of course for keeping us posted on him, Wow, what a stunning Elkhound!

Coho - Son of Kai and Hachi - Brother to Kavik

Coho and ErinnCoho and Erinn - by this massive tree - Coho is a brother to Kavik

So this is another of those boys from the Kai and Hachi litter, Coho. Erinn and Nate have him on the West Coast and send me awesome updates on this big fella. They are out all the time with him and take him up skiing and backcountry hiking and much more.

Now Erinn and Nate sent me a really neat set of photos and great write-up, so like Kavik I am going to do up another page for Coho like before. But I wanted to get these boys on the site and I'll get time set aside to do that bigger update on them and others.

Kai of course as you know is having another litter this time with Leif again. Kalia she just finished weaning her pups that she had with MANE. Kalia is a half sister to both Coho and Kavik.

Both Kalia and Kai can raise incredible pups. It's neat that Kai was able to have some half siblings for Kalia, as Kalia is as you all know, Kai's best pal and sidekick. They do everything together.

Coho Son of Kai and HachiSo this is Coho - Son of Kai and Hachi

I want to thank Erinn and Nate for the great life they provide Coho and the care and fun they share with him. I also want to thank both of them for keeping us all posted on this big fella, it's so neat to see these boys grow and have fun and develop.

Way to go both of you, awesome stuff.

Both Kavik and Coho, These my friends, These Are Elkhounds!

Tegan - Daughter of Takoda and Mia - Full Sibling Sister to Tora

Tegan - Daughter of Takoda and MiaTegan - Dennis and Tekla, with Tora

So I had a very special pair of visitors a short while back. Dennis came by with Tegan. What a great thing to have happen. Dennis and Tracey have the full sister to Tora, Tegan with them. They have always stayed in touch with us but we just had not had a chance to get together in all the years.

Dennis was out to see his folks and was going by so made arrangements to stop in and say hello and visit. We had a great time. Tegan and Tora are like best pals. I had trouble telling them apart. I remember when they were little pups I couldn't tell them apart so I always put a pink collar on Tegan.

Tegan - Daughter of Takoda and MiaTegan - Daughter of Mia and Takoda - just about 10 years

Tegan is a stout big female like Tora. She has been hunting with Tracey and Dennis the entire time. She is a very skilled Moose and Elk dog. She is going to be having her hands full this fall though as Tracey and Dennis are waiting on a pair of Jamthund Moose Hunting brothers.

I sure want to Thank Dennis for taking the time to stop in and also for the great care that both Tracey and Dennis give Tegan. She looked fantastic. You have to love those big daugthers of Takoda and Mia.



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Breeding Update Dec 2018

Breeding Update Oct 2018

Breeding Update Sept 2018

Breeding Update August 8th 2018


Loki - Son of Kai and Leif

Loki - Son of Kai and Leif

This is a stunning male Norwegian Elkhound son of Kai and Pretty Boy Leif. Brian sent me a great update on this big rascal. Loki is coming 1 year old in this photo. He was from the last litter of Kai and Leif.

Brian and his family just love this fella. You'll remember the whole Bennett family came up and went on a great hike with us, we had Loki, Denali and his dad, Leif.

Loki is 55 pounds a solid stout male Norwegian Elkhound of impeccable lineage. There are few dogs anywhere in the world with as good a lineage as this big rascal. And Kai is about to have a whole bunch more of them, we are so excited!

Ragnar - brother to Kai and Tika

Ragnar - Son of Tora and Bram

This is Ragnar - an amazing son of Tora and Bram. This big fella is a full brother to Kai and to Tika. Barbara had sent me some awesome photos of Ragnar a while back as well as a great update. I was finally able to get them online in a nice layout. I want to Thank Barbara for always staying in touch with us and keeping us in the loop on what Ragnar is doing over in Russia.

She just mentioned last week his over in Germany now for a while with her parents, that boy gets around.

Check out Ragnar's Photo and Update.

Koda - (Davy) - Son of Tika and Leif

 Koda - Up in Lilloett with his young handlers

This amazing young fella is the other Koda from the Tika and Leif litter, there were 6 Brothers, 2 Sisters.

Kim and her family have this stunning male up in Lilloett BC, what a great Elkhound. I have to say as well that the lifestyle and images they have sent for me to share are spectacular. Those young handlers Noble and Wynn and Chris are doing a magnificent job with Koda. What a great thing to see.

Koda - Up in Lilloett with his young handlers

This lineage of Norwegian Elkhound has been focused on the family for it's entire existence. There is nothing better than to see these young handlers out doing what this dog loves to do, play in the snow with his pals. Way to Go!

Koda - Up in Lilloett with his young handlers

Every single pup we raise we try our best to breed for qualities that last, that preserve the old world traits the old breeders have instilled in these lines. I can honestly say, looking at the boys from this Tika and Leif litter we have done well. I believe the old breeders would be very proud. I know I have to get a much bigger hat.

Now, I have to say, hats off to Kim and her family of handlers, what a great life they are giving young Koda. Thank you so much for that, and please keep us posted on this rascal.

Teuvo - Son of Tekla and Leif

Teuvo with his handlers
Teuvo Son of Pretty Boy Leif and Tekla - brother to Maija-Kamp with Sebastian kneeling, Nicholas and Christian. Way to go men, that is one World Class handsome Elkhound your raising!

Sharon sent me a great update on Teuvo just the other day. What an awesome male she and her sons have. Sharon has four sons, and now, Teuvo is there as well. He has a terrific life, these boys love this young rascal.

Teuvo with his handlers

I thank Sharon and all her boys for giving this rascal the greatest life and adventures. We can't wait to hear more on this big fella.

Those males of Tekla and Leif are some stunning Norwegian Elkhound Males. They have few equals in the world.

Teuvo Son of Leif and Tekla

Carolyn, Spencer and Nate

Carolyn and Spencer with young Nate

The big boy Nate is finally with Carolyn and Spencer. Oh Man, they were patient. They spoke for a male from Aina and Rico over two years ago.

Nate in Arizona They have a stunning fella. He has such an awesome home to be in. This is a terrific couple, they drove 18 hours 1 way to get this boy. What committed owners. I am so thrilled for them, and for Nate. We will hear a lot on this rascal. By the way, Nate will be the first Jamthund in the world to hang out with snow in the mountains behind him, and Cactus in the yard.

Chris and Ullr

Chris and Ullr

Chris is another one that waited two years for his big boy Ullr. He had a wild time getting here, his flight was cancelled due to a blizzard, he had to drive the Coquihalla in a snow storm, wow... Ullr loved him from the minute he saw him. Too Perfect. Chris will be keeping us in the loop on that big fella. I Want to Thank Chris for the awesome life big Ullr will have and for working with us to get this big Jamthund to you.

Togo is home

Larry with Togo and Aina

Larry is shown here with Togo and Aina. Larry is the father of Adam. Adam has Togo now but couldn't get away to get him so his dad traveled up for Togo. He came with some friends and we had a great visit. He traveled here from New Mexico.

Togo at home in New Mexico

Now Adam waited the longest of anyone ever. He had wanted a Takoda pup years ago but we could never get it organized due to his work, and then his Officers school. Then, when Aina came he decided that would be the pup for him. So he waited for Aina to produce this amazing son, Togo. That second photo is of Togo at home in the New Mexico mountains. Adam will keep us posted, and a Huge Thank you to Adam, what a great life that Togo will have.

Elkhound Pup Prices

Our Canadian destined Pups are 2500.00 in Canadian Funds plus applicable taxes. The pups are ready to go at 8 weeks of age and will have a full health certificate and initial boosters shots with a deworming completed.

The USA destined pups are 3500.00 in Canadian Funds, plus applicable taxes. They will be ready to go at 16 weeks of age and have a full health certificate and all 3 sets of boosters with a deworming and rabies. USA folks automatically get the Desna training program included with your pup for the 3500.00 as the pup is here for 16 weeks to complete the required vaccinations, I might as well train it.

The Jamthund Pups from Aina are priced differently. Please contact me directly to speak about them. You will most likely be looking at a second litter pup from Aina as we have a lot of deposits on the first litter already. But contact me directly to speak about Aina's litter.

USA Residents please note:

There is no applicable taxes.

Desna Program Price

Our new Desna Program, which I named after the first stellar pup to complete the new program, Mr. Desna himself is a new program. The new Desna program is one where I will keep the pup here for 16 weeks, it will have all the 3 sets of boosters and rabies shots, deworming, and of course a full health certificate, with International certificate and flight certificate.

Also, the pup will go through our initial training program that was so successful with Desna. The pups learn much faster around our older dogs so it's very easy for me to do all the initial training and provide you with a very well started pup. I will be putting a lot more details up on the Desna program soon.

Desna Norwegian program pups are 3500.00 Canadian plus applicable taxes.

Desna Jamthund program pups please contact me directly to speak about the litter from Aina.

Click here for the full Desna Program Outline

Freyja - Daughter of Tora and Bram

Freyja - Daughter of Tora and Bram

This is another of the stunning big daughters of Tora and Bram. Amber and Clint have her down in WA and they keep in touch all the time. This is an incredible female, there are no other lines that produce these big girls in North America outside of our lines.

Freyja - Daughter of Tora and Bram

Freyja is an older full sister to Tika and Kai. The color pattern on this lineage when it comes out the Black/Silver is magnificent. They are so incredible. This is a big female as well, takes a ton of genetics from Takoda, yet Bram pulls hard too boy. This is a very good Elkhound. Freyja will soon be training young Sula as she is going down there shortly. How fun will that be. A huge thank you to Amber and Clint for the confidence in our program and our dogs.

Elvis - Son of Aina and Rico

Elvis - Son of Aina and Rico

James keeps me updated on the very first Jamthund Male we placed, Elvis. Is this a great dog or what, oh man. A huge thank you to James and Jen for waiting so patiently for two plus years for this young rascal. You are doing so well with his training, I have to get back to work or my girls will be hooligans compared to Elvis.

"Good morning Merv,

Well, what can I say about Elvis? He is a great puppy. He has such a personality and he’s starting to act like a big dog. He definitely takes his responsibility as a home guardian very seriously. His barks are getting big as well, although his playing bark still has a lot of puppy in it. It’s so cute. He also has a great, deep growl. The fridge, filling the ice cube tray, has started to tremble at his menacing growl. He knows he is a good boy too, just look at that smirk.
Elvis is almost 22” at his front shoulders and is just over 44 lbs. He is an absolutely gorgeous puppy and now when he is out (in between the days of -50 of course) people fawn over him, it truly is something else. I have more conversations with absolute strangers about “who/what is he?” than I can recall. Staff at local stores running to get Co-workers from the back “She has a Norwegian Elkhound, she needs to meet him”
As I said, it truly is something else.

Elvis - Son of Aina and Rico
Elvis’ training has been rapidly advancing. He is definitely one of the most intelligent pups I have worked with. His abilities and manners have come along very well. He is quite advanced for a pup under 5 months, learning things with ease. He has also been visiting other puppies too. Finally. He does so well with pups his size and even bigger, he doesn’t know how big he is and bowls little pups over. Accidentally of course, he’s just playing at 100%. Well, and maybe the little dog should learn to dodge. Haha
We’ve had the tooth fairy visit almost daily lately. We’ve found everything, molars included now. We’ve been freezing absolutely everything he may want to put in his mouth in the hope it’ll help a
bit. We are hoping for some more... shall I say temperate, weather, we’ve been just frigid this winter. In SK, it has been the coldest Winter in 83 years. Funny enough, even my dad (in his 70’s) is not able to say he’s seen such a rough winter.
Right from the get go, Elvis fit right in with us. He made himself at home and really gotten into our routine. Although when it’s bed time, it’s bed time! He’s even right into helping me study. I think he loves studying.
I do believe he may have a ‘swim bladder’ issue though, I always find him upside down...

Elvis - Son of Aina and Rico
I hope all the other pups are doing awesome and the other families are having as much fun as us. We are still also so interested in seeing Xena’s mask. We are with them hoping she keeps it. She’s such a beautiful pup.

I would cross my fingers for warmer weather, but I think they are frozen, it’s still well below 30 this morning,

Talk soon,

Jen and James