Kamia Kennels!
Canada's Premier Norwegian and Swedish Elkhounds!
Its Grandma Kalia Now - Karia Has Her Litter!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Premier Norwegian Elkhounds!
Rocky 7 Weeks Old Total Rock Star!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Premier Swedish Elkhounds!
Ria New Swedish Elkhound Puppies!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Premier Swedish Elkhounds!
Ark Jamthund Stud Dog!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Premier Norwegian Elkhounds!
Luna High Country Hiking!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Premier Norwegian Elkhounds!
Tekla Surveys The Landscape!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Premier Norwegian Elkhounds!
Two Incredible Siblings, Letta and Torq!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Premier Norwegian Elkhounds!
The Beautiful Silver Nova and Daughter Silver Nessa!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Premier Norwegian Elkhounds!
Luna's Second Litter 2 Days Old!
Kamia Kennels!
Canada's Premier Norwegian Elkhounds!
Torq and his Mama Kai!
Kamia Kennels!
Canada's Only Working Norwegian Elkhounds!
Kalia High Mountain Hiking!
Kamia Kennels!
Canada's Premier Swedish and Norwegian Elkhounds
Aina, Kalia, Takoda, Tora, Luna shown!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Premier Norwegian Elkhounds
Six Week Old Son of Jaegar and Silver Nova!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Premier Norwegian Elkhounds
Dajr - Returning Home For Stud Duty!
Kamia Kennels!
Canada's Only Off Leash Training Program For Elkhounds
Bjorn Hikes The High Country 12 Weeks Old!
Kamia Kennels!
Canada's Swedish Elkhound Breeder
Ria and Takoda Ancient Relatives Hike Together Once Again!
Kamia Kennels!
Canada's Only Swedish Elkhound Breeder
First Female Jamthund Born in Canada - Raven!
Kamia Kennels!
Canada's Norwegian And Swedish Elkhound Breeder
Dagr checks out Tikka and Ark and Phoenix!
Kamia Kennels!
Canada's Premier Working Elkhound Breeder
Heads Up Everyone, There Is Moose Down There!
Kamia Kennels!
North America's Only Swedish Elkhound Breeder
Togo, Svea and Aila!
Kamia Kennels!
Norwegian Elkhound Mother and Daughter
Kai and Letta!
Kamia Kennels!
Canada's Premier Elkhound Breeder
Winter Conditioning Program In Full Swing!
Jamthund Pups!
Canada's Only Swedish Elkhound Breeder
Takoda Watching Aina's Pups On The Trail!
Happy New Year!
Canada's Premier Norwegian Elkhound Breeder
All The Best In 2019 From Kamia Kennels!
Season's Greetings
Canada's Premier Norwegian Elkhound Breeder
Enjoy Your Holiday Season!
Season's Greetings
Canada's Premier Jamthund Breeder
Merry Christmas From Kamia Kennels
Breeding Pair
Canada's Premier Norwegian Elkhounds
Pretty Boy Leif and Luna
Elkhound Females
Norwegian Elkhound Females Hiking
Letta, Vida and Tora
Swedish Elkhound
Canada's OnlyJamthund Breeder
Aina and 9 Puppies
Swedish Elkhound
Kamia's Kennels Young Jamthund Sire!
Norwegian Elkhounds
Kamia's Kennel Sire!
Norwegian Elkhounds
Canada's Elite Siblings!
MANE and Luna
Norwegian Elkhounds
Canada's Only Jamthund Breeder!
Aina 9 Little Jamthund Pups
Norwegian Elkhounds
Canada's Premier Elkhound Male!
Takoda Surveys the Valley
Norwegian Elkhounds
Canada's Working Elkhound Breeder!
Echo Hikes The High Country
Norwegian Elkhounds
Desna Training Program For Pups!
Osita, Koda, Timber, Echo
Norwegian Elkhounds
Canada's Working Elkhounds!
Osita, Koda and Vida
Norwegian Elkhounds
Canada's Full Hunting Lineages!
Loki and His Mother Tekla
Norwegian Elkhounds
Canada's Premier Elkhound Breeder!
Ancient Elkhounds
Canada's Working Elkhound Breeder!
Jaegar - Stud Dog
Swedish Elkhounds
Canada's Only Jamthund Breeder!
Aina, Rico and Ark
Norwegian Elkhounds
World Class Norwegian Elkhound Males!
Pretty Boy Leif and his son Vitnir
Mountain Bred Elkhounds
MANE and his daughter Tofa!
Hiking the Rim Trail
Norwegian Elkhound Families
MANE and his brother Teuvo, and Aunt Tuva!
Hunting Norwegian Elkhounds
Desna Program Work
Full Working Norwegian Elkhounds!
Hakon and Grandma Tora Hiking
Training Day
Ancient Lineage Norwegian Elkhounds!
Takoda and Great Grandsons In the Mountains
14 Week Old Norwegian Elkhound Female!
Daughter of Kai and Leif
A Young Working Female!
Daughter of MANE and Kalia
Tofa's Grandma
Canada's Premier Working Female!
Tekla - Mountain Born and Raised
Canada's Premier Working Male!
A Magnificent Big Fella
Norwegian Elkhound Pair
Two of the worlds best Norwegian Elkhounds!
Pretty Boy Leif and Tekla Enjoy The Spring Weather
Mountain Dogs
Two of the worlds best hiking Elkhounds!
Takoda and his daughter Vida
Norwegian Elkhounds
Two of our young future foundation females!
Phoenix and Silver Nova
Norwegian Elkhounds
Two of our world class foundation females!
Twins Tuva and Tekla
Norwegian Elkhound Sire
One of our top Stud Dogs, MANE!
Shown with a few of his pups
Swedish Elkhounds
North America's Only Jämthund Breeder!
Aina, Merv and Rico
Outstanding Hiking Companion
Centuries Old Instincts Intact
Ashten Hiking The High Country With Tora
Kamia Kennels Elkhounds
Kalia Kai Tekla Tuva Tora and Jaegar
High Elevation Winter Hiking
Tora - Foundation Female
One Of The Most Prolific Females In History
This My Friends Is An Elkhound
Mountain Hiking Elkhounds
GAEDA, Takoda, Tora, and Mia
Kamia Dogs Excel in Mountain Wilderness Environments
Tekla, The Future of Kamia Kennels
Ancient Norway Hunting Lineages
Outstanding Family Dogs
Our Training Facility At Kamia
Mountain Hiking and Winter Conditioning Program
These Dogs Love Snow
Jaegar and Females
Ancient Elkhounds Solid As A Rock
These Are Some Serious Elkhounds
Kamp and her Daughter Tekla
Ancient Norway Female Elkhounds
These Are Outstanding Norwegian Elkhounds
Merv And Elkhounds
Returning From Another Great Hike
Elkhounds Are The Greatest Hiking Dogs
Kamp and Pups
Kamps litter from 2015
Ancient Norwegian Elkhound Lineages
Tora and Takoda
Ancient Rock Elkhounds
Rugged Terrain Dogs
Female Elkhounds
The Very Best In North America
Kamia Elkhounds
Tora and Jaegar
Canada's Premier Sibling Elkhounds
Awesome Dogs
Pup Training
Pack Oriented Elkhounds
Ancient Instincts
Jaegar and Boys
Pup Rank and Social Skills Shared
Ancient Instincts
Extreme Hiking
Kalia, Tora and Takoda
Powerhouse Dogs
Kamia Females
Serious Norwegian Elkhounds
Awesome Dogs
Kamia Elkhounds
Spring Hiking With The Crew
Offleash Masters
Kamia Jamthunds
Aina Fall of 2016
9 Months Old
Fall Hiking
Ashten, GAEDA and Kamp
5000 Feet
Takoda and Boys
MANE, Ripley, Max and Kronos
Outstanding Pups
Aina and Kamp
The Best Of Swedish and Norwegian Lines
Ancient Elkhounds
Ashten and Jaegar
Breeding Working Elkhounds
Skijoring Fun
Pretty Boy Leif
Kamia's Norwegian Elkhound Stud
Check Him Out
Winter Conditioning
Kamia's Norwegian Elkhoud Crew
Snow Machines
Winter Hiking
Kamp, Tekla and Tuva
Mountain Site Seeing
One Our Top Future Dogs
Ancient Diverse Genetics
Leif and Tuva
Two Of Our Top Norwegian Elkhounds
Snow Conditioning
Tora and Leif
Two Of The Best Elkhounds In the World
Winter Mountain Hiking
Kai's First Litter
7 Ancient Lineage Elkhound Pups
Full Working Elkhounds
Takoda and Dajr
Jaegar and Rigel
Leif and Torleif
Jamthund Female
17 Months Old
Jamthund Female
20 Months Old
Awesome Pups
Kai's Daughter Keiko
Did Somebody Say Squirrel?
Two Female Pups
Kalia and Jaegar Daughters
Don't Move Theres A Moose Over There
Takoda and MANE
Superior Hiking Genetics
Old World Big Boys
Loki and Norris
Awesome Family Dogs
Tuva and Leif Pups
5 Norwegian Elkhounds
High Elevation Hiking
February 2018
MANE and Jaegar
Two Famous Brothers
Kamia Kennels Stud Dogs
Foundation Sire
Winter 2018 - Father To MANE and Jaegar
Kalia and Pups
Young Hiking Machines
Bred For The Winter Conditions
MANE and Jaegar
Security Detail Sweep
That There Is Moose Scent Brother
Tuva and Tekla
The Stunning Twins
World Class Norwegian Elkhounds
Hunting Season Begins
There Is A Moose Out There!
Norwegian Elkhound Female
Hunting and Show Norwegian Lineages
3 Generations
Takoda, Jaegar, Ranger
Ranger With His Dad and Grandpa
Prolific Elkhound Female
MANE and Luna In That Litter Of 10
Rico, Aina and I
Ancient Swedish Elkhounds
3 Generations
Norwegian Elkhound Females
Artemis, Tuva, Tekla and Kamp
Jaegar and Son
Norwegian Elkhound Males
This Is My Bone Dad
Summit Rest
Norwegian Elkhounds Hiking
Winter Excursion and Site Seeing
Elkhound Pups
Nap Time
Kai's Litter She's Organized
Norwegian Elkhounds
Leif with Tuva and Tekla
Spring Hike By The Creek
Takoda and Offspring
Tekla Litter
And Tora
Kalia and Pups
Sleep Anywhere
Rest Up Rascals, We Hunt Soon
Swedish Elkhound Female
This Is My Friends Is A Jamthund
Young MANE
Norwegian Elkhound Male
World Class Off Leash From Day One
Norwegian Elkhound Female
Also World Class Off Leash
Tora and Jaegar
Norwegian Elkhound Siblings
True Powerhouse Elkhounds
3 Elkhounds
Aina, Tekla and Tora
Best Pals
Play Time
Norwegian Elkhound Puppies
Big Fun Time!
Hunting Season
Aina and Takoda
It's Going To Be A Great Day!
Big Boy
Norwegian Elkhound Male
I Can Hunt Too!
Hunting Crew
Norwegian Elkhound Puppies
You Want Moose, We Can Get Moose!
Kai and Fiska
3rd and 4th Generation
Outstanding Norwegian Elkhounds
Norwegian Elkhound Male
Doing Some Desna Training!
Silver Nova and Jaegar
Norwegian Elkhounds
Silver Nova in Training
Breeding Time
Aina and Rico
New Jamthund Pups Coming Soon!
Ashten and Jaegar
True Companion Dog
Ashten's Best Buddy Young Jaegar
A Day At The Lake
Takoda, Jaegar and Tora and I
The Entire Lake Was Ours To Enjoy!
Tora 11 Months
Extreme Powerhouse
Tora Was Always A Powerhouse Female
Foundation Sire
Outstanding Norwegian Elkhound Sire
Foundation Sire
Rocky Mountain Hike
Takoda and Jaegar
Foundation Sires
July 1st 2012 Hiking
Marlene and I
With Aina and Takoda
July 1st 2017 Hiking
Young Mia
Foundation Female
Mia From Years Ago
Mia and Kai
Foundation Females
Mia and Granddaughter Kai Years Later
Mia and Takoda
Foundation Pair
Mia and A Young Takoda Watching The Yard
Foundation Females
3 Stunning Elkhounds
Mia with a Young Tekla and Kalia
elkhounds female

Please enjoy our latest newsletter on Norwegian Elkhounds and Swedish Elkhounds, it's a great article with a ton of pictures.

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Welcome to our new Elkhound photo gallery landing page area. We are currently testing out a new style of gallery, we hope you like it.

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Swedish Elkhound Male

Check out Rico and Aina, Swedish Elkhounds, both are awesome young Jamthunds.

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Swedish Elkhound Female

About Kamia Kennels

We want to Thank You for visiting our online showroom for our Kennels and our Elkhounds, we truly appreciate it. Our Latest Norwegian Elkhound Updates page is new, and features all our latest updates in an easy to access location. Please check it out.


We're located in Grand Forks

Our Kennel is now located just north of Grand Forks BC. We are so pleased with our new location, we welcome all of you to stop by, we have tons of room, it's a great place for dogs, especially Elkhounds, and we look forward to hearing from you. Now that we are so close to the border we have a lot of pups going to the USA families. If your from the US please touch base with us, we can fill you in on the border details.

Excellent Elkhound Training Facility

Our new location is an awesome facility with tons of room to hiking and condition our dogs. We are at a fairly high elevation and get a ton of snow. We live in a mountain home and the dogs can have tons of space to move and roam and play. We welcome you to stop by and visit. Learn more about the Norwegian Elkhound here.

Excellent Family Companion

The Norwegian Elkhound, an ancient breed with history dating back thousands of years, is a powerful, dominant and loyal companion for any family.

Norwegian Elkhounds Features

Strong Willed

They're strong willed, yet very trainable

Healthy and Strong

Fast and quick, very agile, compact and powerful

Beautiful Double Coat

Thick warm inner layer, coarse water repellent outer layer

Tightly Curled Tail

These dogs have a No Odour Coat - no wet smell

Excellent Winter Dog

These dogs love snow

Very Territorial

Norwegian Elkhounds make excellent watch and guard or personal protection dogs

Outstanding Family Dogs

These dogs bond to a family and make terrific companions

Full Exercise Required

These are high energy dogs, they need lots of room and lots of exercise

...& excellent as watch dogs!

norwegian elkhounds watch dog

Our Elkhound Dogs

Great Puppies Are On The Way!

Mia Elkhound Dog

Mia has had a huge impact on our breeding program. She brings that stout thickness the breed is so well know for. But more importantly she brings the fertility from the ancient genetics. The old world females were very fertile, cycled on time, rebred, had big litters, were very healthy.

Takoda Premier Elkhound Male

Takoda is one of the few big Swedish Elkhounds raised with full genetic instincts and instinctive actions and behaviours intact. Nothing has been trained out, we have allowed all his natural ability and instinct behaviour to flourish, exactly as it would have 400 or 1000 years ago.

tora elkhound dog

Tora, daughter of Mia and Takoda, foundation female of Kamia Kennels - we had four incredible litters out of Tora and Bram. Tora is the most prolific female Elkhound there is. Tora is an amazing female. Tora has produced Kai for us, who will carry her genetics forward.

MANE Norwegian Elkhound Male

MÂNE is a younger brother to Jaegar. A spectacular young Norwegian Elkhound male from Takoda and Tekla. He has his first litter on the ground now in 2018 with Kalia and again soon in Jan with Kalia.

jaegar elkhound dog

Jaegar is a big fella, he is over 70 lbs all the time now, solid and thick. Jaegar is pulled all the dark old lineage traits from his ancient Swedish heritage, a stunning big male sire. Jaegar is the older brother to MÂNE.

Kalia - Elkhound Female

Kalia is a stunning big female. She is bringing the old Swedish genetics back into our female lineages. This is one of our young foundation females who we just had a great litter from with MÂNE and she is due again in January once more.

Kamp Female Elkhound

Kamp is a big beautiful Norway female. She is the mother to our twins, Tekla and Tuva. Kamp is a solid very strong female at the upper range of size for Norway females, she is over 60 pounds.

Kai Female Elkhound

Kai is a tremendous young daughter of Tora. She is a granddaughter of Mia and Takoda. This is an awesome young female who displays all the instinctive traits of an ancient Elkhound. This is a very good female.

Tekla and Tuva Twin Elkhound Females
Tekla and Tuva

These are the twins, Tekla and Tuva. They are identical female Norwegian Elkhounds. They are daughters of Kamp, pictured to the left. These are stunning young females, two of the best in the world. I just put a great article up about raising two Elkhounds.

Leif Male Norwegian Elkhound

Leif is our new young Norwegian Elkhound Stud Dog. He is from a very long line of Grand Champion Norwegian Elkhounds. Leif will be used in our program with some of our top Norwegian Elkhound females, like Tuva and Tekla and Kai. Leif is going to have his first litter spring of 2017 with Tuva.

Mane and Luna Elkhound Siblings
MÅNE and Luna

MÅNE and Luna are the two tremendous young Elkhounds we kept back from the litter of Takoda and Tekla. MÅNE will be assisting Leif and Jaegar, and his dad Takoda with some of the breeding in the future. Luna will be taking over for her grandma Kamp in a few years and helping our her mother Tekla.

Aina Jamthund Swedish Elkhound Female

Aina is our beautiful Swedish Elkhound or Jamthund. Aina is a magnificent representation of the very best of the Jamthunds in the world. Every dog in her lineage is working Champion. Aina is the only full Jamthund breeding Female in North America.



Phoenix Norwegian Elkhound Female

Phoenix is our magnificent young female from Kamp and Jaegar. She is going to carry forward the great lineage of Kamp, combined with her dad's genetics to be one of our foundation females. This is a clone of Jaegar through and through.

Vida Ancient Lineage Female Elkhound

Vida is the stunning dark daughter of Takoda and  GÆDA. Vida will carry forward the ancient genetics from her mother and father. Both  GÆDA and Takoda stem from the ancient Norrland / Swedish region Elkhounds and Vida will allow that to flourish.

Kamia Kennels - Norwegian Elkhound Videos

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We're not the only ones excited about our Norwegian Elkhounds

See what our customers say

Maya is so full of life and energy!

I just wanted to check in and let you know how Maya is doing. Life with her has been a blast! She is so full of life and energy. She is always ready to join us on an adventure or just cuddle on the couch. She is currently playing rough with Stefan in the lounge, but always knows when to stop. Thank you, Janine and Stefan

image01Janine and Maya

Ragnar is Doing Exceptionally Well!

Once he understands what I want from him and the purpose of the action, there is no stopping him. He is an excellent guard dog. My entire family appreciates his working qualities. We all love him very much, he is a very loving and charming dog. Best wishes, Barbara


Aksel Is The Same Awesome Guy You Said He Would Be!

Hi Merv, Now that we have land he has redeveloped more instinct and a leaner diet has him looking more trim! all the best, Michael and the Guy Family.


Shaka is learning fast and extremely comfortable with his new surroundings!

Hi Ashten it's Jordon, I just want to thank you and your father for everything you have done. The entire process was so professional, from your website, youtube channel, and e-mail communication. Shaka was well behaved in the air port and like you said he fell asleep as soon as the plane took off. I am so glad that I chose your kennel over the others in Alberta. Shaka is a great dog, he's learning fast, and is getting extreamly confortable with his new surroundings. I will provide pictures as soon as possible . Thanks again! Jordon Bernard .

Shaka and JordonShaka and Jordon

Vitnir on his first night home.

Merv, Thanks so much for everything you’ve done. He has been an absolutely perfect dog, and it really shows that he came from a good breeder. Looking forward to many great years ahead with him and Tófa. Brent .

Vitnir and familyVitnir is home