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As The Elkhound Time Fly's

Jaegar and Tora

Time fly's by when your having a great time. But I remember very well 4 years ago when Jeagar, Shasta and Tesla were born. The three rascals Mia had that cold February day are all magnificent Elkhounds in their prime today. Jaegar is standing here beside Tora, and in the back is the half brother to Jaegar and Tora, Desna. Also back there is Kai, Tora's daughter and Kalia is there as well. They can play and relax with Jaegar and Tora on watch.
It's a big birthday wish from all of us to Shasta, Tesla and Jaegar, 4 years young .

Tora 4 years ago had her first litter

Can you believe that 4 years ago Tora, right across the room from Mia, only a couple days after Jeagar, Shasta and Tesla were born, she had her first litter. Wow, seems like just yesterday really. I remember all those rascals really well. Torsten, Kate, Cypress, Kaia, Ryker, Konig and Teeka. Those were some of the nicest pups ever. We have all watched them grow over the years, there are a lot of great stories on those dog on the site. All the owners have been so kind to send in updates and pictures and keep us all updated. We want to take this time to send out a big 4 year birthday wish to those 7 super Elkhounds as well.

Cypress at 4 years and her buddy the Min Pin

I got an awesome update from Ken recently and it was really great to hear from him. He keeps me posted on Cypress and I sure do appreciate it. I know all the other folks love to hear about her excursions with her little buddy out on the coast. Thank you for staying in touch, Cypress looks fantastic and so does the min pin.

Happy New Year!

Thought you might like to know Cypress is doing fine. She’ll be 4 in Feb and the little one will be 7 (in the picture). She learned to catch squirrels last summer and that took a lot of study learning not to bark and lie in wait. Anyway she is very pleased. (rats and mice are easy prey). She is fearless of the bears and keeps them on the run, she had a bobcat on the road one day and I ran up to see what was going on -shock my mind is saying cougar? Cat? What is it ???? too big for a cat, too small for a grown cougar. They were face to face out of striking distance with Cypress circling and the Cat eye to eye. The sonic bark had the cat at bay so what to do. For the instant Cypress was distracted because of my yell the cat was up a tree still arched and spitting. This gave me a real chance to size it up and I hope all her encounters end this well. She likes to play with other dogs of her type but spends most of her time hunting. The only dog she avoids are pit bulls of which she stays well clear of. She is non aggressive but will defend the min pin and I have seen her get between the little one and even a person she was unsure of. On one occasion the min pin was ahead and the elkhound blasted past me at a full run and leaping in the air all puffed out barking, growling and off ran a hidden coyote who probably was planning min pin stew. The coyote swam across the drainage canal and stopped at the top on the other side to look back. We had raccoons nest in our ivy and cypress would spent hours watching from the window. Finally the other day I put on Nature TV and she almost able to watch for the most part without barking and trying to get into the TV screen.

She has a quite spot on the end of a gravel road for part of the year with a beach on the ocean, a creek to keep cool in and miles of uncut timber forest to roam. I spend needless time worrying where she is when she is simply lying in the shade in the bush right nearby. Can’t see her because of her built in camo. On the beach by the logs and rocks she vanishes. So far the wolves have stayed away but we hear them sometimes out on the point.

I have a couple of questions which you may be able to help with if its not to much trouble. Firstly I noticed your kennel fence is quite high. I plan to put a four foot wire fence with a single strand of barb wire at top surrounding and acre. The barbs hopefully would keep the bears from lying on it. Any ideas would be appreciated. Secondly do you know how to stop deer chasing. I am working on it but there are big concerns with this behavior. She’ll come when called if not gone off. It’s half an hour flat out through the coastal bush.

Now that we have your new address perhaps we could visit with Cypress one day. Your new house and kennels are very impressive and my family and I wish you all the very best. Thank you again for Cypress, we couldn’t have imagined a more gentle, strong, loving, intelligent being could come to us in such a small furry bundle. No I didn’t say she can read but darn close to it.

Ken S Epps

Just a fun note about Cypress and her sisters, and brothers - that image to the left is of Mia when Cypress was about 5 weeks old. Mia is thinking "there is something wrong with this picture, I only have 3 pups this time, Jeagar, Shasta and Telsa - what gives?" Tora you can see her at the bottom of the photo she is thinking, go GRAMA, now that is team work. Too Funny! Don't worry, I walked outside a few times and Tora was nursing ten and I'm like what! Did you have some more, nope, just Telsa, Shasta and Jeagar catching a little extra as well. No wonder all those pups grew so big!

Maya, at home in Northern BC with Janine

""Hi there Merv

Sorry for the long time since we sent you an update. My parents came to visit for a month and it has been so busy with their visit and our new puppy.

We are delighted with Maya. She is an outstanding dog and has crawled into our hearts to stay. At first, she was very shy and reserved and it took her a little while to get used to the new house and her two friends, Willow and Pepper the cats! You will be surprised to hear that they have all made peace and I think that secretly Willow is extremely fascinated with our new addition to the family. Maya is very respectful of the cats but also very curious about them. The fact that they all get along is a huge relief to me.

I cannot believe how fast she has grown! Her little legs have exploded and she hardly looks like a puppy anymore. On our walks I have to tell people that she is still a puppy and they are shocked. She is a confident little thing, and is really finding her own on our walks. At first, she hated the car and had a couple of incidents of vomiting. But now she jumps right in and we are good to go.

I had read many places that elkhounds are hard to train, and although she can be stubborn if she pleases, I have found that Maya is so intelligent and picks up new commands in a heartbeat. I am sure she will test us on these in the future, but at present she is so good. Potty training was what I would consider a breeze with Maya and she is not a destructive chewer at all. She has developed an affinity for stray socks the last week, but I find it hard to reprimand her for this, cause it is just too funny when she sneaks off with a pair.

But Stef and I are having a firm hold on the rules of the house at present. She is definitely on the look out for any wiggle room around the rules, but so respectful if they are made clear. She sleeps in a crate in our room at night. Sleeping is never an issue, unless there has not been time for 2 walks in the day. This elkhound has stamina! She keeps up for an hour brisk walk with running and training in between twice a day no problem. She also adores the snow (which there is more than enough of in Fort St John!). My favourite is to send her off into some deeper snow after a branch. Much to my surprise she will most often bring the branch right back to us! She is so alert on the walks. She takes her job as guard dog oh so seriously and although she is not even slightly aggressive and quite likes the dogs and people we meet on her walks, she still is ever ready to alert us with her proud elkhound stance and an occasional bark of a stranger's presence.

Barking in the yard has been a bit of a challenge though. She is starting to understand that one or two barks are sufficient. The more she is exposed to new sights and sounds, the less alarming she is finding them. Stef and I are agreed that we really want her to keep her bark for when we go hiking or camping, but that the yard is the one place she must understand to keep it down a bit.

I thought that after time, she would prefer to be outside most of the time, but this Maya is a family dog. She wants to be where we are at and is the most loving and cuddly dog. She plays rough but always respects when I let her know that it is too rough for me. Such a sensitive and intuitive dog.

It might still be early, but Maya I believe will turn out to be the perfect dog for us. Active and with tons of stamina for outdoor activities/walks/runs (I have been out more these last 3 months than in the last 3 years combined for a winter!). And also a loving family dog. In my opinion, she is going to be your most beautiful elkhound yet with her beautiful markings and her soulful eyes (but I might be a bit biased!). I highly doubt we will be able to resist getting another elkhound in the future!

I have attached some photos for you. We will try to take more on our walks, so I can send you some.

Janine (and Stefan)"

GAEDA and Takoda have an Awesome litter

I am sitting here proud as can be, and so is GAEDA and Takoda. And well they should be, they have 4 outstanding pups, 3 males, and 1 female. As big as Jaegar and Torsten were when they were eight weeks old, finally the long held reign those boys had for top weight has finally been surpassed. All 3 of these boys were heavier, and Nalla, the dark female, she is now the heaviest female pup as well. These are all outstanding young pups, I have enjoyed watching them grow and as luck would have it, I got to have a little extra time with a few. I'll share more on my time with Desna, who is still here getting some training down below. Sky, one of the big boys is out in Calgary with a great young family, he will have it made. Magnus is out with Amanda and Matthew in Nova Scotia. Desna is heading to Anchorage Alaska end of the month, and Nalla is up near Prince George. A big thank you to all the folks for putting their confidence in our dogs and program. We look forward to hearing about these rascals.

Nalla - A Big Dark Female - Daughter of GAEDA and Takoda

I received a neat update on Nalla shortly after she got to her new home. Cyndi and Neil had things all arranged real well for her and she was settling in just fine Cyndi said. It was funny though, Cyndi and Neil kept Nalla inside for a couple nights to get acquainted and then moved her out to her kennel out side. She told me in the email that Nalla did just fine but Neil was another story! I laughed, I knew exactly what was happening for sure.

Young Nalla she had been outside for quite some time, her and GAEDA had the outdoor pen to grow and spend time so she was all set for a new kennel. She is growing like crazy Cyndi mentioned on another email, doing really good. They are feeding her raw and keeping her diet really healthy and good for her. She will be a wonderful female. A big thank you to Cyndi and Neil for choosing our program and one of our pups to have as a companion and pal over the years. We look forward to more updates and stories.

Gunnar - A Son of Jaegar and GAEDA

I am thrilled to share these photos of Lauren and Connor with Gunnar. I remember clearly the day they drove down to Sylvan Lake to see us and visit with GAEDA and Tora to see if things might work out for them to get a pup. It all worked out fine and they have themselves a truly awesome young Male pal and companion. However, he is a handful that boy. He has been some rambunctious, has caused more than his fair share of grief for Sharlene, Lauren and Connor's mom.

Gunnar is a son of Jaegar - he has some big power, and tons of prey drive - he took off after a rabbit and the leash got caught on Sharlene's hand and finger and he ended up catching her off guard and broker her finger. I still feel bad about that every time I think of it. I have had mine hit the end of the leash a few times, wow, they can pull.

Now Sharlene has let me know that things are way better since they started a few new regimes with the big fella. They have changed his diet a bit to a cooler lower protein ration and use a pheromone calming collar which has been really helpful. They have been doing some good work with obedience training, and you can see, he is well under some great guidance and handling.

They have taken and channelled some of his energy for mouthing and rough play into some tug of war games, Connor and him have some good tussles and tug of war. I can just see it, I know the big power these young males have, and if they want that rope, you best hang on as they can give it a good pull. Its a fun way to burn off some steam before training for a fact.

I am very proud of these two young handlers, they are doing what doesn't some times come easy, but does come along, and that's the life of a dog handler. They are learning and working with Gunnar and he is responding and they are finding a balance with him. I know some times we see the good photos of the dogs sitting nice, loose leash and attentive and we forget the work that went into getting him there. Hat's off to Lauren and Connor, they have a great Elkhound Male buddy to be sure. Keep us posted and thanks to Sharlene and Wayne, I know the work you both have done to give young Gunnar all the best care and home he could want.

Lyyli and all her new pals - Daughter of Kamp and Bram

Takara and Patrick have a great young family, and now, another new addition, Lyyli. She is a sister to Maya above, and to Tekla and Tuva. Daughter of Kamp and Bram, she is a beauty. Takara has let me know that she is settling right in. Calm and steady, yet lots of fun energy for the kids. They have a great Malamute already so Lyyli is getting along just fine.

Elkhounds have always been a family dog, they have one of the strongest pack instincts of all breeds, so bond very close with the family. Females like Lyyli are strong and agile and make excellent companions for the kids as she can play till they fall asleep, dead tired. We want to thank Takara, Patrick and the kids for giving some much love and care to Lyyli she has it made. Keep us posted, she will grow fast.

Hrute - Elkhound Male, Son of Bram and Kamp

Young Hrute is down near Bellingham WA hiking and cruising the mountain trails with Phill, Megan and young handler Leona. They have an active lifestyle and young Hrute is going to be giving them a hand wandering the rivers in search of Salmon and Steelhead. He will love that Salmon, no doubt about that.

Phill sent me a few great images and a neat update on the big fella. We thank them for staying in touch and letting us know how he is doing.

"Hey there Carlson clan,

Great kennel update! Its was neat to get to know some of the other families out there.
Hrute is doing great. He's getting big an really coming into his own. We started socializing him a bit more and he is polite and plays well but definitely wants to be the boss!

I've been taking him out fishing and boy does he love it. He's great on the trail and loves to bushwhack. I can take him off lead when we get into thick stuff and he stays right behind me. Can't wait to get him off leash and let him do his thing. We are debating obedience classes? A couple that we see around town have a 1yr old Norwegian and we chat often they said they have been to three different training classes in the area and haven't got much out of them. I feel pretty confident I can teach him the basics as a pup and work with him more as he gets older. Any thoughts on that?

Temperature is dropping here(not as cold as you that's for sure!) But its snowing in the hills and can't wait to get him in the mountains.

We've stuck to a raw diet and I'm happy with it. The vet we have is nice but she was leery of the raw diet as a pup. I've been grinding up everything into patties and freezing em. Its nice to be able to use all the salmon we had from last year that was freezer burnt. He could care less and loves it!

We are absolutely in love with this little dude. And want to just thank you again for having such a great resource for raising these pups. Anytime we are at a loss or not sure about something both me and Meg jump on the site and dig out what were looking for.

I attached some pics. I'm not much of a photographer but there's one of him when we got home with his first shed, one of him being caught sneaking into the garden box that doubles as a winter run for the chickens (which he is infatuated with) and a couple of smiling pics.

Couldn't be happier Merv.

Awesome Snow Hikes This Winter

We had some great times out snow hiking this winter, and we were able to do a lot of our cross training at the same time. I like to do some recall work, some off leash work, and conditioning all at the same time if possible. Our new training ground is so fantastic, I can leave right out of the yard and head up the mountains and get right to the top where there is literally more snow than we can go through. I can use snowshoes, but I find that the snow up top is so deep I need to make a trail so went lots without them.

Now, this serves a ton of purposes.

1. Supreme conditioning in this type of environment. I can get a really tough workout on all the dogs in a relatively short time frame. It is ten times tougher moving through, almost swimming through snow than say just hiking mountain trails.

2. The new pups can't get away from me, and it's super easy to train recall. They really can't get off and lost, it's quite neat and works like a charm. After a few trips the recall is like a light bulb with them.

3. In this type of surroundings I never have to worry about encountering other dogs and people, there are no other lunatic's out here you can be sure of that, just me, so I can then train all mine at one time. I really get a great chance for working multiple dogs, in some cases 8 and 9 at a time. Working my old dogs with my young dogs in this manner I have to teach way less, repetition is way down, I can command, Tora, Takoda, GAEDA, Kamp, they respond immediately and so follow all the young dogs.

4. Fun. There is no pressure in this type of setting. No worries, no surrounding distractions, very quiet, I can command and it's heard, they can relax and pay attention. It gives me an opportunity to cement in certain commands and signals in a way that would not really be possible in other settings. They are moving slow, if I want to work on the stop command, it is a great situation to do that, all I really have to do is stop the first dog, they all stop. I would have a hard time getting in front of all the dogs at one time in any other area, not so in the snow. I can stop them all from the side, from the back, it works really good.

5. Pack work, or put another way, working multiple dogs. For me I usually always work multiple dogs now. It's a very rare day that I only am working 1. So to have the ability to have all the young dogs along they get a unique opportunity to work alongside the super dogs, like Tora and Takoda and end up learning many things beyond the commands and signs. They get a chance to learn how to be among a group of dogs and work. In many cases most folks when they have their dog in a group setting it's the exact opposite, basically chaos and play time. So this is much different as we are for the most part in work mode all the way there and all the way back. We can play when we get home basically.

6. It gives me a chance to single out a dog in the group and ask it do do something. In a fair number of situations it's awkward to have it pay attention if young, it's not at all like that here. In this situation the other dogs can listen and see what is going on, but for the most part, they don't feel the need to get in the way, or to respond, or get the attention etc. that might occur if it was say, an open field. On this type of playing field I can control the situation and get a single dog to really pay attention and work with me right in amongst the entire group. On a frozen lake or open field if I single a dog out, the others will come and not much I can do about it. Here, the dog learns to follow it's name and it's command, and it teaches the others to leave the command if not for them. Kinda neat really.

I fully understand that for many, this type of training working situation is not always available, but for those that can access an area like this, it's worth a few trips to see if a few new commands can be taught easily.

And of course I fully appreciate as well not everyone is wanting anywhere near the workout that this provides, but I can honestly say, I sure do appreciate the fresh clean air, the beautiful surroundings and fun time I have with my dogs, all while I do my participation and cardio training alongside them. I have always said I could run down any lame horse in really deep snow, after this winter he would only need to be lame in two legs not three and I could still run him down.

Linda and Nola, alongside some dispatched Raccoons

I know the raccoon problem is getting out of hand in many areas, City Hall in Toronto had to have three crews work for six weeks to repair the damaged caused by raccoons who moved in through the soffits. Estimates are there is close to 100,000 raccoons in Toronto, and they are growing all across the country, Vancouver has a ton of them. not just North America either, Japan has a nightmare on they're hands with the out of control raccoon population explosion and the destruction on the ecology of Japan's native animals, and destruction and damage to the shrines and temples. Those Akita need to be retrained to hunt raccoon. Nola, she needs not to be told twice, she is going to find and move these rascals back out into the wild, away from the grain, and chickens and buildings, or grab em, shake em, and leave em.

I am sure not out to bother the wild animals, and neither is Linda, however when those rascals move into the yardsite, crap follows. Chickens will be dead, they can get into anything, grain and feed bags tore up, building damage, and more. It's best to move them back to the wild if possible, and if they continue to invade, get a good Elkhound hunting strain like Nola, a shotgun, and problem solved.

If after a few attempts at chasing them away fail, Linda puts Nola in the area of the raccoons, Nola, as she is an air scent working dog, can pick up the trail from them easily. She is not distracted by the overwhelming scents and tracks, she will zero into the fresh air scents and find them quickly. If they are up a tree, well, Linda can then eliminate the problem. Nola is quick to locate the repeat offenders and assist in a few good ground and pound battles if one should try to re-enter the barn or head back toward some buildings. Nola would have enjoyed having some help from Mia or a few of her sisters, but she is no slouch. Mess around her territory, things could get tough.

Ragnar - Elkhound Male, Son of Bram and Tora

I recently got a tremendous update on Ragnar from Barbara. She has been doing some really good work with this young fella. He is an awesome young male from Tora and Bram. I wanted to take this particular opportunity to introduce our new Elkhound Adventure Website.

I have recently added a new website dedicated to Elkhound adventures. I have a lot of information on the pups and care and feed and so forth on this site but never really had an area and a way to showcase the hiking and adventures that these dogs can accompany all of us on.

Barbara is an avid outdoor photographer and is really able to get some stunning photos, her camera work is really good and she gets Ragnar to assist her and work with her on these adventures. I have her whole update over on the new site with all the photos of Ragnar there and you'll be able to see some of her great photography. Also, she has been doing a lot of work getting Ragnar involved in his instinctive protection work. He is really doing well. I'll let her fill you in on that.

You can click to visit the new site on the left and I am looking to hear from all of you with your elkhound adventure stories, it will be neat to see all the great places the Elkhounds are traveling. I have lots of work to do on it yet but it's coming along nicely. It is a Wordpress design so I can put things up much faster, a quick post, a short story etc. A lot easier really than this design I have here, but each have their place.

So definitely check it out and please, send me your thoughts on it. Enjoy.

Shadow - Elkhound Male Son of Mia and Takoda ( First Litter)

Cathy sent me a very nice update on Shadow. I used to call him Mr. Silver when he was a pup, he sure has remained a beautiful Silver. Cathy has him on a new food regime and he has muscled in, lost a little weight, ( 9lbs) and looks terrific. Shadow was one of the great males from our very first litter with Mia and Takoda back in October of 2008. That first litter were so spoiled, always in the house, playing around with us, we all had nothing but time for them, forgot all our other work and chores once they came. It was all pups.

Cathy has came down and visited us with Shadow a few times and we always enjoy hearing from her about his exploits. He has a beautiful companion Elkhound Layla there as well to keep him active and give him some fun times when they get out and about.

What ever that new regime is Cathy, Wow, good work, he is looking slim and trim, for a big fella that will be 7 years old this fall he is in magnificent shape. Keep us posted, and thank you for the great care you give Shadow, AKA Mr. Silver.

Storm - Female Elkhound - Daughter of Jaegar and Kamp

Man, that Storm she is a beauty isn't she. Todd and Jen have her down south of us a ways in that green grass in the winter country. They always send up some very neat updates on her adventures. She is a hand grabber like Kamp and Jeagar and loves to play and tussle with Todd and Jen. Storm is very well behaved though even with some of her antics as she has been on a very good training program from early on.

When your looking for a female Elkhound qualities and makeup I can share this with you, all you have to do is take a look at Storm. All you ever would want in a female Elkhound is right there. You couldn't improve on that if you tried.

Nordic, Male Elkhound - Son of Bram and Kamp

Cassidy sends me updates on the this big fella and it's so neat to see him grow and develop. He is a brother to the twins Tekla and Tuva, and he looks a lot like them, just a bit darker. Cassidy say's he is a great fella and loves to go on walks and he is improving his leash skills every day. Sometime ago he decided also that he would just start sleeping outside again. He was finding it to warm inside. These photos were taken at Cassidy's parent where some kids next door were sliding down some hills they built and Nordic wanted to join them. He is always ready for some fun.

He is a great Elkhound with a ton of potential, he is a full brother to Maya above as well. A son of Bram and Kamp he can and will learn a ton of things, all that Cassidy wants to teach he can handle this fella. I sure appreciate the updates Cassidy and please keep us posted on how things are going with him. He looks terrific.

Tala - Elkhound Female shown at 1 year

So I got this a while back and wanted to get this up. Anna had sent me a real nice update on Tala when she was a year and with everything running behind in my newsletters this is one of those that should have been out already. I really like this female, of course it's my Tora's daughter with Bram, so no doubt she is a beauty. Anna mentioned that Tala is keeping the bears and wolves at bay, keeping the yard her turf. There is no doubt she has the courage and determination to run her yard, no doubt about that.

Females make an awesome watch and guard companion and have every bit as strong a territorial drive and instinct as a male. In fact I think they are almost better in some ways as they will turn females out as well as some males. Where as males rarely keep females out of the yard. Not saying that Tala is getting any stray dogs coming by, but that is just the nature of them.

Anna mentioned that Tala would be near that 55 lb mark now and is a very strong female. I know full well the power she would have coming out of Tora and Bram. Anna, an awesome female you have, great work raising her, keep us posted on how she is doing we sure do appreciate it. And sorry for my tardy updates.

Desna - "the Boss" - Son of Takoda and GAEDA ( New USA Import Rules Apply To Desna)

The new rules for importing a dog to the USA from Canada recently took effect. This in short form means all three boosters and rabies need to be done in Canada First, and the 30 day wait. So, Desna, he is on his Way North, North to Alaska. Almost started singing Johnny Horton tunes there for a second, but seriously the big fella is going to Anchorage Alaska to tune in some mangy cur dogs who don't know their own boundaries up there. Well, I can tell you this, he is going to be good at that. Wow what a dog this guy is. Tremendous. So smart, I can't believe it.

Even I can teach him, or he can teach me, or he can let me lead him around anyway you like to put it, him and I we get along. I can get him to learn something new in just a few tries. No trouble at all. I have him working up in the mountains with me, he is as skilled as Tora just about. Back in the yard, he guards right beside Takoda. He can tussle with Kai, with Kamp, him and Tekla and Tuva they battle for hours in the deep snow. He has been a real pleasure to have around. He comes on hikes with me offleash all over the back country. I have never had to put a leash on him once out there. His recall is phenomenal, just like his dad.

So, to my point, for the USA folks I have beginning with Desna of course, I have started the new pup training starter course program. Basically, while he is here waiting for all his shots, I will give him some training. Now for a lot of folks who have met Takoda at the gate they probably are all thinking, not a good idea. No way, but for those that have met Tora, and GAEDA, Kai, all those, they probably think hey, great idea. Don't nobody want to meet Takoda at the gate.

Elkhound Females Taking a Break

Kai, shown in the forefront is a beautiful powerful, and dominant young female. You can see the two twins on either side of her looking this way, they are half sisters to Kai. Tora next to Kai. Kalia and Mia, and then GAEDA on the hill. Kamp along with Desna are somewhere. This is a very nice group to work with. The future pups from this group of females will be something, wow.

We want to continue to provide an opportunity for folks to get a great dog. A dog that can hike with them, spend time around the campground, go to the park. Hang out by the fireplace, watch the yard, go fishing, biking and hunting. Keep the rodent population at bay, scare off the coyotes, and alert you to danger 24/7. A dog that is personable and kind, but meaner than a cut cat to anything out to harm you. A dog that is the most loyal of all breeds. One who will greet you anytime you come home, no matter the weather no matter the time. A dog that lives to spend time with you. A super smart dog, polite and affectionate. A strong dog. A dog with all the thousands of years of ancient training and skills instinctively intact. A dog you could stake your life on. A dog you can trust to be 100% predictable. Each and every time. These are only a small little bit of what an Elkhound is and can be for a family, bottom line, we will continue to work hard to make sure all the families that want one of the very best dogs in the world can get one.

These my friends, these are Elkhounds.

till later,