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Elkhound Puppies

Elkhound Puppies - Breeding Update September 17th, 2017

Kalia has a new litter of 8 puppies!

Kalia has a new litter of puppiesKalia has her new litter of puppies on the ground now. She started late afternoon on the 22nd and finished up early a.m. on the 23rd. She is shown here 6 hours after the last puppy was born.

They all have big fat bellies already and are sleeping sound, really even bunch. The are a very healthy powerful group, scrambling around before they were even out of the sack, too funny!

This is a great group of pups we are very pleased, 5 Females, 3 Males. This is the litter with Jaegar. So once again some very good pups at Kamia.

Kalia is a great mom she is relaxed and doing a great job. She has been up and about, feeling good and eating well. These are ancient lineage pups this group, very good genetic match up with Jaegar and Kalia. We have been getting feedback on the last litter Elkhound Puppies Kalia Litter 2and I am super thrilled with how those pups are doing. They were an awesome bunch as well.

It's great to see these young rascals growing up so fast, they are a very alert bunch. As you can see as of the 16th of September they are outside doing well. For the first few nights yet I will bring them back in, just getting to freezing at night so I'll keep them out during the day, they could sleep out, but it's fun for me to work with them, so bringing them in is no issue.

Jaegar is back up in Kamloops for a short while, Takoda he stays right beside the pen inside with Kalia at night, she can relax that way and feel very calm. Leif and MÅNE of course helping out on the perimeter security as well. All the males ramp up a bit on security when pups arrive. Not quite so Jaegar and MANE Security Sweepmuch tolerance for intrusions when young pups are here.

MÅNE and Jaegar shown to the left doing a security sweep before he left. It would be a bad time to be a coyote, these brothers, they have a little attitude.

All the females come to say hello to her when she goes out, it's a pretty neat time for sure. Kalia is a super confident female but even so, she hairs up when she steps up to the door to go out, just in case she figures. Pretty funny. You wouldn't want to be messing with her pups, Kalia is a big girl, she outweighs Leif on any given day by close to 10 pounds, so she appreciates all the support from the boys, but she doesn't really need much help at all, she can handle it.

Kai and Leif Hook Up July 7th - 7 pups arrive Sept 7th, 2017

Leif Norwegian Elkhound Male SirePretty Boy Leif  and Kai hooked up the morning of the 7th of July. So some lucky pups came from this pairing mated on 7/7/17, (if I was a betting man I would be betting on those pups, no doubt, probably will be born on the 7th of September, go figure!)

Like I said, if I was a betting man, sure enough on the 7th of Sept Kai had 7 awesome pups. She is doing terrific and so are all the little Kai / Leif puppies. Kai is a super mom like her pal Kalia beside her they take great care of those little rascals. Kai and Kalia have been doing things together their whole lives, right from pups.

Kai has 7 Norwegian Elkhound PuppiesKai is very content and happy and the weather has cooperated with us as well, it's cooled down a bit and yet still is very nice and warm. Throughout inside the kennel it stays a nice 21 Celcius and the pups love this temp as they can just lay around. All the pups from Kai have been spoken for a long time ago, but lucky thing is, Tuva is a half sister to Kai and she is expected to have a litter and Kai's other half sister Tekla will be cycling any day, so please contact us about those two litters. We will keep you posted on these rascals.

Leif he has ramped up his behaviour a bit more now even than before, now that Kai has her litter, he hears a noise, really doesn't matter if it's a squirrel or what, he is sounding off, letting everyone know, he is on watch. He is a good boy, he isn't letting MÅNE and Jaegar one updogship him.

Prince Torleif Son of LeifNow below I have a really cool photo of the son of Leif from the litter he had with Tuva. Kim has this young rascal out in Ottawa and he is an absolutely amazing young fella. Thank you Kim for such a great home you have given Torleif, and this awesome update photo.

This is Torleif - Son of Leif and Tuva - aka Prince Torleif

He is a really solid well built young male, super showy, you can see that he got some of his great looks from both parents. Tuva of course is a half sister to Kai, so I am expecting almost identical pups from her and Leif. That is  such a great young Norwegian Elkhound Male.

So Pretty Boy Leif he is not just another pretty face, he has some serious genetics in that fancy package he prances around in, no doubt about that. We all knew he was loaded up with genetics waiting to come out and show off, there is no questions my working boys have to sit up and pay attention these days. As this my friends, this is a Norwegian Elkhound!


Phoenix - Splitting Image of her Dad Jaegar

Jaegar and Phoenix - ElkhoundsYoung Phoenix is basically an identical clone of her dad Jaegar, right down to the bark. These two have all mannerisms, movements, style and attitude the same.

I doubt you could get a pup that "Looks" so identical either, it's phenomenal watching her hang out with her dad.

You can see all the dark Norrland blood that runs in this lineage, these dark Elkhounds are few and far between these days as breeders have been moving toward the lighter style of Leif for years. We are pretty much the only breeder left now with the big old dark genetics, and thank goodness we have lots of them as they are spectacular!


Phoenix and her Dad JaegarPhoenix will carry forward the genetics from Jaegar and Kamp for us. We have held her back to carry on as a breeding female and we are so thrilled with her. Phoenix is going to be a very thick stout female, very much like Jaegar with a wide stance, big thick power throughout.

She is a tough rascal, takes on her aunt Tora for a tussle already and gives her a good go as well. We have a great bond with Phoenix, she of course is getting a bit spoiled. Ashten babies her and gives her "Special Treatment", go figure.

 MANE, Luna, Phoenix and Jaegar

This image shows young Phoenix, behind her is MÅNE, in front of him is Jaegar, and lower right is Luna. The Grandmother of MÅNE and Luna is the mother of Phoenix, (Kamp).

The father of MÅNE and Luna is the father of Jaegar, who is then, grandfather to Phoenix (Takoda). The mother of MÅNE and Luna, as you might know is Tekla, who is a half sister to Phoenix. So these dogs all act and move, think and pretty much have identical styles.

MÅNE and Luna are tremendous young Elkhounds and will also be contributing to our genetic pool as we have kept both of them back for our breeding program. These my friends, these are some great Elkhounds!

Leif, checking out that bone Vida has

Leif and VidaLeif is the sire we used with Kai, who is in the photo above. He is lean and mean this summer, turning into an awesome young male. He is around that 18 month mark and is close to his mature size and weight at 51 pounds now. He is a fabulous Norwegian Elkhound and has fit in around here perfectly.

The pups between him and Kai will be tremendous. This combination of genetics is going to be something special for sure. Kai as you all know runs all the blood and Leif of course is full Norwegian bloodlines from the show lineages. So with the background of Kai going back to the very best in the Norway/Sweden Elkhounds and Leif  with his great genetic background, truly awesome pups are on the way.

Vida Ancient Lineage Norrland Female ElkhoundYoung Vida is our stunning beautiful daughter from GÆDA, she kept her bone if you were wondering, Vida figures it will take more than good looks and fancy stride to get her to share a bone.

Another year and some though, she will have some different view of Pretty Boy Leif as we have plans to use him with her, now that will be an awesome match up, Wow!

Tuva and Leif hook up on July 29th, late in the day.

 Leif Male Norwegian Elkhound

Kamia's Pretty Boy Leif is shown to the left, he is our new stud dog that sired the last litter with Tuva. He just hooked up with Tuva late in the day on the 28th, so we should be expecting a litter in 63 days give or take.

 Leif is an amazing big fella, he is young yet but is doing so well out here in the mountains. I am very proud of him. He has been able to find his own spot in amongst the big boys Jaegar and Takoda and is going to be a really strong sire for us.

The genetics of Leif are all outcross genetics for our dogs, he is far removed from our working lines having come from generations of the best in the show lines. As all of you know we don't have or participate in shows or show dogs, this is our very first ever genetic from that lineage of Norwegian Elkhounds. We brought in Leif as we wanted to have a new genetic material of supreme quality for Tuva, Tekla and Kai. 

Tuva and her sister Tekla winter hiking - Offleash mountain Norwegian Elkhounds

Tuva and Tekla Norwegian Elkhound SistersNo one can deny the quality of the twins, Tuva and Tekla. They are shown with me on a high elevation mountain hike in the winter, two stunning females. Tuva and Tekla, along with their half sister Kai are in my "Not Humble" opinion the three best females in North America and can rival any world wide. Leif is going to have his work cut out matching quality with those three, but he is proving to be up to the task.

Leif and Tuva had the first litter, all outstanding pups. I am so thrilled. Tuva and Leif have hooked up and those are going to be again, truly awesome Norwegian Elkhounds. I need to point out as well that Tuva and Leif are "All Norwegian Elkhound" they are one of our few pairs that have no Swedish blood as far back as can be found.

Leif , July 2017  A Tremendous Young Male Norwegian Elkhound!

Leif, Male Norwegian ElkhoundNow Leif is a pretty boy, don't get me wrong he is full ancient dog, but he is all Show Dog genetics. Grand Champion Father and Mother, Grandfather, and every dog in his lineage for as long as you wish to look a champion. Father was best in show, etc.  etc. Now, for all of you who read this site, show titles are no real big deal for me, as I don't show, I go. So we needed a "Show Line" that could "Still Hunt" if you know what I mean. We finally worked it out with the help of some really great breeders of Elkhounds. They knew the quality of Tuva, and of course Tekla, Kai and a few others we might use Leif with, so they got us an outstanding young male.

Leif Young Norwegian Elkhound Male It's really something to see young Leif when he stretches out in his fancy show gait. There is nothing quite like it no doubt about it. He has his entire background of ancestors bred almost exclusively for this far reaching gait and when he steps on out, Wow it's really something to see.

This particular photo of course explains a fair bit why his ancestors were the only Norwegian Elkhounds to win Best in Hound Group multiple times at the famous Westminster Dog Show.

So for those of you in line for a pup, the range of incredible combinations just got a little bit wider for sure.

You can learn more about this terrific young male, click here: Leif Norwegian Elkhound Male

I did a neat video on Leif and MÅNE working with and all the male pups from the 5 litters I think you'll like it:


Kamia Males and Male pups

3 Males from Kamia Kennels and 3 pups

We had a very fun time getting all the big boys together for a photo shoot. Ashten, Marlene and I along with the 3 big males and male pups are shown to the left.

Takoda and Dajr top with Marlene, Jaegar and Rig shown with Ashten and Leif and Torleif with me.

These days it's a rare day to see a breeder with a Male around the pups, let alone 3 Males on site all with pups, as of course it's again rare for a breeder to have 3 males, and to have 3 litters one from each at the same time, probably we won't see this photo again anytime soon.

The other neat thing about this photo is these three males are the Premier Elkhound Males in North America, sons of these males like, Dajr, Rig and Torleif are the very best pups that can be found on this continent, that is pretty cool indeed. 


Kamia Elkhounds - Kalia's, Kai's and GÆDA's Litters



GÆDA one of our most polite Norwegian Elkhounds - Now Retired!

GAEDA Norwegian Elkhound FemaleGÆDA is a stunning female who is now retired, she can relax and hike, help me train Vida and just have a fun time. Over the years she has continued to produce some of our very best Elkhounds. GÆDA is a full registered Norwegian Elkhound and is a flawless example of old ancient Genetics. She is still the big lines, matches all my big girls for size, length stamina. She maintains condition at around that 62-64 pounds throughout. GÆDA produces the big Norwegian Elkhounds still found in a few locations. As a northern region Norway line she has that capability to produce some of the most astounding pups.

GÆDA is the most polite dog we have. She is a dream to work with. No doubt one of our best on leash and off, her and Kai are superior that way. I have hiked for years with GÆDA off leash in every type of terrain and I can turn around, or look around and she is looking at me. A flawless mountain female. I am very pleased that for the last litter she produced 3 outstanding females and 3 fabulous males. I will be selecting one of those females to retain in our program to keep that GÆDA genetic lineage. The young female I have decided to name, Vida. The folks getting those other 5 they are getting some truly great pups. It's an exciting time around here for sure. My options for Vida are almost endless as I can use young Leif, I can use Bram and if I wished, could use Hachi. So truly endless potential to preserve this ancient female genetic material. Things are good.

GAEDA Norwegian Elkhound FemaleGÆDA and Ashten sitting, Kamp sleeping high mountain hike late fall 2016

GÆDA can hike the high country like nothing. She has a ton of stamina, she is a big girl with a nice light step. She really is awesome off leash. Never would I have to say her name or say a word to her the entire trip, there and back. I have hiked miles and miles off leash with GÆDA. Here she sits by Ashten, happy to share the great view we had at the top of our hike. These two, GÆDA and Kamp, along with Jaegar and Tora accompanied Ashten and I for a real nice full day hike through our rugged part of the world. We had an awesome time. Her and Takoda can create the most amazing hiking and personal companion dogs of any pair anywhere in the world!

You'll be able to see her great nature in this next video, so polite. We have picked out the young daughter and her name is now Vida. She is a beauty, so nice but will all instincts intact and a full watch working girl, true daughter of Takoda and GAEDA, pretty neat.

Here is a very fun video we did with all the litters, what a fun time, enjoy:


 Marlene, Takoda and Aina, July 1st, 2017

Marlene, Aina and Takoda

Marlene and I had a great hike on Canada Day, July 1st 2017. We took the two big Swedish Dogs up to the high country for an early morning stretch out. They love the high country as it's so full of game and rich with scent. Great to hike with these two big dogs.

These are powerful Swedish Elkhounds, Takoda running 65 lbs and Aina at 62 lbs. She is going to be bulking up now this fall while she gets ready to have a litter.

We were taking a break at the top but they were fully aware of everything around us, tons of game, bear especially all around so we keep these two on leash, they of course think they perhaps should tree a few bears for us.

I have the details on the Aina and Rico litter below, it's fast approaching as well, Aina is doing terrific. 

Ashten, Russ with RicoAshten had a chance to get together with Russ and big Rico when she was getting Annabelle, Moki and Birgit to the plane. The pups had a chance to burn around and get to know the big fella a bit. Russ has been having a really great time with Rico, he is doing awesome.

Rico has been filling out lately and is a large big fella now these days, pushing up to just over 80 pounds now. The litter with Aina will be some spectacular pups. I'll have more on Rico and Russ and Beth in the upcoming newsletter.

Aina Jamthund Female Swedish ElkhoundAina is an incredible female. She has been a tremendous young Swedish Elkhound to raise and train. Aina has a strong drive to hunt so it took me some time to get her comfortable off leash. She is super smart, but the instinctive drive is also super strong, so that takes some training to control.

She is a happy girl in the bush I can tell you that, it's a very comfortable place for her, she relaxes and is fun to be around, intent, but relaxed if you know what I mean. She is of course as you can see absolutely stunning. Her build is filling in now, she is powerful but lean this summer, she is now filling in a bit. She is shown here on a hike with me she is 17 Months, 62 pounds. This my friends, this is an Elkhound!

Aina - Jamthund - Swedish Elkhound - Litter Summer 2018

Aina and Rico Jamthund Dogs with Merv

Well, I have here with me two amazing Jamthunds. Both are two of the very best in the world, with so many champions lining up the background of either that it's unbelievable.

Young Aina, 9 Months old, 58 pounds already is my best friend, she is so much like Takoda in so many ways it's unbelievable. Never did I think I would see such personable nature to the handler and all the traits he has be equalled. She will show me all the traits and qualities the ancient Swedish Elkhounds possess. This is also my most dominant young female I have ever seen, and I have witnessed a large number of them. She takes the cake.

Her mother is Finnish Bear Champion, her dad Finnish Working Champion, every dog in her lineage as far back as you wish to look, going back to minimum 1958 are all Champion hunting and working dogs and show champions. This is the very best Jamthund female you could find.

Aina and Rico Jamthund Dogs with MervI will mate her with Rico toward the end of 2017. He has the exact same quality lineage, a stunning mate for her. I had the breeders in Finland work hard to get me the perfect match up for Rico. Decades of experience in selecting dogs they put together to assist me in getting the right female. I could not be happier.

Years ago when Tora was a very young pup I had folks speak for her pups and wait two years for her to develop, I have the same opportunity for folks to do the same with Aina. Already folks are speaking for pups from this combination, there are only a possible chance let for a male. All females are spoken for and quite a few males. Please contact me very early if you expect to have a chance at a pup from this pair.

Its a great honour for me to have had the support and assistance of Ossi, the breeder of Aina and Satu and Jani, the breeders of Rico to work with me and over time, breed and plan for the right pup to start the Canadian Jamthund lineage at Kamia Kennels. I could not thank all of them enough for the time and effort they have invested to get the Jamthunds started in Canada.

Ossi has spent his life breeding some of the very best Jamthunds and has many many champions. Satu and Jani have as well been working and raising the very best in the Jamthund breed for years as well. I will expand on Aina over the next while and keep all informed as we go forward. These my friends, These Are Ancient Elkhounds!

Aina Female Jamthund 1 YearThis is a recent photo of Aina at 1 year of age March 13th, 2017. She is an incredible female Jamthund. As of today she is longer than all my dogs except Takoda. She also taller than all except him. She is 60 pounds of lean muscle. This girl has some serious attitude.  Awesome mountain dog. FEARLESS.

I really enjoy my time with Aina she is the ultimate one owner dog this gal. I'll be putting more up on her page, you can visit her page here for more on this great Jamthund: Aina Swedish Elkhound

Kamia Kennels - Norwegian Elkhounds

Elkhound Puppies are easy enough to care for, they have a very warm coat and as long as your kennel area is not overly cold at night will be very content. The better the food quality you feed, the healthier the pup. We recommend either a raw food diet or Origen. Origen is an extremely good prepared ration for your pup.

The first six months are important to your pup, especially at night. Allowing the pup time to go outside every 2 - 3 hours for a quick break to go to relieve themselves ensures that the bladder remains healthy for life. The same applies during the day as well.

Kennel training begins immediately and provides your pup with the knowledge and the opportunity it requires to grow up healthy, and remain very easy to look after.

Elkhounds are very intelligent, and if given a chance can begin learning all types of information right away. You won't need to wait, it's very rewarding working with a young pup and watching them grow and learn and develop.

Mia shown below with her and Takoda's April 2009 Litter - 10 pups

Kamia Kennels - Quality Elkhounds

Elkhound Puppies are a bundle of joy. They are energetic and fun right away. They are like little miniature full grown Elkhounds in their behaviour and traits. It's really neat to see a pup sit a certain way and continue to do that through life.

As we have mentioned before these dogs love snow. As a pup they can play for hours outside having a blast. They are a terrific pup for kids who love it outside. These dogs will be companion dogs for their life.

A feature that is often overlooked that we truly appreciate is that there is no odour on these dogs or wet smell. The dogs can be outside and come right inside if you like. They are content to lay at your feet or near the fireplace, on a rug or familiar spot.

Takoda Premier Elkhound Male StudHave lot's of chew toys for your young dog for months to come, as the teeth develop they need to chew, no doubt we've all had to get a few new laces, and perhaps some new shoes! These are in our opinion the most well rounded dog, free from almost all defects, a true family dog, with traits that suit a wide range of individuals. We feel they are the best dog you could have!

The little guy sitting so nice on the rug is Takoda, I took that photo late December 2007. Takoda roams our place today with a lot of his offspring, he has been a truly amazing companion and stud dog. My best pal, no doubt.

I took this photo July 31st, 2017, he is in magnificent shape and still rules.

This my friends, this is an Elkhound!

Kamia Kennels - Mia's First Litter

Elkhound Puppies, this is Takoda's First Litter, and also Mia's first litter, October of 2008, this photo, taken in December they are fat little fellas, Mia is a very good mother.

Her pups are always well fed and grow very fast.

She maintained her condition really well, we really fed her as much as she can eat, and she eats a lot when nursing these pups, no doubt.

These are snow dogs, even as pups they love the snow, sticking their noses and head right in to the snow, you have to really coax them to come back to the kennel.

Kamia Kennels - Jay and Ashten have a handful with these pups - December 2008

This is a photo from a long time ago, a fun photo for sure. Pups are now 5 weeks old in this photo, running around, play fighting, busy as can be. They are already taking the laces out of the shoes, just like their father. They all bark when you step into the kennel, little miniature watch dogs. We were taking some group photos and it was quite a task to keep all six of these little jokers in place, get Mia and Takoda both to look at the camera, and all of us, trying hard not to have anyone's eye closed on the flash, thank goodness for digital memory cards.

Consistent Genetics

Artemis and Magnus

This is a very cool photo and fitting for this particular update. I have in the image closest to us Artemis, the young female pup from Leif and Tuva, sister to Torleif. The young male, just slightly older is Magnus, who is a son of Kai and Hachi. As you can easily see stunning Elkhounds.

Ripley, Anchorage Alaska, hiking and therapy Elkhound Male

Ripley Norwegian Elkhound MaleThere are few places more scenic than Alaska and Gabrielle and Nick keep me posted on this magnificent young fella, Ripley. Awesome life this young male has. This is a full brother to MÅNE, son of Takoda and Tekla. A huge thank to Gabrielle and Nick for such a great home and updates.

Ripley Elkhound Male

Hi there Merv!

Ripley is doing fantastic. He's a big fella now 53lbs at 9 months old and still growing. The weather is starting to shift colder now in Alaska as we move into fall season. Strangely though, Ripley seems to be blowing his coat around his neck and rump now even though it's getting colder. Is that normal? He pretty much always was shedding but now giant tufts of fur are poofing off of him spontaneously. I'm guessing it's the areas that weren't brushed as well throughout the summer? Any thoughts?

His "by me" command is vastly improving and I use it at work when I'm navigating the busy hallways. Lots of foot traffic with the therapists, nurses, and patients and I need to keep Ripley out of the way. He has also learned how to walk behind a wheelchair right next to me while I push the chair. That way he can come along and stay out of the way while I transport my patients as well. He's on his way to being a great therapy dog. My patients adore him.

We go hiking and camping often and Ripley loves being off leash. He even carries his own food, toys, and water now! When we are in the mountains I've noticed Ripley is more obedient and more attentive when we have him off leash. He has continued his awesome communication with us as well. Not sure how many more camping opportunities we will have with the autumn coming but there is plenty of hiking to do now and throughout winter.

Gabrielle and Nick


Gifford - Son of Jaegar & Kalia

I just got this great additional information from Alycia on a terrific write-up that "Filson" did on Dan and his Forestry Company him and Alycia run. It's a terrific article and of course, my head is pretty fat as it features this big fella below, Gifford. He works out everyday with Dan, tough as nails little rascal, keeping the bears at bay. Pretty cool! Neat article, a huge congrats to Dan pretty nice article.

Filson Article

If They Ain't Wavin

Gifford Son of Jaegar and Kalia

Gifford, one of the big boys from Jaegar and Kalia last litter out on the job site. I got this great update from Daniel and Alycia just the other day, Gifford is down south of us in Washington State. He works along side Daniel and Alycia, they are running a great forestry company of their own down there.

Gifford Son of Jaegar and Kalia

"Hi Merv,

I hope you're doing well up north!

I wanted to send you an update on Gifford, He's doing well in the field with Daniel and I. He averages at least a few miles a day exploring the PNW forests, and hes already barked at a big old boar black bear.He is a working GQ dog!

Alycia and Daniel"

Jaegar Elkhound Stud Dog at Kamia Kennels

I put an article up about Jaegar and Leif, our two big young stud dogs. It's a neat article and gives you some insight into our program and the genetic potential we have right now with these two big fellas. Click the image of Jaegar to view it.

Elkhound Pup Prices

Our Canadian destined Pups are 2000.00 in Canadian Funds plus applicable taxes. The pups are ready to go at 8 weeks of age and will have a full health certificate and initial boosters shots with a deworming completed.

The USA destined pups are 3000.00 in Canadian Funds, plus applicable taxes. They will be ready to go at 16 weeks of age and have a full health certificate and all 3 sets of boosters with a deworming and rabies. USA folks automatically get the Desna training program included with your pup for the 3000.00 as the pup is here for 16 weeks to complete the required vaccinations, I might as well train it.

The Jamthund Pups from Aina are priced differently. Please contact me directly to speak about them. You will most likely be looking at a second litter pup from Aina as we have a lot of deposits on the first litter already. But contact me directly to speak about Aina's litter.

USA Residents please note:

There is no applicable taxes.

Desna Program Price

Our new Desna Program, which I named after the first stellar pup to complete the new program, Mr. Desna himself is a new program. The new Desna program is one where I will keep the pup here for 16 weeks, it will have all the 3 sets of boosters and rabies shots, deworming, and of course a full health certificate, with International certificate and flight certificate.

Also, the pup will go through our initial training program that was so successful with Desna. The pups learn much faster around our older dogs so it's very easy for me to do all the initial training and provide you with a very well started pup. I will be putting a lot more details up on the Desna program soon.

Desna Norwegian program pups are 3000.00 Canadian plus applicable taxes.

Desna Jamthund program pups please contact me directly to speak about the litter from Aina.

Click here for the full Desna Program Outline

Elkhound Male Desna

Desna, Son of Takoda and GÆDA 16 weeks

Desna with Cow and Calf Moose 

Desna a few years later keeping watch out for bears helping his friend this cow Moose and young twin calves.

I'll share the story on Desna and this cow Moose in the upcoming newsletter, Tim just sent me this photo the other day and I wanted to put it up.

Tora and Luna

Luna on the left, Tora on the right. Luna is just a slight bit taller than Tora now at 9 months, and is going to be as wide as well. Luna is going to be  a big powerful female. Tora doesn't let her little sister push her around yet though!

Tora and Luna

MÅNE - Our New Stud Male

I have below my new future stud dog, MÅNE. He is a brother to Jaegar. He is going to be as large and powerful as Jaegar as you can see. He is to the left, Jaegar to the right. He is an absolutely stunning male. Even if I do say so myself I have to say, he is the best looking male I have ever seen!

 Mane, our new Elkhound Stud Dog

MÅNE is Swedish for Moon, and because he was born the night of the SuperMoon, I thought it was a fitting name for such a tremendous young male.

Tora and Leif

Coming into our program Leif had some filling out to do. He was a young male and had not had much work. Around here it's tough going with almost all hikes uphill, both ways.

As you can see he has muscled right in very well, in fact he can now stand beside the powerhouse Tora and still maintain his composure. A great testament to his genetics and our conditioning program.

Tora and Leif Norwegian Elkhounds


Tekla is of course in awesome shape. She is having a great summer just spending some time with cruising around the mountains.

She will be cycling this late fall and we will be expecting her to catch and have a litter before year end hopefully.

Tekla is probably the best female Norwegian Elkhound in North America I believe, and if the truth be told, probably as good as you could find in the World Today! This my friends, this is an Elkhound!
Tekla Norwegian Elkhound Female

Takoda, Aina and I

There are great days and then there are Great Days. July 1st, 2017 Canada Day, 150 Year birthday for Canada, pretty neat for sure.

Marlene and I had a chance to hike first thing in the morning with the future of the Swedish Elkhounds in Canada, Takoda and Aina.  Pretty Neat Indeed!

Swedish Elkhounds Takoda and Aina