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Kai - Female Norwegian Elkhound

Kai- Female Norwegian Elkhound

Kai - Female Norwegian Elkhound

This is Kai, the awesome daughter of Tora and Bram, photo taken February 10th, 2018, she is bred to Leif in this photo.

*Kai Female Norwegian Elkhound Kai, shown below with her mother Tora a few years ago*

Everyone who follows the site knows that Tora and Bram were an incredible pair of Elkhounds. They produced some of the very best Elkhounds found in Canada, Kai was one of those.

We knew we were going to be keeping a female and in the old world breeding principles if possible, you wait as long as you think you can before selecting a descendant. This principle is thought to allow the breeder to select from proven dogs, as they would be able to see some previous litters, you would know a bit of history on the pups. Also, as old world principles in breeding are designed to limit the amount of genetic changes by waiting as long as possible selecting at the last litter gives the longest time frame without a genetic change. Now of course with selection based upon the female the time frame is always most likely going to be shorter, as you could select from a male at an older age. In this case we were wanting the Tora/Bram combination of genetics, so we selected based on Tora's final litter, not on Brams final litter.

*Kai and Mia, are shown below, Mia is the grandmother to Kai*

Kai and Mia Female Norwegian ElkhoundsThe reason we selected on Tora, is because we want to keep the Mia, Tora, Kai lineage, basically keeping the foundation female side of the equation - ultimately you keep the male side as well, but the only way to keep the female side of the genetic combination is to select daughters from the mother, who was a daughter from the grandmother, etc.

Mia of course had a tremendous impact on our breeding program, mother of Tora, mother of Jaegar, 25 incredible pups, tons and tons of granddaughters and grandsons, so it only made sense to utilize that awesome genetic lineage and keep it in our program.

Kai, Tora and Mia, 3 Generations of female Norwegian Elkhounds Shown*

Kai and Tora and Mia Female Norwegian ElkhoundsI had spent years hiking and working with Mia, and of course Tora. I knew the reliability, the nature, the genetic instinctive skill. These are highly sought after today as lineages lose that instinctive skill fast unless a breeder can keep both sides of the equation.

For many people they don't know that for a breeder sometimes you have to choose between the male side or the female side. In many cases they simply can't keep both. Obviously you would need to have double the capacity for dogs, as you would literally be keeping twice the amount, but in addition to that comes all the outcross breeding males you require.

If all you selected on was the sire, the male side, then you would just bring in outcross females and you could use that male for many years. No other male really needed. So many breeders do this exact thing, select only from the sire. It is far more cost effective from a sheer economic standpoint.

An illustration of that simple program in effect would have been to bring females in all the time to use with Takoda, and finally, now at ten years old, keep MÅNE and that would be the extent of the hold back in breeding stock. All female genetics would be displaced, we would not select on any of them, the only genetic female side we would be keeping is the mother of MÅNE.

In that equation you really lose out on all the top female genetics that come before the final selected male. There could have been many amazing females with seriously good qualities, but using only the sire side you would not have retained any. If there were qualities that the male for any reason did not present, then, those qualities are literally lost. This is exactly what has been occurring rapid fashion in North America as breeders don't fully have the capability to handle both sides, and undoubtedly, they don't actually understand the concept, and further to that, don't have the good ancient females left to select from anyway.

Kai, Tora and Takoda, 3 Generations of ElkhoundsSo for us, we are committed to retaining all the genetic material.

The beauty of this whole old world principle is that if you have the sire as well, and you know he is proven, then by default you get the best of both worlds as both sides of the equation follow down to the third generation. So in our case, we have the Mia genetic line saved, and we have the Takoda line saved on the female gender side. ( Jaegar and MÅNE save the male gender side of Takoda).

So Kai is an extremely valuable young female in our opinion to our program from many standpoints, but specifically a crucial standpoint of preserving the ancient genetic blueprint that follows, Mia, Tora and now Kai. Had we not kept Kai, both the Mia and Tora genetic contribution would have been lost. Ultimately we would have lost the female side of the Bram /Tora contribution as well, which we know is a spectacular set of genetics. Bram is shown below, father of Kai.

  Bram, Norwegian Elkhound Male



Bram: An outstanding male Norwegian Elkhound, Father of Kai.

Bram is first generation in Canada with his background all out of Norway, this is an extremely good Elkhound. We have been blessed to have his genetics in our program. Cathy and Blaine have raised an incredible male and keep Bram in top shape all the time. 


Kjekk Norwegian Elkhound Male NorwayKjekk - Norwegian Elkhound Male - One of Kai's ancestors a few generations back

Kai's ancestors a few generations back of course are a very capable and rugged set of dogs, all true hunting dogs, and many Champion hunting dogs. The big fella to the left is Kjekk, a Champion hunting Norwegian Male over in Norway. Her ancestors are true working dogs, they range, hike, hunt and protect. Yet they can win show after show as well. Kjekk is a perfect example of a working Norwegian Elkhound male in his element.


Kai Female Norwegian ElkhoundAs far as a  rugged hiking dog goes, Kai is one of the most rugged I have, with perhaps an exception of Jaegar. She can actually in almost all cases be ahead of Jaegar, go where he goes, easily as fast, and has tremendous stamina. And I mean tremendous stamina.

I wrote an article in one of the other newsletters about the perfect size Elkhound, the power to weight ratio, balance, energy, etc. all the things that make up a perfect Elkhound, and why. Kai simply happens to be the living example of all things perfect for a Norwegian Elkhound female.

Kia is a super responsive female. She is almost literally instantaneous to commands these days. This is a critical trait that has been fading in the lineages. Less and less breeders get the dogs into situations where they can actually "Test" the response in all situations and so don't actually know that it's fading, until too late. In our program of course and terrain we put them in I need to have that response time and I can see all the dogs at once in the same environment and watch the responses.

Kai Mountain Hiking ElkhoundI have a very good group but still Kai is extremely fast in her response and her comprehension and desire to work.

She is shown here on a high mountain hike, it's been a tough climb, she is happy to have a break at the top, and there is no doubt, I am happy to have the break as well.

We are thrilled with the pups from Kai and Hachi, I had the great honor to have some of those pups here for the Desna program and it's so fun working with them. They are like little Kai's in a male version. What a great thing to see all the fast moving traits, the ability to pay attention and much more. We are so pleased with them. I would not hesitate a second to have another litter with Hachi and Kai. But we are going to move forward with our divsersity program and use Leif. That will be an awesome match for Kai as well.

As of September 7th 2017 Kai now has her second litter on the ground, this litter is with Leif. Kai had 7 healthy and strong little rascals, some very serious Norwegian Elkhound Puppies. We are excited to see how they develop, they look terrific already as I write this on the 10th of September, 2017, photo of them on the sidebar.

The September pups turned out magnificent. I am very proud of them.

Kavik Son of Kai and HachiThis big fella shown to the left is Kavik, one of the tremendous young males from Kai and Hachi, the first litter she had. Look at the power and substance of this fella and he is shown in the image at 7 months.

These are full working Elkhounds and very good to manage and handle, they are fully skilled big fellas. I got a great update from Chris the other day.

Hey Merv, it seems like is was just last week that we were driving Kavik home, when he was little more than a cute fluff ball. He's still a fluff ball but has grown into an amazingly gorgeous dog.

Life got pretty busy after we brought him home with some major health scares in the family, but Kavik has taken it all in stride. He is a very smart dog and learned all his basic commands with ease and has had a hundred percent recall every time we call him to us. Housebreaking was also a breeze, though crate training had to be taken very slowly as he is a velcro dog and does not like being left alone. It took almost a month to transition him into sleeping in his crate by himself, though now he can stay in it calmly with no problems, even during the day.

Kavik decided quickly after we brought him home that he didn't like to eat kibble when he can get raw food and since he's doing so well on it, we decided to go full raw shortly after bringing him home. The vet says that he is in great health and commented on how calm and manageable he was when we were taking him in to get all his shots. We also get comments like this all the time when on walks. People always remark on how gorgeous he looks, we've even had people pull over in their car to say as much, which was rather surprising.

Elk Hounds may be air scent dogs but no one told Kavik that; he would go the whole walk with his nose to the ground like a bloodhound if he could. We taught him a command for “sniff time” so he knows when he is free to sniff around and when to go back to the structured walk. He's just finally started to air scent a few weeks ago, I think it's because he has realized that he can sniff even more that way on the walk. He doesn't just aimlessly sniff things though, he tracks. He even managed to find a cat at the end of a trail once, he seemed rather surprised finding something living at the end of the scent trail.

Kavik's so nose orientated that we've decided to start training him in search and rescue and he doing quite well at it. It's fun to see him take off in search for the hidden toy and then come trotting back a few minutes later with the toy in mouth and his head held high. You can tell he's so proud of himself and so are we.

His guarding instinct has come in nicely and he lets us know if he thinks there is something he needs to alert us to. Kavik isn't a recreational barker though so we always know if he's barking, it's for a reason. He has a nice deep bark that already sounds very mature.

We made a flirt pole for him to chase around in the yard and he just loves it. He's getting very good at catching the toy tied to the end and also has nice control. We can move the toy around on the ground and even though you can see his muscles quivering with excitement he will sit and look at us until we say he can go for it, then he's off like a rocket. He already has a lot of power behind him, it can be easy to forget sometimes since he is so good at not pulling during the walk. He is sure going to be a power house once fully grown, especially since he's not being neutered.

His favorite thing is going to the lake and the forests. He also likes to swim, yet amusingly enough he doesn't like the rain at all. It's funny when it is raining outside and he's sitting by the door, tail wagging while he waits for us to open it. When we do, you can literally see the excitement drain from he face as he gives you a “seriously I have to go out in that?” look and sullenly walking out, staying as close to the eaves as possible as he goes to the bathroom in record time.

A few days ago we got our first day of snow. It was like he was seeing a long lost friend, diving into it and jumping around in pure joy, snow flying everywhere. I think he's counting the days until winter truly starts.

Thanks again for providing us with such an amazing dog and now that life has calmed down a bit we will be sure to update you soon. I attached some pictures of him, it was hard to choose which ones to send as he is such a beautiful dog. The only problem is it is very hard to take pictures of him as he rarely stands still for long and more often that not the picture ends up being little more than a fluffy tail. A small price to pay when having a nice active dog, though I'm starting to see the value to teaching the “stand” command.


Coho Son of Kai and Hachi

I got a great update from Nate and Erinn the other day. They have a son of Kai and Hachi from first litter, a tremendous young male named Coho.  Thank you Erinn and Nate for such a great home you give Coho, AWESOME!

"Hey Merv,

Great to hear from you. We have been meaning to send an update for a while.

Coho is doing awesome. He really is a great dog. What you say about these dogs having good instincts sure is true. He has been a great hiking dog from day 1. He will always stay nearby and never roam or lag too far before checking in. Something we never trained, he just does. We are still working on a few commands but he keeps getting better the more we practice. On leash is still a bit of a work in progress but for the most part he keeps a nice loose lead. Still gets a bit distracted from other dogs here and there but will listen up quickly when commanded.

I have taken him up snowboarding with me a few times and he just loves it. Will follow right behind me. I attached a video of him following me in June up at cypress mountain. I have never seen a dog so happy than when he is in the snow. Ive attached a few other photos of him on some hikes and even paddle boarding. He also just went for his first swim ever the other day. I wasnt sure if he would ever like water but he went in and swam all by himself.

The amount of compliments we have got about him is endless. People every day asking what kind of dog he is. Im sure we have sent you some business by now.

Overall we just love him to bits and couldnt be happier with him. Thanks again. We will keep in touch for sure.

Nate and Erinn"

Kai 1st Litter 1 Month Old
Kai with her first litter of pups at 1 month of age in the photo, 10th of March 2017.
She is doing an incredible job with these young rascals and is a great mom.
These young pups are pretty special to us as they are 4th generation Elkhounds for Kamia Kennels.
Kai 1st Litter 1 Month Old

Kai is now outside with her first litter as of March 17th 2017. These are tremendous little rascals, all black faced and tough as nails. This was a really good match up for Kai with Hachi, he has put out some awesome pups.

Bowen Male Norwegian Elkhound
Bowen Male Norwegian Elkhound Pup
Son of Kai and Hachi here for the Desna training program. An absolutely perfect young Elkhound Male.
Kai Litter 2 7 Norwegian Elkhound Pups
This is litter two for Kai. 7 Norwegian Elkhound pups with Leif. They are all healthy and doing terrific. Kai as you can see is very happy and content. She is very proud of these rascals, as she should be.