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Kalia - Kamia Kennels Female Elkhound

Kalia Above - Kai Below - I have a story to tell about an adventure they had recently, will share it in our upcoming newsletter.

Kai, Female Elkhound

Elkhound Spring Hike At Kamia Kennels

It has been melting and our mountain trails are free of snow, we can have a great outing now. I had Mia, Kai, GAEDA, Tekla and Tuva, Kalia, Jaegar and Kamp.

Tekla and Tuva Elkhound Twins
Spring Hiking 2015 The Twins Found A Moose Jaw
So the Twins, Tekla and Tuva, I still can't tell which is which, but no matter, they found a Moose Jaw and had some serious fun with that thing. They are the greatest pair those two, what one does the other does. They are rarely more than four feet from each other EVER!

Mia, Female Elkhound, Kamia Kennels
Mia, Female Elkhound 9 Years Old -  Photo Taken December 21, 2014

There are no breeds of dog better suited to this terrain. Mia loves it out here. She came on every hike today, we were out all day. She trains, she watches, she tunes some in, she plays, she is an awesome female. She has quite the clan around her. She is as powerful today as ever. Still super strong, solid as a rock.

The Norwegian Elkhound, an ancient breed with history dating back thousands of years, is a powerful, dominant and loyal companion for any family.

Norwegian Elkhounds have been used to hunt & guard for centuries, they have remained virtually unchanged, providing the companionship and loyal protective traits so well known by our ancestors still today, even though some roles perhaps have changed for them.


Elkhound Traits:

  • Strong Willed ( "Yet very trainable" )
  • Healthy and Strong
    • Virtually no eye, ear or feet problems
    • Fast and quick, very agile, compact and powerful
    • Beautiful Double Coat:
      • Thick warm inner layer, coarse water repellent outer layer
    • Tightly Curled Tail
    • Litter size 8 average
    • These dogs have a No Odour Coat - no wet smell
  • Excellent Winter Dog - these dogs love snow
  • Very Territorial - Norwegian Elkhounds make excellent watch and guard or personal protection dogs
  • Outstanding Family Dogs -  ( these dogs bond to a family and make terrific companions )
  • Full Exercise Required: these are high energy dogs, they need lots of room and lots of exercise
  • Barking is Instinctive: these dogs alert you if anything comes into the territory, they bark and are loud, excellent as watch dogs.

The history of an Elkhound clearly indicates a use in hunting and protection, this trait is still foremost as these dogs have changed little if at all. Used to slow down and distract large game by barking and moving in circles around the game, the dogs were essential to the success of any hunt. They're agile and powerful features made them able to remain out of harms way in rugged terrain, yet keep up and in fact bay large Moose and hold them at bay. The barking and circling were two very effective methods to allow the hunter to get in close undetected as the game was distracted and constantly having to focus on the dogs.


Elkhounds have been protective and courageous and use these traits in this role. It is fascinating to watch a pair of Elkhounds with an intruder, they move extremely fast, they circle, the hair is up the entire length of the back, the bark is loud, the black face and especially the black around the jaws highlight the white fangs. These dogs are an excellent watch dog, guard dog, or personal protection dog.


Elkhounds will watch over the family unit as one - they make one of the best choices for a family who wants a loyal companion. Norwegian Elkhounds are not normally overly aggressive to strangers, however they are aloof to those not part of the family unit. To the family unit though they are as warm and as much apart of your life as you want them to be.


Jaegar and Tora

Jaegar and Tora - February 5, 2015

The two big rascals, Jaegar and Tora get to keep watch while all the young dogs in the back get to play. Desna, Kai and Kalia are roughhousing in the snow behind them. Brother and Sister. In my opinion the two best Elkhounds in Canada.


Both of these two are muscled in. Tora over 60 lbs Jaegar over 70 lbs. Both have a zero tolerance for intrusion of any thing on 4 legs. Both are social with people, but if they sense they don't like you, you won't get by them. These are full working dogs.


Tora is finished having pups, but she is going to be training them for me for years. Her daughter Kai in the back there gets some schooling every day. That young fella laying down by Kai, Desna, he is a half brother to Tora and Jaegar. He watches and learns from them every day. Jaegar will be having more litters over the years. Kalia, the big female in the back will have a litter with him down the road.


These two, these my friends, these are Elkhounds.

Marlene and Ashten, Tora and Kamp

Marlene and Ashten, with Tora and Kamp December 28th 2014

It was a lovely day to hike out and get some photos while the kids were home, so we had a few real nice photos down by the creek.



Kamp and Tekla, Kamia Kennels

Kamp and Tekla Elkhound Females - Mother and Daughter

Kamp keeps a close watch on her babies even though they are as big as she is just about. She is so good with them. It has been a dream training those two young females by having Kamp along each time. I have never had a leash on the twins other than the couple trips to the vet, they have spent the entire time off leash with me. Kamp is highly skilled and so it's simple to train the young females, they are as good as any offleash. Kamp is in some magnificent shape, she is muscled in, it pays to have those young females work her each day all day. They play rough, and both of them constantly working her, she has had to hand it out boy, she is tough right now. She has been awesome with them, they are all three best pals. The bond with a Mother / Daughters trio is something to witness no doubt about that. Kamp is going to be having a litter with Takoda this summer. That litter I can't hardly wait for.


GAEDA and Kamp Elkhound Females Spring 2015

GÆDA and Kamp.

GÆDA is in some terrific shape as well. Her and Kamp are great pals, they hang out together a lot. Both are very even in terms of where they land in the rank around the place, both are big girls, nice and pleasant, although everyone gets a lesson from GAEDA now and then about her and bones. GAEDA is one of the fastest females you'll ever see, and she can hand out a new scar if you want to try for her bone faster than the eye can see. She gives no warning, no growl nothing, just a nice new scar. If GAEDA has a bone they all walk softly around her.