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Elkhound Puppies

Elkhound Puppies - Breeding Update March 24th, 2017

 Tekla and Takoda will be having another litter May 15th

Tekla Norwegian Elkhound March 24th 2017Tekla is in amazing shape and she cycled within a day of her six month time frame. This is a very fertile prolific female. Mia and Tora both were like that, I remember Mia had her second litter 6 months to the day from her first. Tekla will be doing the exact same thing. She is shown here on March 24th, her Aina and I did a great Mountain hike.

In old world breeding principles if the young female is in great shape, and if she cycles she is bred that cycle. After that second litter she is bred with a year between. The theory behind it for Tekla and Aina Elkhounds March 24th 2017centuries is that when they are young and fertile they have healthier pups, have an easier time whelping and get to retire earlier in life. Tora is a perfect example of that strategy, Tora was bred using that same strategy, we sure can't argue with her condition.

Mane Son of Tekla and TakodaTekla and Takoda have produced truly awesome pups already. That first litter was incredible. I have a photo of one of those pups, MÅNE. He is the pup I chose to be a new stud dog for us, to give his brother Jaegar a hand and of course help out Pretty Boy Leif if he needs it.

This photo shows the quality that combination of dogs provides. It's simply amazing that pairing of genetics. You could look for a lifetime to find a pup like that and there were 10 of them to pick from. The yard right now is full of pups like this, what a time I am having. We have Luna, the sister here as well, although she went to the city with Ashten for a visit, she will be a GQ female soon. MÅNE he is a rough and tumble fella, hangs out with Leif and Jaegar learning how to make a racket, and in his spare time is taking wrestling lessons from his sister, the ground and pound master herself, Tora. When he is done taking those lessons he gets to hike with Aina for some long distance fast paced endurance runs. He will be a machine I can tell you. His dad has been taking him to the gate every chance he gets showing him the ropes down there, not much I have to teach. So there is another litter planned coming May 15th time frame. I have a lot of folks on that list already so please contact us early if you wish to be on that list.


Kalia has her first litter, 3 Males, 2 Females - Feb 10th

Kalia and Jaegar Swedish Elkhound Pups

I am very excited these days as I have a whole bunch of new little baby pups around. Kalia had her first litter Feb 10th, awesome little rascals, 3 males and 2 females, black as coal. They are doing terrific. She is a really good mama, they are already like double in size in just a few days. She is doing well, happy and content, eating good and relaxed.

Just next door to her there is more exciting news as her best pal and lifelong friend Kai has her litter as well, 7 little rascals, more on that below, but I find that is really fitting for these two. They do pretty much everything together since they were little tiny rascals.

Kalia and Jaegar Swedish Elkhound Pups This photo taken March 5th: I don't ever recall seeing pups grow so fast before. These pups of Kalia and Jaegar have taken me totally by surprise. They are all up walking around, almost able to run, they bark and growl like Jaegar. Fight Kalia for her food, literally she has to growl them back from the dish. This is an amazing group of pups.

There is a pup hooked onto Kalia 24/7, if she is in the pen, someone is nursing. They take turns sleeping, it's like some sort of tag team scenario. Here is the interesting thing, Kalia is a super mom and can handle it. She is eating continually and nursing amazingly well. Some really stout pups in here.

Kalia and Jaegar Swedish Elkhound Pups I have moved the pups outside now on the 16th of March, Kalia and Kai's. They are doing fabulous these rascals. They all really enjoy the freedom they have outside. They are like little tiny guard dogs already. It's so funny. When the males come by the fence, Kalia she is a new mom so she is super protective, she lets those males know, just keep moving. All the little pups they come right up beside her, heads up, tails up, barking giving her some back-up. Its really neat to see all the instinctive traits front and center with these guys. They are some really good pups. I have them eating now as well to give Kalia a bit of a hand, she is doing a terrific job though.

Kalia and Jaegar Swedish Elkhound Pups I had Kalia and Jaegars rascals out on their first mountain hike yesterday, March 23rd. Tough rascals, Wow! Did a great little climb up with me, took some doing to get them all going same direction but once moving, they followed along. We were able to get up and find a nice sunny slope on the south exposure and they have a fun time around some logs and rocks.

They would get stuck inbetween rocks and a hard place and work and work to climb over it, finally I would call them and get them to go around or something, no end to work ethic in these youngsters. It's is so fascinating to watch. Also I can sit down, give them a call, and sure enough, all come over, no matter where they are, so intstinctive. What a great group.

Kai has her first litter, 6 Males, 1 Female - Feb 12th

Kai and her first litter of 7 new puppies

This is totally awesome having the young females finally with their new litters. As all of you know I raised Kai from the last litter that Tora had, so she was born here. Kai has her new litter here now, 6 males, and 1 really stout female, all black little rascals.

Kai is a best pal to Kalia right above and it's neat that they have grown together, and now are both brand new moms together, tons of fun around here for sure.

Kai and her first litter of 7 new puppies This photo taken March 5th: As you know, Kai and Kalia do everything together. They have been best pals from day one. Well, go figure, it's like Kai can see and hear what Kalia is doing a couple of pens down. She is matching Kalia almost step for step with these pups. It's like a competition or something. You wouldn't believe it. Kai has her pups up walking and burning around, they come after her food.

Soon in a day or so I will have to feed these females outside the pen, can you imagine. So Kia is smaller than Kalia, has more pups, but is nursing just as good and keeping her little rascals right close to the same as Kalia. They are not quite as big, but boy, are they doing great. Kai I can see her agility in her pups already, they are a little more stable and steady than those over in Kalia's pen. It's funny to see.

Kai and her first litter of 7 new puppiesKai is very happy to be out with her pups as well. She has some seriously good black faced rascals here boy. My goodness. They are so squat and so square and the tails literally curled right up already. Ears are coming up, what a group. Just like Kalia's they are backing thier mama up if she has to tell somebody like Jaegar or Leif to back off, the little guys are all right there with her. No fear. Photo take March 16th

They get along though, just new moms are so protective that first day or two outside, it's good for them to do. Keeps the males on notice to behave and be social or get a new scar. Kai can handle this job, no sweat.

Kai and her first litter of 7 new puppiesThis match-up with Hachi was a seriously good idea. These little fellas are so nice, ears are really black fringed, up on most at such an early age. Kai has really good ears, so does Hachi. They are black footed and thick. You can see the muscle these little fellas are going to have, the young female is thick and strong as well. I am very pleased with them. They are not as vocal as Kalia's, mind you both Kalia and Jaegar are more vocal than Kai and Hachi so stands to reason. I took this photo on March 23rd, 2017.

I do believe I will do this combination at a later date potentially again, I am so pleased with it. I have them right beside Leif, he sure enjoys these young pups and plays with them through the fence. He is a very social good natured male for them to know.

GÆDA has her litter, 3 Males, 3 Females - Feb 22nd

GAEDA has 6 new Elkhound Pups

This is a tremendous litter for GÆDA. She has 6 stunning new Elkhounds, 3 males, and 3 females. I am so excited about this litter as I was hoping GÆDA and Takoda would provide us with a new female to carry on the GÆDA lineage. I have 3 beauties to choose from.

Also there are some truly outstanding males in this litter, 3 of those big rascals. I know there are going to be some very happy families out there. GÆDA does a really good job with her pups and they are growing fast. I'll keep you posted on these in the upcoming days.

GAEDA has 6 new Elkhound PupsGÆDA has always raised our biggest pups when weighed on the scales at 7 weeks. These fat monsters will also top the scales I can guarantee you. She has truly outdone her past super successful litters with this last one.

She is staying in shape, eats like a wolf, is really quite amazing. Her pups are all starting to get that beautiful Silver tinge they get when she is mated to Takoda. They are smart rascals, calm, rarely do they make any noise, what a steady bunch. Took this photo March 17th.

Tuva is nursing 6 little rascals

Tuva is now nursing 6 pups

Tuva is nursing 6 little rascals, all doing terrific. She has been looking after them really well, you would not want to be a stranger going near her pups. To say she is protective of them is an understatement.

She is funny though, she likes to keep them all fairly close to her and if one pups gets way off to the side or end of the pen she gets a bit vocal. She will call out to me to come to see her, she will look at me, whine a bit, then look at the pup, then back at me. She waits till I come in, take the little guy and move him close to her, then she relaxes again. It's really neat, we make a good team.

Tuva is now nursing 6 pupsI took this March 17th. Her pups are growing like crazy. What a great job she is doing. Tuva is such a protective mom. Wow. It's hard to get her to go outside even, and when she does she is flying. I mean flying. Done her business and back at the door in lightspeed. No goofing around, nothing, back to her pups. And you best not be a dog by the door to her pen, you will have a good snap on the side the head.

She is funny though, she has always been out of sync with the others on her going out time. Not certain how that occurred, but her one time that is tough for me is 3 a.m. Every day, She will give me a signal, I have get up, go down, let her out, she is fast though, and back in like the flash. I would have preferred 5 a.m. or 6 even, but alas, that's the way it is. So I just let them all out as well at that time, even though now, it's just GAEDA in with her, Kai and Kalia are outside.



Kamia Elkhounds - Kalia's, Kai's and GÆDA's Litters



GÆDA one of our most polite Norwegian Elkhounds

GAEDA Norwegian Elkhound FemaleGÆDA is a stunning female. Over the years she has continued to produce some of our very best Elkhounds. GÆDA is a full registered Norwegian Elkhound and is a flawless example of old ancient Genetics. She is still the big lines, matches all my big girls for size, length stamina. She maintains condition at around that 62-64 pounds throughout.

GÆDA is the most polite dog we have. She is a dream to work with. No doubt one of our best on leash and off, her and Kai are superior that way. I have hiked for years with GÆDA off leash in every type of terrain and I can turn around, or look around and she is looking at me. A flawless mountain female. I am very pleased that for the last litter she produced 3 outstanding females and 3 fabulous males. I will be selecting one of those females to retain in our program to keep that GÆDA genetic lineage. The young female I have decided to name, Vida. The folks getting those other 5 they are getting some truly great pups. It's an exciting time around here for sure. My options for Vida are almost endless as I can use young Leif, I can use Bram and if I wished, could use Hachi. So truly endless potential to preserve this ancient female genetic material. Things are good.

GAEDA Norwegian Elkhound FemaleGÆDA and Ashten sitting, Kamp sleeping high mountain hike late fall 2016

GÆDA can hike the high country like nothing. She has a ton of stamina, she is a big girl with a nice light step. She really is awesome off leash. Never would I have to say her name or say a word to her the entire trip, there and back. I have hiked miles and miles off leash with GÆDA. Here she sits by Ashten, happy to share the great view we had at the top of our hike. These two, GÆDA and Kamp, along with Jaegar and Tora accompanied Ashten and I for a real nice full day hike through our rugged part of the world. We had an awesome time. Her and Takoda can create the most amazing hiking and personal companion dogs of any pair anywhere in the world!


3 Generations of Prolific Norwegian Elkhound Females


Mia Norwegian Elkhound FemaleMia is shown to the left many years ago with her second litter of pups with Takoda. That was an awesome litter of ten tough rascals, no doubt about it. In that litter there were 7 females and 3 males. We decided to hold back a female from that litter and that young pup was of course Tora.

Tora and her siblings were truly awesome pups, all the Elkhounds that Mia produced were outstanding dogs. Virtually everyone of those dogs from every litter she had are featured all over this site. Mia was an exceptional female.

Tora Norwegian Elkhound FemaleTora is shown to the left in this image quite a few years ago, basically just a few weeks after we moved to our current location Tora had her 4th Litter. She had 9 pups in that fourth litter, and we held back one of the stout females in that litter, her name, you guessed it, Kai.

Tora has been a model for the Norwegian Elkhound stamina, prolific nature, ability to rebreed, stay in condition and is running our day to day operation here as I write this.

Kai Norwegian Elkhound FemaleA short few days ago Kai is now following the footsteps of her Grandmother Mia, and her famous mother Tora helping to keep the Elkhounds strong in North America. Kai has a litter of 7 Norwegian Elkhound pups. She had 6 males and 1 fabulous female. They are all doing terrific.

The breeders of Norwegian Elkhounds in North America have slowly over the years moved to a very select show lineage, whereas here at Kamia Kennels we still breed the old ancient genetics. We are very proud to say that Kai, she is going to continue to bring forth those old ancient genes and continue to produce the true old outstanding Elkhounds. Kai as you all know is only second generation born in Canada as her father was the first. Kai's grandmother on her sires side was a Norway born female. These little Norwegian Elkhound pups are 3 Generation of Elkhounds from Mia down through Tora, all bred and born at Kamia, and on the sires side of Kai, three generations back they were in Norway. Pretty neat time isn't it!

Mia and Kia 

Mia and Kai Norwegian Elkhound Females

Tuva and Leif, Mated Jan 3rd 2017 Stunning Pair

Norwegian Elkhound Female Tuva and Leif Male Elkhound

Tuva is the stunning twin sister to Tekla. Tuva is an incredible female Norwegian Elkhound. She has turned out to be truly awesome. Tuva is one of the very best female Norwegian Elkhounds in the world. She has a line of working champions in her background like no other. I really was hoping to find a really stunning young Norwegian male for her.

I had begun a quest a long time ago, years ago in fact. I wanted to find a Norwegian Male pup the similiar way I had found Aina, by working with a few really good breeders and seeing if they could in fact get me the combination of genetics I was searching for. I had a long list of requirements of course. I have superior dogs, so it's tough to find males that are in the league of my females.

Tuva and her sister Tekla winter hiking - Offleash mountain Norwegian Elkhounds

Tuva and Tekla Norwegian Elkhound SistersNow working with International breeders is somewhat tough, but all obstacles can be overcome. Finally our new young stud has arrived. I had wanted him older and so he comes at a time that he is ready to breed. What luck for him, as he walks into the yard, sees Tuva, she sees him, and Tuva is like, hello Handsome! Leif almost falls over, he is so excited! What luck, just arrived in a new country one day and here is the nicest female Elkhound he has ever seen in heat yet, and she likes him!

Leif and Tuva with me January 2017 - Both of these Norwegian Elkhounds are super personable!

Leif, Male Norwegian ElkhoundNow Leif is a pretty boy, don't get me wrong he is full ancient dog, but he is all Show Dog genetics. Grand Champion Father and Mother, Grandfather, and every dog in his lineage for as long as you wish to look a champion. Father was best in show, etc.  etc. Now, for all of you who read this site, show titles are no real big deal for me, as I don't show, I go. So we needed a "Show Line" that could "Still Hunt" if you know what I mean. We finally worked it out with the help of some really great breeders of Elkhounds. They knew the quality of Tuva, and of course Tekla, Kai and a few others we might use Leif with, so they got us an outstanding young male.

Leif and Tuva Norwegian ElkhoundsLeif has been busy, he has hooked up with Tuva the first a.m. he was here, so he has the stuff great stud dogs are made of, he is young this is his first breeding, but let me say, he is actiing like a full big male, no doubt.

Now this pair is my prettiest pair. Leif is really stunning, a real show stopper, and standing beside the beauty queen Tuva, I doubt there are two nicer looking Elkhounds anywhere in the world today.  These are really NICE Norwegian Elkhounds, so personable, so friendly. No where near as rugged as Kamp and Jaegar but just as tough, just as reliable, outstanding young Elkhounds, but refined if you know what I mean.

Now Tuva she is full instinct intact, Leif, I am sure to find out he is as well. He is social and nice right now of course, but he does stand to attention at the fence when the big boys Takoda and Jaegar come by. He is careful not to curl his lip, but he has the confidence to stand tall. A very brave young solid dominant male. Jaegar and Takoda of course would simply eat him given the chance but I give Leif a TON of credit, for a brand new to the place youngster, he is doing terrific. Very few older males would not turn away when those rauchy big males come by. Leif will do well here.

So for those of you in line for a pup, the range of incredible combinations just got a little bit wider for sure.

You can learn more about this terrific young male, click here: Leif Norwegian Elkhound Male

I did a neat video the other day on Leif and some of the others out on a snowshoe hike, you'll like it:


 Ashten with Jaegar Elkhound Male Skijoring Feb 2017

Ashten and Jaegar Skijoring 2017

Jaegar is a happy boy out in the mountains working. He is a great pal for Ashten, she has him hooked up to her skijoring rig here, they are just completing a 5 kilometre loop. In BC this is a great thing to have a big fella like Jaegar hooked on, as of course there are some hills, and he can pull.

Jaegar is a massive big dark Elkhound male. He is always over 70 lbs and super strong. He has a big bark, and he likes to use it. He is a dominant male, he is super watchful of anything coming around the yard, and would not let anything in.

He is a GQ male, urban trained, yet fully capable in the bush, as versatile as they come. He is polite and social, however he retains all protection instincts from his Dad and he is quick to step in if he feels there is anything amiss for Ashten, in any situation. A big male like Jaegar, with all instincts intact, they live to protect the handler.

Jaegar can pass all his traits down, they stay intact. Elkhounds were used for centuries to protect and work with the handler, in every type of environment. They are fearless dogs. We are very proud to continue to breed ancient lineage Elkhounds with all traits intact. When you have your daughter out on a hike in the wilderness, or in the urban jungle, don't send her with a dog that will create problems, send her with one who can handle and solve problems. Jaegar and Kamp will have another litter in the next short while.

Aina - Jamthund - Swedish Elkhound - Litter Summer 2018

Aina and Rico Jamthund Dogs with Merv

Well, I have here with me two amazing Jamthunds. Both are two of the very best in the world, with so many champions lining up the background of either that it's unbelievable.

Young Aina, 9 Months old, 58 pounds already is my best friend, she is so much like Takoda in so many ways it's unbelievable. Never did I think I would see such personable nature to the handler and all the traits he has be equalled. She will show me all the traits and qualities the ancient Swedish Elkhounds possess. This is also my most dominant young female I have ever seen, and I have witnessed a large number of them. She takes the cake.

Her mother is Finnish Bear Champion, her dad Finnish Working Champion, every dog in her lineage as far back as you wish to look, going back to minimum 1958 are all Champion hunting and working dogs and show champions. This is the very best Jamthund female you could find.

Aina and Rico Jamthund Dogs with MervI will mate her with Rico about a year from now. He has the exact same quality lineage, a stunning mate for her. I had the breeders in Finland work hard to get me the perfect match up for Rico. Decades of experience in selecting dogs they put together to assist me in getting the right female. I could not be happier.

Years ago when Tora was a very young pup I had folks speak for her pups and wait two years for her to develop, I have the same opportunity for folks to do the same with Aina. Already folks are speaking for pups from this combination, there are only a possible chance let for a male. All females are spoken for and quite a few males. Please contact me very early if you expect to have a chance at a pup from this pair.

Its a great honour for me to have had the support and assistance of Ossi, the breeder of Aina and Satu and Jani, the breeders of Rico to work with me and over time, breed and plan for the right pup to start the Canadian Jamthund lineage at Kamia Kennels. I could not thank all of them enough for the time and effort they have invested to get the Jamthunds started in Canada.

Ossi has spent his life breeding some of the very best Jamthunds and has many many champions. Satu and Jani have as well been working and raising the very best in the Jamthund breed for years as well. I will expand on Aina over the next while and keep all informed as we go forward. These my friends, These Are Ancient Elkhounds!

Aina Female Jamthund 1 YearThis is a recent photo of Aina at 1 year of age March 13th, 2017. She is an incredible female Jamthund. As of today she is longer than all my dogs except Takoda. She also taller than all except him. She is 60 pounds of lean muscle. This girl has some serious attitude.  Awesome mountain dog. FEARLESS.

I really enjoy my time with Aina she is the ultimate one owner dog this gal. I'll be putting more up on her page, you can visit her page here for more on this great Jamthund: Aina Swedish Elkhound

Kamia Kennels - Norwegian Elkhounds

Elkhound Puppies are easy enough to care for, they have a very warm coat and as long as your kennel area is not overly cold at night will be very content. The better the food quality you feed, the healthier the pup. We recommend either a raw food diet or Origen. Origen is an extremely good prepared ration for your pup.

The first six months are important to your pup, especially at night. Allowing the pup time to go outside every 2 - 3 hours for a quick break to go to relieve themselves ensures that the bladder remains healthy for life. The same applies during the day as well.

Kennel training begins immediately and provides your pup with the knowledge and the opportunity it requires to grow up healthy, and remain very easy to look after.

Elkhounds are very intelligent, and if given a chance can begin learning all types of information right away. You won't need to wait, it's very rewarding working with a young pup and watching them grow and learn and develop.

Mia shown below with her and Takoda's April 2009 Litter - 10 pups

Kamia Kennels - Quality Elkhounds

Elkhound Puppies are a bundle of joy. They are energetic and fun right away. They are like little miniature full grown Elkhounds in their behaviour and traits. It's really neat to see a pup sit a certain way and continue to do that through life.

As we have mentioned before these dogs love snow. As a pup they can play for hours outside having a blast. They are a terrific pup for kids who love it outside. These dogs will be companion dogs for their life.

A feature that is often overlooked that we truly appreciate is that there is no odour on these dogs or wet smell. The dogs can be outside and come right inside if you like. They are content to lay at your feet or near the fireplace, on a rug or familiar spot.

Have lot's of chew toys for your young dog for months to come, as the teeth develop they need to chew, no doubt we've all had to get a few new laces, and perhaps some new shoes! These are in our opinion the most well rounded dog, free from almost all defects, a true family dog, with traits that suit a wide range of individuals. We feel they are the best dog you could have!

Kamia Kennels - Mia's First Litter

Elkhound Puppies, this is Takoda's First Litter, and also Mia's first litter, October of 2008, this photo, taken in December they are fat little fellas, Mia is a very good mother.

Her pups are always well fed and grow very fast.

She maintained her condition really well, we really fed her as much as she can eat, and she eats a lot when nursing these pups, no doubt.

These are snow dogs, even as pups they love the snow, sticking their noses and head right in to the snow, you have to really coax them to come back to the kennel.

Kamia Kennels - Jay and Ashten have a handful with these pups - December 2008

This is a photo from a long time ago, a fun photo for sure. Pups are now 5 weeks old in this photo, running around, play fighting, busy as can be. They are already taking the laces out of the shoes, just like their father. They all bark when you step into the kennel, little miniature watch dogs. We were taking some group photos and it was quite a task to keep all six of these little jokers in place, get Mia and Takoda both to look at the camera, and all of us, trying hard not to have anyone's eye closed on the flash, thank goodness for digital memory cards.

Consistent Genetics

Jaegar and his brothers

Jaegar just over 6 years old is shown with a few of his brothers, Ripley and Kronos, along with Max shown at 16 weeks. The dogs shown in this photo are pretty much exactly what you can expect from the second litter of Takoda and Tekla, they are the parents of Ripley, Kronos and Max. Takoda is also the father of Jaegar, so you can have a good idea of what you can expect. These are the premier pups in North America.

Kaieesha - Daughter of Jaegar and Kamp

Kaieesha, one of the beautiful daughters of Jaegar and Kamp from the last litter.

Ranger Son of Jaegar and Kamp

Ranger, one of the big fellas from the last litter of Jaegar and Kamp, brother to Kaieesha above. These are outstanding big working males.

Jaegar Elkhound Stud Dog at Kamia Kennels

I put an article up about Jaegar and Leif, our two big young stud dogs. It's a neat article and gives you some insight into our program and the genetic potential we have right now with these two big fellas. Click the image of Jaegar to view it.

Elkhound Pup Prices

Our Canadian destined Pups are 1600.00 in Canadian Funds plus applicable taxes. The pups are ready to go at 8 weeks of age and will have a full health certificate and initial boosters shots with a deworming completed.

The USA destined pups are 2500.00 in Canadian Funds, plus applicable taxes. They will be ready to go at 16 weeks of age and have a full health certificate and all 3 sets of boosters with a deworming and rabies. USA folks automatically get the Desna training program included with your pup for the 2500 as the pup is here for 16 weeks to complete the required vaccinations, I might as well train it.

The Jamthund Pups from Aina are priced differently. Please contact me directly to speak about them. You will most likely be looking at a second litter pup from Aina as we have a lot of deposits on the first litter already. But contact me directly to speak about Aina's litter.

USA Residents please note:

There is no applicable taxes.

Desna Program Price

Our new Desna Program, which I named after the first stellar pup to complete the new program, Mr. Desna himself is a new program. The new Desna program is one where I will keep the pup here for 16 weeks, it will have all the 3 sets of boosters and rabies shots, deworming, and of course a full health certificate, with International certificate and flight certificate.

Also, the pup will go through our initial training program that was so successful with Desna. The pups learn much faster around our older dogs so it's very easy for me to do all the initial training and provide you with a very well started pup. I will be putting a lot more details up on the Desna program soon.

Desna Norwegian program pups are 2500.00 Canadian plus applicable taxes.

Desna Jamthund program pups please contact me directly to speak about the litter from Aina.

Elkhound Male Desna

Desna, Son of Takoda and GÆDA 16 weeks

Luna and MÅNE

Luna and Mane


MÅNE - Our New Stud Male
I have below my new future stud dog, MÅNE. He is a son of Takoda and Tekla.I had asked Tekla and Takoda to bring out a bear chasing rascal with a big white chest, and sure enough, first pup out this tough little rascal comes out. Go Figure!

 Mane, our new Elkhound Stud Dog

MÅNE is Swedish for Moon, and because he was born the night of the SuperMoon, I thought it was a fitting name for such a tremendous young male. This is a half brother to Jaegar of course, as Takoda is the father of Jaegar.

Luna our new foundation female

Luna Elkhound Female

Now I also let Tekla and Takoda know that I needed a new hand bitting sister to Tora, a grand daughter for Kamp, and sure enough, just like her granma Kamp, Luna is a hand biter. These two are going to be some very special Elkhounds, no doubt about it. Luna is going to carry the Kamp, Tekla lineage ahead for us. She and her brother are two of the very best we have ever raised.


Calaya and Julie are shown below with one of the daughters from the Jaegar GÆDA litter, Vendela.

Calaya and Julie picking up Vendela

Julie sent me a terrific update on how Vendela is doing:

"She is a fun little trickster and a gentle,gentle sweet soul.
I've been here for her in the days since she's been here and she is fully settled.
She has a sense of humour.
Very responsive.
She is definitely my dog.
Everyone can not believe how she pays attention to what I do.
I don't talk too much at her.
She walks when I walk ,she comes in when I come in, if I say ven when she's in the yard she comes running. Easy girl.
She wants to play more with Andre and the kids but with me she knows I don't like to play as much but she still really likes me a lot! She is always watching me. We love her sooo much.
I'm still camped out beside her at night.
She is eating very well and getting bigger!
She is a great walker.Especially with me!
She tries to bite pants and boots with the kids but with me it's straight ahead right beside me. On the left or right side.
I haven't spent any leash time with her yet.
She loves sticks, pine cones and big ol beef rib bones.
We give her a fleshy bone or two a day and she'll chew that instead of our stuff. No problems with that as long as we are always keeping her busy with outside and bones.
The trickster part I love...
She's always right beside me unless she hides behind a tree watching,watching and watching me.I just keep going down the hill then I'll stop bend down, she'll have her head down low then pounces down the big hill with such a joy and happiness. Tricky.
We have a very special connection. I can't believe how wonderfully she is fitting into our family. Like peas and carrots.
It has been nice because of the down time I have, she needs me right now.
I always thought dogs liked males more.
She is coy with Andre.
The time I spent withGAEDA was not very long but when she looks into my eyes I see her mom.
She is a very tender dog with me.
But she has a fire inside! She is so so happy when the kids get of the school bus.
She'll bark once or twice and run tail wagging. Excitedly.
She waits for Andre at night and it's a big hello.
We are so blessed and she is right at home, truly awesome.
She licks my hands and face and I get down with her and let her do what ever.
She is a super happy laid back puppy!
Real relaxed.
The few people who have met her are completely in awe!
So easy going.

I'll send you some pics soon
Thanks for the email
I've wanted to write you but I don't want to be a bug!
So happy here Vendela will tell you next time she visits!
The perfect fit." Julie

Julie and her new companion Vendela