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Jamthund Female Aina
There are 25 images in this slideshow of Aina, enjoy!
Canada's Premier Swedish Elkhound Female
Hunting Camp
Off Leash Late Fall Training
Kamia Kennels Training Ground
Winter Hiking
Centuries Of Working With The Handler In Winter
Jamthunds Are Excellent Companions
Perfect Condition
These Swedish Elkhounds Excel In The Bush
Aina is growing into a stunning female
She has a great nature
This breed bonds extremely well to the handler
Long and lean for the summer
Aina is a happy girl!
She lives to hike with me in the bush!
This is her element, she thrives here
She has a great stride
Centuries of hiking this type of terrain in her blood
Incredible Outdoor Companion
Checking Things Out
Aina is an accomplished offleash Elkhound
She took a bit more training than my others though
Always Aina
Ancient Elkhound Coming Into Her Prime
She is 22 Months In This Photo
She lives to snow hike
There is nothing she would rather do than hike the mountains
These Are Outstanding Hiking Dogs
Takoda and Aina
These Two Have Been Close From Day One
They Have A Very Good Bond
Day One, New Pal
Takoda Took A Shine To Aina Right Away
These Two Are Always Together
His Little Shadow
Takoda Was Good To Show Her The Ropes
She Has A New Pal For Life
Takoa and Aina
He Shares A Bone With Her
He Spoils Her Early, and Often
Tuva and Aina
She Had Great Instincts - Her Skills Built Quickly
However Her Training Wasn't All Easy!
Skill Building
Her Instincts Are Working All Time!
She Is A Sharp Girl!
What A Happy Girl
She Is So Pleased With Herself, Big Fun Time!
She Is Happy To Be Here
Rico and Aina
Aina Can't Believe Rico Is Here
She Is So Thrilled To See Him
Rico and Aina
Rico and Aina, Fast Friends, No Doubt!
What Incredible Dogs
Two Jamthunds
These two are the greatest, what an exciting time
Both Stunning Representations Of Ideal Swedish Elkhounds
Tora's Buddy
Tora has watched over Aina since day one
These two love the truck, I open the door they are in
Aina Filling In
She is growing into a beautiful female
She is always ready for a photo
Stretching Out
Canada's only full working lineage of Elkhounds
This my friends is an Elkhound
Rico, Aina and I
Is This A Stunning Pair of Jamthunds Or What?
I Can't Hardly Wait For The Pups!
Aina and Kamp
Go Anywhere You Want in The World
You Will Not Find 2 Better Elkhounds Than These Two

Aina - Female Jämthund!

Canada's First Breeding Swedish Elkhound At Kamia Kennels.

I am planning a litter for Aina in early 2018. There are 25 images in that slideshow above, be sure to click through and view all.

We have folks speaking for the pups now, so please if you wish to be on the list, please contact us now!

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Ancient Old World Family Dogs

One of the oldest family oriented dog breeds is the Swedish Elkhound.

History dates back thousands of years on the Swedish Elkhound, known now formally as the Jämthund.

Aina comes from the very best of the old lineages in the old country, she was born in the Karelian district of Northern Finland. My brother Dale and I traveled over to get her and she is here now in Canada to establish a full breeding and preservation lineage of Swedish Elkhounds in North America. We are very excited to be able to share this great breed with our contacts here in North America .

Aina - Swedish Elkhound.

Aina is a stunning young Jämthund female.

Aina and MervAina is one of my very best companions. She is an amazing young female and we are so very proud of her. She is all we could ever have wished for.

I had spent years planning to expand our program to include the full Jämthund lineages and waited for all the timing to be right and most importantly for the breeders in Finland who were dedicated to the breed and preservation to have one for me.

We have been very fortunate to have such outstanding breeders in the old country assist us in getting the perfect mating pair of Jämthunds to provide our breeding stock.

Aina's mother Oskulan Lisa is a Finnish Bear Champion, her dad, Finnish Moose Champion, all ancestors dating back to the start of the association all Champions hunting dogs. We could not have been more blessed.

We have a very exciting future for the Jämthunds in Canada. She is going to be cycling soon, we expect in the next short while and we have a tremendous male for her, Rico, who is waiting impatiently to begin the next line of North American born Jämthunds. Pretty Cool times indeed!


Rico - Swedish Elkhound.

Rico is a magnificent big male Jämthund.

Rico and MervRico is a stunning big dark male Jämthund from the same region in Finland. He is a year older than Aina and is an just this magnificent big fella. Russ and Beth have done such an amazing job growing this big rascal out to his full potential and keeping him in the very best shape through a rigourous conditioning program.

They are as excited as Rico is, he has been waiting for Aina now since she was just this little rascal biting his leg and having some fun playing with him.

Rico is from one of the most impressive lineages of Jämthunds in the world. Equal in all regards to Aina's impeccable lineage. I had the extreme pleasure to have the breeders, Satu and Jani host us when we came to Finland and took us all around to the great dogs, the dog show and of course, Satu was so gracious to work with Ossi and I the breeder of Aina as a translator through the whole process of planning the litter and pup, from Ossi. Without Satu the work with Ossi and I would have been fun, he doesn't speak English, and I don't speak Finnish, but no doubt we got along just fine as we both speak Elkhound!

These my friends, these are true ancient Viking Elkhounds!