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Tora Elkhound Female Fall 2014
Tora -Female Elkhound - Fall 2014
Tora is in the prime of her life now. She is in the best shape she has been in, exactly 60 lbs, very, very solid. Tora runs little to no fat. She is a battle scarred warrior, tough as they come, runs the joint around here. She rules, the only one who can tune her in is Takoda. Even Jaegar wants no part of her. She has an amazing history of providing some of the finest Elkhounds in North America to families, and now gets to hike the remote regions with me at leisure. She is one of my very best ranging and mountain dogs, she is fearless and has the very best personality to me. She has virtually never been in trouble, this my friends, this is an Elkhound Female.

Takoda and Kalia
Takoda with his new mate, Kalia

There are very few big dark Swedish female lineages in North America. Only a handful exist here. We were fortunate enough to get a very special female, Kalia. She was the only female of the litter, and the only outcross lineage to Takoda, all other Swedish breeding dogs are his lineage. Kalia is a very large female, she is only a four months old in this photo and stands as tall as Tora does. Kalia is the big dark lines, same color pattern and style of Takoda. The Swedish lineages have loose curls, are darker down the legs, very dark top coat and are a bit taller and longer. Kalia will be the biggest female we have once mature. Her and Takoda will have a litter in a couple years. He is training her the ways of the mountain and guarding and ranging for me. We have pups spoken for already as Swedish dogs are so hard to come by. Be sure to contact us soon to speak for a pup.

Mia, Female Elkhound, Kamia Kennels
Mia, Female Elkhound 8 Years Old -  Photo Taken November 11, 2013

There is no place better suited to Elkhounds as far as Mia is concerned. She truly is flourishing in our new environment. She loves this place. She is bouncing around like a pup, scrambling up the mountains, under trees, in the snow, she just thinks this is the greatest. Our new place has fresh snow now, it's still quite mild, not very cold, and it's light fluffy snow. Our hikes are very nice to take. Mia is the mother to Jaegar, directly below and grandmother to Kai above.

Jaegar Elkhound Male
Jaegar, Male Elkhound - Kamia Kennels - Will Be 3 In The Spring
I had a great hike with Jaegar today, he is a tremendous male Elkhound. Large by most standards, over 70 lbs now, solid as a rock, a very nice social male, but no friend to stray dogs. He puts the run on them in a hurry, and he can catch them. No fun for them when he does. He does the perimeter security at our new home, he has a massive big bark, deep and loud. When something comes near, he let's loose, there is no crossing his turf. Jaegar has his third litter of pups on the ground here, all truly outstanding pups. Jaegar is a brother to Tora and Nola, both pictured above. Tora is from the second litter, Jaegar the fourth, and Nola the fifth.

The Norwegian Elkhound, an ancient breed with history dating back thousands of years, is a powerful, dominant and loyal companion for any family.

Norwegian Elkhounds have been used to hunt & guard for centuries, they have remained virtually unchanged, providing the companionship and loyal protective traits so well known by our ancestors still today, even though some roles perhaps have changed for them.


Elkhound Traits:

  • Strong Willed ( "Yet very trainable" )
  • Healthy and Strong
    • Virtually no eye, ear or feet problems
    • Fast and quick, very agile, compact and powerful
    • Beautiful Double Coat:
      • Thick warm inner layer, coarse water repellent outer layer
    • Tightly Curled Tail
    • Litter size 8 average
    • These dogs have a No Odour Coat - no wet smell
  • Excellent Winter Dog - these dogs love snow
  • Very Territorial - Norwegian Elkhounds make excellent watch and guard or personal protection dogs
  • Outstanding Family Dogs -  ( these dogs bond to a family and make terrific companions )
  • Full Exercise Required: these are high energy dogs, they need lots of room and lots of exercise
  • Barking is Instinctive: these dogs alert you if anything comes into the territory, they bark and are loud, excellent as watch dogs.

The history of an Elkhound clearly indicates a use in hunting and protection, this trait is still foremost as these dogs have changed little if at all. Used to slow down and distract large game by barking and moving in circles around the game, the dogs were essential to the success of any hunt. They're agile and powerful features made them able to remain out of harms way in rugged terrain, yet keep up and in fact bay large Moose and hold them at bay. The barking and circling were two very effective methods to allow the hunter to get in close undetected as the game was distracted and constantly having to focus on the dogs.


Elkhounds have been protective and courageous and use these traits in this role. It is fascinating to watch a pair of Elkhounds with an intruder, they move extremely fast, they circle, the hair is up the entire length of the back, the bark is loud, the black face and especially the black around the jaws highlight the white fangs. These dogs are an excellent watch dog, guard dog, or personal protection dog.


Elkhounds will watch over the family unit as one - they make one of the best choices for a family who wants a loyal companion. Norwegian Elkhounds are not normally overly aggressive to strangers, however they are aloof to those not part of the family unit. To the family unit though they are as warm and as much apart of your life as you want them to be.


Takoda and Kamp

Takoda and Kamp

These two get along so well. Takoda he likes Kamp, she is game to play, he can relax as well around her, she is a big girl, so she keeps up on hikes, and makes him work if she wants to play rough. They both have the same territorial instincts, both pretty unfriendly to strays, this is a tough pair to run into if your unsocial. Kamp is going to have a litter in mid August, not with Takoda this round, he will have to wait another year. These are two of the finest Elkhounds you'll come across. Every pup so far that has been raised at Kamia stems from Takoda. This litter Kamp is having will be the first outcross litter raised here.


GAEDA, Female Elkhound, Kamia Kennels 

GAEDA - Female Elkhound - Kamia Kennels

GAEDA is in some magnificent shape this winter, she has really come back into condition super after her second litter. She is about to take that bone from Jaegar, little does he suspect. She is muscled in, has been having a real fun time on the trails, the snow is super deep but the weather has been very nice so it's great hiking conditions. The deep snow of course really allows for some serious workouts, so the dogs are in terrific shape. This is a premier pair Jaegar and GAEDA will be having another litter this summer.

Takoda and Mia, Kamia Kennels

Takoda and his Daughter Nola - June 2014

Takoda had a rare and unique visitor, his last daughter with Mia, Nola.  Nola lives down in Montana and came to stay with us for a few days and we had a great time with her. She really enjoyed her visit up her with her siblings, and especially her time with Takoda. Nola is so much like Takoda in her mannerisms and style, her gait, it's really something to see. Everyone here was saying she was a mini Takoda, female version. Nola was going to have a litter with Bram but for some reason we might have been late on the cycle or something, but she never mated. We will try again next cycle.

Merv and Elkhounds and Duke 2014

Mia, Jaegar, Kai, Tora and Kamp and I, having a break while Duke gets a little mountain grass

We have been blessed to have some outstanding Elkhounds, our passion is to share these incredible lineages with some great new families. I am very proud of my dogs, I have a pretty fat head when it comes to these Elkhounds as you'll find out when you read through the site.


But what I am most proud of is our pups and our new friends we make who have our dogs. Our dogs are good, but our pups are better, and it's easy to see, take a look through the newsletters, you'll see a collection of Elkhounds that our folks have like no other collection. I am here with a few of our Elkhounds taking a break from some chores. We decided to give Duke some fresh grass and so I was sitting on this hill while he was grazing. The dogs were having a fun time, as you can see Jaegar, he figures he might as well have an elbow sandwich as well, Tora is watching him making sure he doesn't get too rambunctious. Tora is closest to me, her and Jaegar are brother/sister, both from Mia far left. The young female between them is Kai, daughter of Tora, and Kamp is in the far background.


We look forward to talking with you, and hope to share some stories on Elkhounds, be sure to touch base, Sincerely, Merv Carlson.