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ARK and I Make A Trip To The City

I will try my hand at a yet another story...some fact, mostly fiction...enjoy

Ark and I head to the City of Greenwood

A few times a year I have to make a trip into the city. It's only about 15 miles west of me and I thought I would share my day of events with you. This story has some facts and has a lot fiction, you can believe what you wish, have fun.

Early January 2019 - I had some business in the city and wanted to perhaps while I was there do some training with Ark, as he had not been to town yet. So I decided, why not, I'll take Ark along with me. He is super skilled and very polite and of course as Canada's first born Jamthund Male he might as well be a GQ Jamthund I figured.

Ark, Jamthund Male, with handler and owner Merv Carlson
The First Jamthund Male Born in Canada - ARK
Breeder - Merv Carlson - Kamia Kennels January 2019
We are heading to the city of Greenwood for the day

It was snowing a little but the trip would be fine, I was going to take the Land Rover, it has the Hakkapeliitta snow tires, made in Finland of course, nothing to worry about. We had a high mountain pass to go over, so I checked to be sure I had our survival kit, tire chains, shovel etc. we were set.

 I had some supplies to get in town, some business to do and I was excited to get Ark into the urban metropolis. He had not been off our mountain since he was born other than to the vet and so it was going to be fun taking him to the big city.

For those of you who have seen our video's and photos on our mountain hikes, our city of Greenwood is not far from where we hike, more or less as the crow flies only a good days hike down the other side of the Phoenix mountain.

Now as many of you know this is a mining district with a lot of history and much of the City was built in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Not a great deal has changed as your about to see. Greenwood is Canada's smallest city. They have managed to remain relatively unchanged even though progress is all around of course.Ark watching out for me at the creek

Ark is about 9 months old and is an outstanding Swedish Elkhound Male. He is extremely unique as Ark is a Bob Tail Jamthund. There are only 29 breeds that are true Bob Tail genetics and a number of those breeds of course are in Sweden, his ancestors homeland. The Swedish Vallhund and the Karelian Bear Dog to name a couple more are known to have Bob Tails. There are very few of the Jamthunds these days that appear with it I have found. Only the very old lines that can trace all the way back to the start of the association on certain lines, extreme hunting linages mainly. Thus, as you all know, Ark is from those lines and I was blessed to have this magnificent fella appear. To the old Swedish Breeders the Bob Tail Jamthund is very much like a White Bison is to the First Nations People. These take a special place no doubt.

Ark Jamthund Male - Merv at Assay Office
Our First Stop - The Assay Office
We had to check our dust...
Maybe we have some color?
Our first stop on our trip was going to be at the Assay Office. Ark had been watching my six this summer while I was panning the creek a bit and we had a small bag of dust that had some good color. I was pretty excited as hopefully there was enough in there to get my winter supplies and also get a new dress and a few things for Marlene.

Now of course everyone knows if your packing a little gold dust around you have to keep an eye out, now Ark, he is the perfect companion on a trip like this. He was not about to let some stranger take our hard earned pay dirt, even if we hadn't even found out what was there yet. He is a good sharp boy that way, get's that from his Mama, Aina.

Turns out, as you can guess with a story of some fact lots of fiction, it was a rich vein go figure! So Ark and I, we were a smiling when we came out.



Ark Jamthund Male - Merv at Assay Office
Outside the Assay Office
Ark brings me some good fortune
I ask him to stay sharp - we have more business


Well now Ark he is a sharp fella. I asked him when we came out I said, "Now Ark my boy, I need you to stay sharp, we are going to be heading down town". He looked at me stood up as if to say, lead on. The behaviour out of this magnificent fella so far was impeccable. I have no idea who had been training this rascal, but oh man, he had skills and manners. I literally would not have needed the leash, but as we were in the city, I thought best to have it on.

So far this trip to the city has gone Fantastic. I have to point out a neat thing about Greenwood though before we move on down the street.

As many of you know, I talk about how good my water is all the time. It's from a mountain spring fed aquifer and is crystal clear. Now the folks at Greenwood they are on the same aquifer and a few years back they entered the World Municipal Water Tasting competition.

Best Tasting WaterTurns out, the water is the best tasting water anywhere. I knew that, Ark as well, he was looking at that water spout, even though he only eats snow in the winter, come summer he knows where to stop if he comes back this way. That hitching post, tap and trough you see on the left side of the photo, that will be mighty handy in the summer heat for Ark. That sign on the hitchin rail is highlighted for you.Ark and Merv

Pretty Cool!




Ark Jamthund Male - Merv at City Hall
Next Stop - City Hall
Ark Was A Rock Star!
On our trip today I had to make a stop at City Hall. Nothing important but I thought I best take Ark around as much as possible to get him used to all the big deals and important stuff, especially if he was going to be GQ and all. Besides I am pretty certain he has ancestors that have graced the steps of City Hall in Stockholm, and Ark is well aware his Mom Aina and I have spent some time in Helsinki, capital of Finland as well.

Ark of course was on his best behaviour, I still can't believe his skill level, I need to find out who has been training him.

Now a magnificent Male like Ark draws a lot of attention. Took me quite some time to get finished up at City Hall with everyone coming by and once we get outside people were stopping and coming over.

One of those: "Oh my goodness what a great looking dog" day. Go Figure. You can see we were just mobbed everywhere we went.


Ark Jamthund Male - Merv at Post Office
Outside the Post Office
We got a letter from Ossi, Breeder of Aina in Finland
And a letter from Satu, Breeder of Rico in Finland

Ark Jamthund Male At The post office with MervWhat stop in town goes by the Post Office right? We were not expecting any mail but thought, best check. Sure enough there is a letter from Ossi and one from Satu. As you all know, Ossi is the breeder of Aina. He is a Master Breeder over in the Karelian District of Finland. Turns out he has been working with Alli, the full sibling sister to Aina. Alli would be the aunt to Ark. She is a serious hunting dog just like her sister Aina and her mother Lisa. Her mother Lisa is a Finnish Bear Champion. Now Ossi has had more incredible results with Alli, she has Achieved Her Championship as well. Congratulations Ossi!

Ark is picking up on my excitement, he thinks this Post Office is great, good energy. He is smelling all over the letters, I'll bet Ark's Grandma Lisa was riding in the truck on the way to the mailbox, go figure.

I open the letter from Satu she is also a Master Breeder in Finland, the breeder of Rico, more awesome news. The Brother to Ark's Dad Rico, his name is Sumu. He has been working toward his Championship as well and is doing extremely well. Satu will send more details soon. Wow! Glad we came to town.

Ark has been stopping more traffic at the Post Office... I am taking forever to get anywhere today. Ark he is super calm and collected though. Can anybody say Rock Star!


Ark Jamthund Male - Merv on Main Street
Next Stop - Main Street
Ark and I Enjoy The Sights
My next stop of course was going to be fun. As you recall we had a little dust money clinking around in my pocket and Ark was feeling pretty darn good so we decided we should head over toward main drag and the Saloon.

Now in a town like this there is always a few good old boys willing to wager a little on a game of cards, maybe even bet a little on how far Ark could scent out a Moose, they would have no clue how far this boy can scent. Besides Marlene was hoping to get that new dress and it was just across the street from the Saloon.

We rolled up on main and Ark was magnificent. Never batted an eye, all the sights and sounds of the big city were like music to his ears. He was calm and steady, what a stunning big fella. Now the whole downtown was buzzing with excitement and we could hardly handle the crowds but we did manage okay.

Ark Jamthund Male - Merv at Saloon
Outside the Saloon
Ark is one settled dude

Marlene wanted to head over to the dress shop and suggested I head on inside and meet her in an hour or so. Ark and I we stepped on in. Sure enough, a few old boys were at a table dealing stud, rolling smokes. Go Figure!

Ark and I walked over and " I asked if we could join them, I said my name is". One old boy he looks up stops me and says to me, "that there is quite a specimen, I do believe Mister your dogs reputation preceeds you".

I said "is that so?" Another old boy, he was rolling a smoke, he says, " Mister, the minute we laid eyes on that dog we knew who you were. Ain't just anybody got one of those Swedish Elkhounds."

I looked at him and said, " that's a good eye my friend, but you don't need to call me Mister, Mister, the whole world calls me Merv"

Desna and Merv 4 Years Earlier
Last Time I Was In The City
Desna and I about 4 Years Ago
City Was Booming That Day As Well
Desna As You All Know - Total Rock Star!
Another old boy, takes a plug of chewing tobacco, says, "Mister, mind if I ask you a question?" I said "Fire Away"  He says: " you the one we hear stories about, that you can run those Elkhounds up behind Phoenix, dead of winter, off leash, some folks say, 10 at a time?" I said "that would be me."

Another ole boy, far side of the table he nods, then says: "Mister, I recall a few years back, you came through these parts with a Magnificent pup that time as well, we still talk about that dog. If I am not mistaken that dogs name was Desna. What do you call this fella?"

I said "you have a good memory my friend, this here is Ark." They all nodded, the last ole boy he says, "Mister, we sure appreciate you coming by with Ark, we got something to talk about now till your next visit, sure can't forget them dogs you bring to town".

I said" Boys, we best play a few hands, I got a dress to buy and then we got to hit the trail". One ole boy says, "You think that dog of your's will let us win your money?" I said " boys, if you haven't figured it out by now, I am one lucky son of a gun, odds of you winning are mighty slim." They laughed, and in unison all said " Judging by your dogs, you are one lucky son of a gun."

Ark Jamthund Male - Merv at Saloon
Outside the Saloon
Waiting For Traffic To Slow So We Can Cross

As you all guessed, I won some, I lost some. Ark rested at my feet, never made a sound. I bought a couple rounds and told the boys, till later. They thanked me and told me, don't be a stranger. Ark and I headed across the street. Traffic was nuts, we almost saw a car. 

Ark and Merv Road Home
Merv and Ark
Heading Up To Phoenix and home
Another Great Day In The City!
Ark and I finally got across the street and met up with Marlene. She had a lovely dress all picked out and we purchased that and were on our way out of town.

I asked her if she would like to stop by Deadwood Junction, we could get one of those fancy coffee's she likes. Oh Yeah, no hesitation there.

Ark and I figured we would just hang around outside after being in the Saloon and all, so we found a spot away from the crowds, got our bearings and waited while Marlene went in for the coffee's.

Ark he could sense we were soon to hit the trail up to Phoenix and over to home. I know he enjoyed his day in the big city, but both him and I we were longing for the tall timber, no doubt. The big city lights with all the Bell and Whistle, while fun and exciting, perhaps we'll leave that to the younger crowd.

I sure do hope you enjoyed our photos and story of our trip in to the big "Little" city. Greenwood is an awesome place and we also encourage you to visit it sometime. I know you'll have a great time.

As much as I make it sound like it's so busy you can't think, it's pretty relaxing.

And, did I mention, some Awesome Coffee's with that Water!