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Torsten Returns - An Old World Male Elkhound Comes Back To Visit

Torsten Male Elkhound 8 Weeks

It seems like a long time ago that Torsten was just a young fella, but it's only 18 months ago. Torsten was the second largest pup we have had, only Jaegar outweighed him at the 7 week. Torsten was a terrific male right from the start, steady and very sure of himself, really confident. Torsten is a son from Bram and Tora.

Now Brian and Lindsay, they are some terrific couple, and truly are awesome with dogs and Torsten especially, they recently came back to visit with Torsten because they have decided to have a pal for Torsten, so they now have Gunnar, a full brother to Torsten, from Tora's third litter. I will fill you in on Gunnar as we go along.

As you all know, I have a fun time putting these newsletters together, but quite frankly, there is no doubt in my mind this Torsten Returns section is particularly pleasing. I had so much fun when they came down I will remember it for a long time. It was a great day. To make it even more special, we had even more guests and dogs, which I'll get to as I go, but your going to see on this page some spectacular Elkhounds, I guarantee you won't see this many great dogs in one group too often.

Torsten Male Elkhound 18 Months

Torsten is outstanding, there are few words to describe how good a dog he is. He is most likely one of the very best Elkhounds in North America, this young fella is really something. He has a head, wow, it's so wide, so powerful, his muzzle, the strength and power in it, he would make a bull Mastiff hide under the couch in shame, no kidding this guy would have some phenomenal bite strength. He is tall, but deep in the chest and belly, long but powerful in the back end, huge chest, flat back, big boned.

He is deep Black / Silver in color, tons of posture and stance, really a good dog. And, make no mistake, he is intact and is one serious big boy, well, let me begin my story about his visit.

Left To Right - Me with Tora, Brian with Torsten, Lindsay with Gunnar, Blaine with Bram. Tora and Bram are the parents of both Torsten and Gunnar.

So when I found out that Brian and Lindsay would be able to bring Torsten down to pick up Gunnar, I had spoke with Blaine and Cathy and asked if they would like to come up with Bram. They were excited to, so we all made plans to get together. Now, a huge Thank you goes out to Blaine and Cathy and Marissa, first of all of course as they have allowed us to use Bram in our Program, but also for taking the time to come up and spend the day with us, it was terrific. And a huge Thank you to Lindsay and Brian for the confidence in our program to have two of our boys, and all the work and effort to raise such a great boy, and now two, but also to come all the way down to spend the day with us and work with us to get these photos, it was a great day.

Now when I knew they were coming I decided, well maybe we could get the kids to come home and help out, Jay has a big camera, I would like Ashten here to handle Jaegar, and we should have Kamp around as well, so it was a full house with Elkhounds everywhere.

Jaegar and Torsten meet again

As some of you may remember, Jaegar and Torsten were born across the room from each other, only a couple days apart, and grew up playing as young pups together. Well, these are no longer young pups and getting two big boys like these two introduced again is not for the faint of heart. These two boys are both full of themselves, both very powerful, closely matched, almost mirror images of each other, and dominant as the day is long. These two boys both have a great deal of respect for each other and it went smooth. Excellent handlers, Ashten and Brian, they know their boys.

Both these two are over 65 lbs, moving into the very close to the 70lb range. When they finish muscling in they will both be 70 lbs.

Torsten is slightly darker than Jaegar

As you can see Bram put the darker mask and color into Torsten, Jaegar took more Silver from Takoda. Torsten may be just slightly taller, and Jaegar carries just a bit more condition perhaps, but almost imperceptible differences. Torsten has a bigger head and bigger muzzle, which is hard to believe as Jaegar has a big head and muzzle himself.

Both these boys are pretty cocky, they were sure sticking out their chest and tails wrapped up, it was neat to see these young males. Jaegar is a full brother to Tora, Torsten's mother.

Bram and Tora, Still crazy about each other

So there is like little stories going on amongst a bigger story all day, and Bram and Tora, good gracious, these two they were just falling over themselves. Bram he couldn't get close enough to Tora, he was sure he was supposed to be working, that is the only thing he knows about Tora, so he was all business, of course not the right timing, but no fooling, he was ready.

Torsten and Bram

Bram is looking at his big boy and you can just see the thoughts going through his mind, it's like my goodness, who knew? This is the first pup that Bram has been introduced to, so quite a shock, to be sure, no little baby pups first or anything, it's like right to the big boys. Bram is in terrific condition right now, the best I have seen him, Cathy said he was at 58 lbs, an excellent representation of the Elkhound. When you had the two side by side you could definitely see the similarities, however, Torsten was taller, longer, thicker, and heavier, it's little wonder Bram was going good gracious, who knew.

Well as your about to find out, we all know now that Tora's boys didn't get all the macho just from her, ole Bram he packs a ton of confidence and dominance around with him, and he is not afraid to show it. He is one tough in your face Elkhound that boy. Now, I have to admit, I was truly impressed with Bram. As your all aware the only time I get to see him basically is when he is falling all over himself over Tora. So I never get to see the dominant Male, hanging out with a group of big Males, all full of themselves, so the show he gave all of us was truly impressive. Blaine he had his hands full with Bram and Bram was letting all the boys know, hey you young fellas, don't you be messing around too much.

The Fun Begins

Now kids, don't try this at home. This is not for the faint of heart, or those who don't have the skill set to handle these big boys, nope. Ashten and Blaine, they had to introduce Jaegar and Bram, now keep in mind, Jaegar he don't much like anything or anyone on his turf, and most definitely not a full in your face Male like Bram, nope, not at all.

Bram meanwhile, Jaegar he has been out of sight, Bram has been having some get together time with Tora, so his chest is pretty big right now, and besides, Tora is watching, so he takes a look at young Jaegar and it's like, are you eyeballing me young fella?

That's like fuel on the fire, Jaegar he is nobody's fool, Ashten she figures, well, we best see what we got here, is he all smoke or is there some fire. She doubles up her leash, just to be sure. She is pretty proud of her big boy, she moves him forward.

To Bram, well, it's like, don't be messing with me Mr. Jaegar, and he is stancing out, too funny, Jaegar is giving him a few growls back, just like a wild west showdown or something!

They get these two up to each other and it's like Bram going "Are You EyeBalling Me?" and Jaegar right back " Are You Eyeballing Me?"

The testosterone levels around the place are starting to go through the roof, we can begin to hear the neighbours neutered male scratching the screen door open so he can get inside and under the table, he don't want any part of this. All the female dogs from around the neighbourhood are checking to see if there is hole in the fence that surrounds them, they want over here. Too Funny.

Marlene & Mia, Bram and Blaine, Brian & Torsten, Lindsay & Gunnar, Tora with Cathy and Ashten and Jaegar

So we thought we would bring Mia and Jaegar in to have a nice photo, and for the most part everyone was pretty cool. More like the calm before the storm. Mia is the mother to Tora and Jaegar, and Grand Mother to Gunnar and Torsten.

Marlene let's everyone know, so much for the social gathering, Merv wants a picture with Takoda - this otta be good

Takoda eyes up this group of Elkhounds - he is about to test the resolve of these big fellas - he comes out ears back & snarling, no sense waiting he figures

As you can see, Takoda, he approaches all things on his turf with one thought in mind, make sure they leave, dead or alive. He has been hearing all the commotion but was not out, now he is. First thing he see's of course is Bram eyeballing him, not a good idea. Tora, take a look at her, this is hilarious, Tora knows Bram is eyeballing Takoda, she is howling her head off, "no Bram honey, No, Don't do it" - Gunnar he is looking at his Grampa thinking, how come Grampa is so mad? Torsten he is getting ready, he thinks man no wonder I'm not nice to other Males, look at my Dad and Grampa, even my Uncle is a loose canon, I better get ready.

Takoda he wants a piece of Bram, Bram he is holding steady, Torsten is ramping up

It is funny, Cathy and Ashten finally get Tora to settle down, Takoda, he is not impressed, he is like, I need about 3 or 4 feet of slack, come on, just let the leash out. Bram he isn't slacking off either, it's like get me some room. Gunnar he is just a happy boy. Torsten is watching Takoda and he thinks, you know, that Grampa he has been working out, I see now where I got this deep chest, hey, he has a white chest just like me. Go figure!

Bram and Torsten Still Giving the Glare to Takoda - Takoda he don't take kindly to giving him the eyeball, no sir

Takoda he is still getting the stink eye from ole Bram, and now Torsten is giving him the glare, Jaegar figures he is going to get in on this, and goes around back. I get ready, as I know my big fella he don't take kindly to anything, let alone some dominant males giving him the glare, he is pushing the scales at 70 + so I have to be braced in.

Takoda, say's, enough of this standing around stuff, this is it...

Takoda says, Okay, that's it and he takes another run at Bram. Bram is like, big talk - Jaegar and Torsten they are like, this is crazy, are you sure this is how we are supposed to act - by this time there isn't a male dog left in our neighbourhood, they have all lit out on a fast run haven't been heard from since, they can smell these guys and they know, this is not a good place to be. Females are howling all over the place as far away as 2 miles. Mia is like, guys, we just want a picture. Gunner he just likes these family reunions.

Bram says, Tora, don't worry, I think I can take him - Tora says, No Bram honey, No

Bram now says, Okay, Torsten, watch my back, I am going over there, Tora is still howling, No Bram honey, No, Torsten is wound up, he stiffens right up, Jaegar sees this, he begins moving, Ashten is barely able to hold him, Lindsay and Gunnar, they are just a smiling. Marlene and Mia, they are thinking, it's JUST A Picture you guys.

Elkhound Male Takoda, Female Mia, Male Bram, Male Torsten, Male Gunnar, Female Tora, Male Jaegar

Finally, it was a big fun time, and we made it, a nice group photo. When you have fearless dogs, dominant dogs that run off bears, stand and face down Wolves, it sometimes is a few photos before you get the "photo", but all of us know we wouldn't have it any other way. There is more Male Elkhound Power in this photo than you most likely will ever see in one location in Canada. All five of these boys are the Premier big boys. They are easily the most dominant Males around, no doubt the largest Elkhounds, Gunnar will easily match Torsten is my guess. We know both Takoda and Bram have other big Males out and about, but in one gathering, these my friends, these are some SERIOUS Elkhound Males.

From a breeder standpoint it was one of the most important and most rewarding days - these are Viking dogs my friends

Now, of course I need to explain a couple of things, as there is no doubt there are a whole group of people that are just busting a gut thinking, man, those dogs are unsocial, they are unruly, teach them something. Well, the fact is, they are extremely well trained dogs, however this is an intact breeding group of Males, trained and allowed to be "Intact Breeding Males", not little baby couch potatoes, these boys better puff up, they better stance out, they better eyeball, they better take the other one on, and more. As a breeder in order to make completely sure your passing "ALL" the genetics and instinctive traits down, which includes Total Dominance in any situation, you have to put your breeding Males in "Tough" situations, places where you can in fact witness if they will act as they are "Supposed To", which is aggressive and protective, they are supposed to be dominant, they are supposed to look after their turf, they are supposed to come into other breeding territories will full composure and dominance.

Every Male in this group has every trait you could want Front and Center. I as a breeder I need to see these boys taking after themselves, I am just a smiling the whole time, every male here is a nightmare for the other one and every other one is a nightmare right back. There are no traits lost in so called Translation with these boys that is a fact. Both Torsten and Jaegar have all the traits and instincts intact, no mistaking it. There is zero doubt the old boys have it, practically ready to kill one another, and the big confirming factor, Tora. She could see it, smell it and sense it. She is intact, there is no doubt in her mind, there was a hurricane brewing.

Now, all these boys, with the exception of Takoda, are for the most part social fella's, and as an owner of a pup from these boys, well you don't need to leave the instincts running at full throttle, you can socialize them and have them nice and well mannered and all that stuff, however, if push comes to shove, and the pups from these boys are face to face with a serious threat, big black bear, cougar, loose unruly dog, well those pups they can handle it, they won't go running in between your legs with the bear in tow. Coming out of these boys, the bear is going to be up a tree, and the big cat, well most likely long gone, and the unruly dog, probably a memory.

We stressed these boys, we put them in close quarters, we watched them interact, this is one group of dogs that all come from ancient lineages, old lines, with history going back thousands of years, pure old Viking dogs, these boys are all packing the genetics and instincts that few dogs possess in the world anymore. We are most fortunate indeed to have such an amazing group of Elkhounds for a fact.

Gunnar and Torsten Male Elkhound Brothers

I was so pleased to see how well these two got along immediately, it was just a great thing. Torsten he likes Gunnar, they will be fast friends and pals. Gunnar he looks up and respects him already, he will test him out later, but for the most part they will be inseparable. Two siblings, same gender wow, this is really a good way to raise pups. You can do the same with a Male and Female if you like, no worries, but two big boys, that is really something. What is great about this is that Torsten is past his rambunctious stage, he is 18 months, so he will protect the pup, and not play to rough. If he was younger by half a year or so he would really play rough with Gunnar, but not at this stage.

Both these boys should be pretty close in size, however Torsten is a big fella, so Gunnar has to do some eating for sure. I had selected a pup with very similar characteristics, personality, and size as Torsten was, so it should be an awesome match. Brian and Lindsay will have two exceptional Male Elkhounds, and they are the couple to train those boys also, they do a wonderful job with Torsten.

Brian, Torsten and Gunnar

This was sure a good visit we had, I was so impressed with Torsten, and how he behaved and how well mannered and respectful he was. Just a great Elkhound. Elkhounds are companion dogs, they are extremely loyal, now with two of them, one can bond with each handler. We sometimes find, that in a couple, the Male will pick one person he just slightly prefers more, or it may even be due to the time spent, perhaps one is away or something, but now this couple have it made.

As we all know, if one Elkhound is great, two is really special. A huge thank you to Brian and Lindsay, and to Cathy, Blaine and Marissa for coming down, and to Jay and Ashten, they drove down from Kamloops for the Weekend with Kamp and I sure appreciated Jay taking these photos and Ashten handling Jaegar, and a special thanks to Marlene for handling Mia and providing snacks. It was a big fun time.